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  1. 25 year old, similar type of player. Lots of sacks though and NFL in his blood.
  2. They traded down for the Brownns to take Sheldon... Just kidding. It is probably for a pick next year.
  3. Gotta admit, this NFL comparison for Legget on NFL.com is pretty funny... NFL Comparison Kellen Davis
  4. This is disappointing. The player may be fine, but the allocation of resources is peculiar. Also, why not take a chance on a player that many felt was a first rounder (Butt)? I am sure they have their reasons but doubling up on safety and WR while leaving other positions bare is hard to figure out.
  5. Watch the Patriots select Jake Butt. I really want the jets to get him!
  6. Let's see if the drop from 107 to 125 was worth the extra 6th round pick...
  7. The player may be fine. In fact, the jets may end up with 2 superb safeties. But the strategy is peculiar. You stack one positional group (like DL and safety) at the cost of all other ones. Then when it is time to resign them, you end up with the issues we now have of overpaying guys in DL and being unable to trade others. Will we spend big money to resign 2 safeties in 4 years? Or should that money be distributed throughout the team? Simple allocation of resources, regardless of how good the players are.
  8. He underrvalues jets picks in trade down and overvalues the players he needs to trade. Why would anyone trade for Sheldon or Calvin now for anything more than a 5th or conditional pick next year?
  9. Watch Macc trade up in the 4th round and use a higher value pick then he got back for trading down. (e.g. the 5th from minn or our own 6th).
  10. traded down 20 or so spots (tampa's 4th pick, 125) and picked up extra 6th (pick 204)
  11. A future 6th round safety
  12. They got very little value for this trade down. Basically traded down 18 spots for a low 6th round pick. Trade value chart comes back quite underwhelming.
  13. No, 191 is the jets own 6th round pick. they got 204 from bucs.
  14. Again, it doesn't seem like Macc got value for the pic on a trade down. 107 for 124 and 204 (if those are the picks) doesn't add up in the draft value chart it seems
  15. The fact that Macc makes it public that he wants to trade his former 1rst round picks and can't get anything for it... common! who wants sheldon? Pryor? Bueller?