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  1. The biggest impact of coaching is how they manage the end game. I always used to wonder how the patriots always seemed to pull out close games at the end. Its clear to me the strategy of how to manage and call plays at the end is when coaching has its biggest impact. I have stated for a while now if the Jets extend Bowles they will always be at a disadvantage in games with his sh*tty time management and end game strategy. Apparently Christopher Johnson is spending a lot of time in the building getting chummy with everyone and wants to be their friend. This dork will extend Bowles after this 5-11 season mark my words.
  2. The best thing that could come out of this season is if Bowles is fired. Chris Johnson scares me he seems like some of the cloud in the sky fans that will extend Bowles.
  3. Bowles horrendous clock management cost us about 40 seconds and a 2 min warning clock stopage. You always take your TOs on plus side of 2 min warning that is coaching 101. By "saving" the TO we started drive with 1:52 and the 2 min warning lost to the change of possession. Had he called TO after 1st or 2nd down we would have gotten ball back with about 2:40 and the 2 min warning. That's indefensible and embarrassing for a 3rd year coach. I would hire John Morton as head coach and fire Bowles at the end of the season. No matter how much Bowles "overachieves" with a at best 8-8 record we will always be at a disadvantage with him leading the team.
  4. I have a feeling this is the ominous start of 5 years of Bowles as head coach with Zero playoff appearances and a string of 7-9..6-10, 8-8, and 5-11 seasons. This year will sacrifice real greatness for A WHOLE lot of **** for the foreseeable future.
  5. So who else is excited for the 12mill extension for 39 year old Mccown and the 9th pick in the draft? Cant wait for that awesome defensive player that drops to us will really make this team a perennial super bowl contender! YAY
  6. Jets still in playoff hunt

    They looked terrible against the Browns though. Will probably lose to the Dolphins considering how awful they've been on the road.
  7. You think with 2:50 seconds left facing 3rd and 6 that Bill Bellicheck would run the ball just to burn the Jets last timeout and give the ball back to the Jets with 2 minutes left. Bill Bellicheck is not a rookie head coach he has been coaching for a long ****ing time and has a history. 10 out of 10 times he throws the ball to win the game over giving the ball back to the other team with 2 minutes left just to burn a timeout. It was not the correct call. It was an insanely stupid call but keep convincing yourself because no one else with a brain will think it was.
  8. They stopped the Patriots on second down at 2:50 If they call timeout there and then get the third down incomplete they would get the punt back around 2:40 with the 2 minute warning stoppage available. If the patriots convert the third down it doesn't ****ing matter that they kept the timeout the game would be over at that point. That's why you call timeout after the first or second play. In all likelihood you know the patriots will have to throw the ball on third down to convert and win the game out right. They aren't running the ball 3rd and 7 to get you to call a timeout or run the clock down they will throw to win the game as they did. That's why any coach without marbles in their head like Bowles will call timeout after the first or second down knowing the opponent has to throw the ball on third down.
  9. Had he called TO after 1st or 2nd down we would have gotten ball back with about 2:40 and the 2 min warning.
  10. They should have lost to the Browns and could have easily lost to the Jaguars. Patriots defense worst in the league. Still expect to be 5-11 and kicking ourselves for winning these games.
  11. How did the Giants get Eli Manning and 2 Superbowls? They sucked in the correct season to get him. This season was the perfect season to tank bec of the strong QB class. The key is not only to tank but it has to be the right timing. Jets screwed up their future Giants have a chance at greatness for another decade. Ask the Colts they are hanging up banners for that team that tanked for Luck.
  12. Game Observations (CLE)

    They are screwed. Browns, 49ers, and Giants are all 0-5. Jets will sneak out a couple more wins and be behind the Bears and Chargers as well. Expect them to get the 6th-8th pick. There is no future to look forward to . Giants will be winning Superbowls with Rosen while we rest in the bottom of the division for the next 3 years as Bowles rides out his extension.
  13. Game Observations (CLE)

    This isn't a winning season though. Its a win a few games early bec the competition is so bad and then face real teams so lose just enough games to have an awful season but keep Bowles and have no future with a bad draft slot season.
  14. Thoughts

    I don't get it. Jets were playing the worst team in the league and were completely outplayed 2 to 1 on yardage. How does Cleveland missing 2 FG's and a bonehead Rookie QB make Bowles seem better? He is the same exact coach making the same exact stupid game management decisions. I don't know whats worse not getting that franchise stud QB or having to live with Bowles after this disaster of a season. Wake me up in 5 years when its clear what "winning" did to this team.
  15. Giants get Josh Rosen and go to a few Superbowls. Jets go 6-10 get AJ Maccaron and make a couple wild card games with Bowles definitely pulling a Joe Girardi in at least one of them.
  16. Game Balls vs Cleveland?

    Game ball goes to the Cleveland Browns its not even close.
  17. Game Observations (CLE)

    They lose to 30 other teams playing the exact same way. Wouldn't be surprised at 3-13 after that performance.
  18. Game Observations (CLE)

    Jets looked completely outplayed by a terrible team that kept making stupid mistakes with the worst QB in the league. Switch Mccown for Kizer and Jets lose by 30 points. Browns are playing it right starting a rookie giving them a chance at a franchise QB for the future. This is going to be the worst season in terms of outcome in the history of the franchise. Bowles extended and no Future QB.
  19. I am extremely envious of Giants fans. This season could not have gone worse.
  20. New York Jets Report Card: Week 5

    This is an atrocious team getting gifted a win by another atrocious team. Cursed season that will haunt the jets for years. How you can root for "wins" by such a *****y team is beyond me. Wouldn't be surprised if thats all the wins they get the rest of the way and pick 5th in the draft. Such an unlucky franchise WOW. Another decade of the Giants leading NY with a franchise QB while we stay in the slums.
  21. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Wins this year mean more Bowles and years out of the playoffs. Losses mean competing for Superbowl for a decade and a new HC. This isn't rocket science people.
  22. "Real fans" vs tank mob

    Mike Mac saw this was a rare opportunity for this franchise to attain the franchise QB we have so desperately wanted for decades. This one very rare chance when everything aligns just right. The team was transitioning from the high paid vets and a draft with top tier QB talent coinciding for this miraculous chance. Except Mike Macc ****ed it up immensely signing Mccown who doesn't belong on a transitioning team upping their win total from one game to five. This was literally a once in a two decade opportunity and people are celebrating beating a jag team at home to destroy that dream. It's quite amazing.
  23. This is terrible logic. Even in the slight chance the teams on top will be willing to trade down there will be huge competition from other desperate teams with more draft capital willing to trade up.
  24. The biggest misconception "pie in the sky" Jets fans have is they think tanking is a bad thing. It is actually a smart strategic move that Macc attempted and then screwed up. The Giants tanked at the right time in a historically good QB draft and got 2 super bowls because of it. Colts tanked at the right time and got Andrew Luck. Coming into this season all the draft pundits were saying this was a very good QB draft class. The idea that the Jets can finally tank at the right time to get their very own franchise QB excited the smart Jets fans. No more of this mediocre, at best wild card, teams this franchise has been for the last two decades! You can imagine the disappointment we "woke" fans are feeling that Macc decided to go out and up the talent level from a 1 win team to a 5-6 win team. Mccown, Kearse. Kerley do nothing for our future except of course destroy it. Get excited though we may very well be 3-2 hooray!
  25. I was daydreaming about Rosen. Now I will have nightmares about Alex Smith.