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  1. Do people forget Geno smith and Mark Sanchez started week 1 their rookie years? Absolutely no reason to start Mccown now that Hackenberg has sohwn he is capable of running the system. 4-12 with Hack is a lot better than at best 7-9 with Mccown. Unfortunately Bowles has the power to decide over Macagnan.
  2. Remember when Rich was mockingly calling it a fake competition and then putting it upon himself to say it is a fact Josh Mccown will be the starting QB not even qualifying it as an opinion? Now..... "2. The quarterback gap isn't as wide as we thought. Christian Hackenberg performed a little better than expected and Josh McCown -- aka the kindergarten teacher -- wasn't quite as sharp as anticipated, especially in minicamp. McCown remains the favorite to start, but it's not an insurmountable lead. Hackenberg has to show he can perform in preseason games. Bryce Petty is running third. No matter how it shakes out, it won't be pretty." http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/69401/jets-conclude-shocking-offseason-with-many-questions-few-answers
  3. "Worse than expected, better than expected, many thought." Expected by whom? Thought by whom? Rich was declaring there was no competition and openly putting it in quotes and calling it a "so called" competition.
  4. Yes putting to much focus repeatedly on turnovers is bad and is a bad foreshadowing of whats to come. Morton opened his first press conference talking about turnovers and now this BS. Teams that are trailing in the 4th quarter turnover the ball just look at Fitzpatric last year vast majority of his int's were at the end of the game trying to come back. Are you not concerned about your offensive coordinator not understanding this 82% statistic is a result of losing and not the sole cause of it?
  5. Johny Morton messing up correlation with causation. 82% of the time the team that wins happen to also win the turnover battle because the other team is behind throwing the ball taking more risks trying to come back. This dolt repeating this drum every second just serves to make the QB tentative in his throws terrified of a turnover.
  6. This is so moronic. If Hackenberg shows he knows the offense and is competent in the preseason you shove him out there week 1 period. It makes no ****ing difference how Mccown plays in the preseason/training camp its all about a referendum on Hackenberg period. Mccown is just insurance if Hackenberg shows he cant do it in training camp. Cimini and Manish pushing out this idiotic narrative that Mccown has experience, is a grisly veteran, gives them the best chance to win and therefore he is a heavy favorite. ALL of that is irrelevant!!!! It doesn't matter if Mccown gives them a better chance to win if Hackenberg shows he can run the offense and is competent in the preseason/training camp then Hackenberg starts!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Explain to me how is it possible a guy whose mechanics are terrible and everyone who sees him says is highly inaccurate runs to the same ****ing guy in the offseason to help fix him? Jordan Palmer obviously did a terrible job so he goes to him again. Makes sense..
  8. After Rich Cimini and Manish Mehta embarrassingly put their foot in their mouths and stated Mccown will be the starter bec he has more experience Gary Myers comes out with this article and puts these fools to shame. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/christian-hackenberg-jets-starting-qb-week-1-article-1.3133882 Here’s why Christian Hackenberg should be the Jets starting QB in Week 1 Gary Myers NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 12:31 PM Back The Hack. No Joshing Around. That’s my quarterback game plan for Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles. Maccagnan did the right thing not trading up for Mitchell Trubisky and then passing on Patrick Mahomes II and Deshaun Watson in the first round and DeShone Kizer in the second. Joe Namath wants to see Christian Hackenberg win Jets QB job The Jets invested a second round pick on Christian Hackenberg last year and that’s too much capital to spend to then draft his replacement before he even gets the chance to step on the field. The assumption is that Josh McCown, a less accomplished and more travelled journeyman than Ryan Fitzpatrick, will go into the season as the starter and then as soon as the Jets hit their first losing streak, Bowles will switch to Hackenberg. Why wait until the Jets lose a few games to throw Christian Hackenberg into the mix? (Bill Kostroun/AP) There’s no reason to take the intermediate step. McCown will be 38 in July, the Jets are his eighth team and his record as a starter is 18-42. What possible benefit is there to the Jets to let him open the season as the starter? Considering his track record, he is lucky to still have a job in the NFL. Woody says Jets are trying out a new strategy to build winner If Hackenberg is going to be given the best opportunity to succeed, then he must be the opening day starter. Why wait until the Jets are 2-4 or 1-5? Then morale in the locker room will have slipped, injuries will have piled up and Hackenberg will be taking over a failed operation. He deserves the chance to be the guy from day one to prove what he can do. If he’s a complete disaster, then go to McCown or Bryce Petty to get the Jets through the season leading up to them taking a QB in next year’s deep QB draft. This plan might not be beneficial to Bowles’ job security, but this is bigger than Bowles. McCown has the reputation of being a great teammate and mentor. He is playing for the $6 million that Fitzpatrick turned down as part of the three-year offer the Jets made last year, opting to take the one-year, $12 million. It would have been difficult for Fitz to transition from starter to backup with the Jets. McCown signed with the Jets with the expectation he will at the very least be given the chance to compete to start the season opener against the Bills, but if he doesn’t win the job, then his track record suggests he will do everything he can to help Hackenberg. Christian Hackenberg needs to start the season as the starter in order for Jets to figure out what they have in the young QB out of Penn State. