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  1. I'm still in shock

    WTF game did you watch?
  2. Why? He would be riding the bench watching Josh Mccown play. Derek Carr is no better than Hack if they're both holding clipboards.
  3. I'm still in shock

    The offense around him was awful. 2 for 6 with 2 drops is hardly awful. Its nothing. He had what maybe one or 2 bad plays everything else was the sh*tty people he was with.
  4. The Jets beat reporters, commentators, fans and coaches are all living in crazy town right now. The way you develop a QB is to play him and let him go through his lumps. Starting Mccown on a team that is going nowhere when you have a talented QB who needs reps and time on the field to develop is beyond asinine. All Hack has to show is he knows how to get them lined up and call out plays. You start the ****ing guy Maccagnan spent a high pick on and you try and develop him. Throwing out a 38 year old is a waste of time and serves only to pad a couple extra wins on Bowles resume. There is no rationale to start Mccown no matter how much shills like Bob Wischusen tries to convince a skeptical fan base.
  5. Definitely worth 6th overall pick over the 2 franchise QB's Watson and Mahomes other teams valued enough to trade up for.
  6. Do people forget Geno smith and Mark Sanchez started week 1 their rookie years? Absolutely no reason to start Mccown now that Hackenberg has sohwn he is capable of running the system. 4-12 with Hack is a lot better than at best 7-9 with Mccown. Unfortunately Bowles has the power to decide over Macagnan.
  7. "Worse than expected, better than expected, many thought." Expected by whom? Thought by whom? Rich was declaring there was no competition and openly putting it in quotes and calling it a "so called" competition.
  8. Remember when Rich was mockingly calling it a fake competition and then putting it upon himself to say it is a fact Josh Mccown will be the starting QB not even qualifying it as an opinion? Now..... "2. The quarterback gap isn't as wide as we thought. Christian Hackenberg performed a little better than expected and Josh McCown -- aka the kindergarten teacher -- wasn't quite as sharp as anticipated, especially in minicamp. McCown remains the favorite to start, but it's not an insurmountable lead. Hackenberg has to show he can perform in preseason games. Bryce Petty is running third. No matter how it shakes out, it won't be pretty." http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/69401/jets-conclude-shocking-offseason-with-many-questions-few-answers
  9. Yes putting to much focus repeatedly on turnovers is bad and is a bad foreshadowing of whats to come. Morton opened his first press conference talking about turnovers and now this BS. Teams that are trailing in the 4th quarter turnover the ball just look at Fitzpatric last year vast majority of his int's were at the end of the game trying to come back. Are you not concerned about your offensive coordinator not understanding this 82% statistic is a result of losing and not the sole cause of it?
  10. Johny Morton messing up correlation with causation. 82% of the time the team that wins happen to also win the turnover battle because the other team is behind throwing the ball taking more risks trying to come back. This dolt repeating this drum every second just serves to make the QB tentative in his throws terrified of a turnover.
  11. This is so moronic. If Hackenberg shows he knows the offense and is competent in the preseason you shove him out there week 1 period. It makes no ****ing difference how Mccown plays in the preseason/training camp its all about a referendum on Hackenberg period. Mccown is just insurance if Hackenberg shows he cant do it in training camp. Cimini and Manish pushing out this idiotic narrative that Mccown has experience, is a grisly veteran, gives them the best chance to win and therefore he is a heavy favorite. ALL of that is irrelevant!!!! It doesn't matter if Mccown gives them a better chance to win if Hackenberg shows he can run the offense and is competent in the preseason/training camp then Hackenberg starts!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Explain to me how is it possible a guy whose mechanics are terrible and everyone who sees him says is highly inaccurate runs to the same ****ing guy in the offseason to help fix him? Jordan Palmer obviously did a terrible job so he goes to him again. Makes sense..
  13. So the best case scenario with starting Hack right away is he develops and becomes the franchise QB. The worst case scenario is he doesn't develop they go 2-14 and are in prime position to get a franchise QB in the draft. The best case scenario with starting Mccown right away is he plays like he did that one season with the Bears and they miraculously go 7-9 have no clue about Hackenberg and are out of the running in getting one of the franchise QB's. With these 2 options Cimini and Manish write articles stating its a forgone conclusion and obvious that Mccown is the starter. **** me
  14. No the third round pick 70 and seventh round pick have to be lumped together. I spaced spaced them apart to show that.