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  1. Okay Mac advertised to the world he wanted to trade down practically begged other teams publicly showing his hand thereby allowing other teams to fleece this idiot on his trades. First trade 70- 79 = pick 127 they got pick 160 to make it fair the Vikings would have had to add another 6th round pick to the deal second trade 107-125 = pick 146 they got pick 204. It should have been their 5th rounder not their 6th round pick We have an easy push over GM who showed his hand and got played by the rest of the league.
  2. Um Oj Howard is falling. Could have traded down and got the tight end
  3. Mark Sanchez was accused of sexual assault and got picked top 5.
  4. If those teams are willing to give up a second rounder and more wouldn't they just trade with the Titans who everyone knows wants to trade down? This is on top of the fact Fournette is likely to be taken by the Jaguars or even 49ers. If they want Mahomes they actually cant trade much out of the top 10 to get him since there is a good chance the Cardinals will take him. Seems like he is guessing about Wesley Johnson "don't believe" which puts into question everything else he is saying. Is this actually inside info or just educated guesses?
  5. I am perplexed by everyone wanting to trade down to stockpile 2nd and 3rd rounders. Devin Smith, Hackenberg, Mauldin and a Jordan Jenkins worth an Ed Reed or Gronk like Malik Hoker and OJ Howard are being compared to?
  6. That's a terrible deal. The only silver lining of the pain of watching your team be terrible is to get a top premium pick. That's like trading Leonard Williams for Kyle Wilson Devin Smith, and Hackenberg. Horrific horrific deal.
  7. Wilkerson for a first round pick is being tossed around with Mahomes attached to it? Where on earth did you hear this rumor? Wtf???
  8. WTF?!?!? Its worth keeping Calvin even as a backup if your only going to get a 6th or 5th pick round pick. Why are we forgetting he played outstanding his first year under Bowles? Maybe Revis in tank "I don't give a **** I have my money" attitude rubbed off on the secondary.
  9. I think Jets first target will be Glennon with Jay Cutler the backup option if he goes to Chicago.
  10. We have done so well with second rounders lets trade down and get an average starter vs elite one so we can have an extra bust second round pick. YAY....
  11. This is actually the 4th straight "team reporter" they let go. This all started four years ago when they had some sort of contest to sign up through a website to be Eric Allens sidekick. That first girl was pretty awful could barely talk and stumbled a lot. Then they hired Amanda Pflugrad then Howerton and then Alex Giamo. Someone should tell the next chump they hire this is not a good gig for job security.
  12. When the new administration takes over later this month, Jets owner Woody Johnson is expected to become the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. And if/when (most likely, when) that happens, Woody Johnson will relinquish day-to-day control of the team. Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Woody Johnson will hand the reins to his younger brother, Christopher Wold Johnson. Chris Johnson would then run the team until Woody’s appointment ends. The 69-year-old Woody Johnson bought the Jets in 2000. The decision to stay the course with coach Todd Bowles and G.M. Mike Maccagnan possibly was influenced by the looming shift in ownership of the team.
  13. It could be worse. That one year Geno knocked the Dolphins out of the playoffs caused a huge drop in draft order that cost us Beckham for Pryor.
  14. Woody Jhonson has never fired a coach with more than one season left on his contract. That is the real reason he will retain him doesn't want to be on the hook for 2 years.