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) What about Petty? I saw enough in his limited time on the field last season to know that his future in the NFL is as a backup at best. The Jets, who are making the switch from an overpaid underachieving team of veterans to a hungry bunch of kids, need to dedicate this season to finding out about Hackenberg. McCown pickup hasn't ended Jets' Trubisky crush, and it shouldn't By now, everybody knows the draft class of 2018 is loaded with QB prospects: USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen and Wyoming’s Josh Allen. We also know teams making the transition the Jets are attempting tend to struggle as their young players develop. If by the end of the season the Jets are not convinced Hackenberg is their guy, if he has not shown enough flashes to think there are big things in his future, then they will certainly be in position to get one of the top three QBs. Of course, a lot can change with any of the college QBs during the 2017 season. Potential franchise quarterbacks today could be considered projects one year later. That’s what happened to Hackenberg and Geno Smith. So, while next year appears to be among the best QB drafts since 2004 – Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers – that’s nothing the Jets can count on right now. As a result, all their focus needs to be on Hackenberg. Bad sign: Despite one of the worst QB years in team history, the closest Hackenberg came to getting on the field was when he was the only healthy backup behind Fitz in the final game of the season. Bowles went from Fitz to Geno to Fitz to Petty and back to Fitz. Jets Mailbag: Did GM Mike Maccagnan trade down too much in draft? Josh McCown needs to play the role of veteran mentor with the Jets. (Jason Miller/Getty Images) Bowles said the plan all along was to redshirt Hackenberg his rookie year, which is coachspeak for saying he was just not ready and it would have been detrimental to the team and Hackenberg to let him play. He should have been given the chance to get some game experience in December to get used to the speed of the game. Nothing the Jets can do about that now. The reviews on Hackenberg at training camp and then at practice during the season were not positive. Hackenberg played poorly at Penn State his last two seasons after a strong freshman year, but Maccagnan saw something that gave him the confidence to take him at least two rounds earlier than he was projected. Even so, he didn’t even get a uniform on game day until the final day of the season. Meanwhile, Dak Prescott, a fourth round pick by the Cowboys, was 13-3 as a rookie and forced Tony Romo into retirement. Hackenberg’s redshirt year is over. It’s time to take off the training wheels and see if the kid can fly. Back The Hack. Not a bad motto for the season.
  9. First round pick (No. 6) Jamal Adams Second round pick (No. 39) Marcus Maye Third-round pick (No. 70) ArDarius Stewart, Dylan Donahue, Elijah McGuire seventh-round pick (No. 224) Third-round pick (No. 107) Chad Hansen, Jeremy Clark, Derrick Jones Fourth round pick (No. 114) Brandon Shell Fifth round pick (No. 150) Jordan Legget Sixth-round pick (No. 191): Cowboys 2018 fifth-round pick
  10. So the best case scenario with starting Hack right away is he develops and becomes the franchise QB. The worst case scenario is he doesn't develop they go 2-14 and are in prime position to get a franchise QB in the draft. The best case scenario with starting Mccown right away is he plays like he did that one season with the Bears and they miraculously go 7-9 have no clue about Hackenberg and are out of the running in getting one of the franchise QB's. With these 2 options Cimini and Manish write articles stating its a forgone conclusion and obvious that Mccown is the starter. **** me
  11. No the third round pick 70 and seventh round pick have to be lumped together. I spaced spaced them apart to show that.
  12. It is highly unfortunate Woody Johnson setup the hierarchy where Bowles and Mac are on equal footing reporting to him. If Hack is competent in the preseason but Mccown plays better bec of his experience Macagnin will want to start Hack but we all know Bowles would rather go 5-11 with Mccown than 3-13 trying out Hackenberg and if failing getting a stud in the draft.
  13. WTF is wrong with these assholes? Why are they going out of their way to end the competition before it starts hint the competition is a farce and just announce without any clue that Mccown won nothing to see here? Not to mention how is this fair to the young QBs who are working their but offs to read on espn that Mccown already won? The fact of the matter is if Hackenberg shows he is ready in training camp and preseason it doesn't f***ing matter how much experience Mccown has or how he is doing. Hack starts period. Rich goes so far as to say it would take a miracle for Hack to light up the preseason. You know the same thing Bret Ratliff and Matt Simms did!!
  14. F***ing Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith started their rookie seasons. You don't need to wish and hope for Hack in his second season to show something in the preseason to start him for a rebuilding team that no one expects to win anything. Mccown is for insurance in case the 2 young guys show they're not competent to be given a chance. If anything Mccown should have the least odds of the three to start.
  15. How is he the odds on favorite? You telling me if Hack is competent in training camp and preseason games they will start the 38 year old Mccown on a rebuilding team? It doesn't matter how Mccown looks. If Hack is ready he starts. The only caveat to this is Bowles is an idiot so there is that to consider.
  16. Eli Manning was terrible his first few years and then he finally became good in his third to fourth year. If jets knew wtf they were doing they would put him out there and try to develop him instead of playing all these old veteran QB's
  17. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/draft/draft-trade-chart/ Okay Mac advertised to the world he wanted to trade down practically begged other teams publicly showing his hand thereby allowing other teams to fleece this idiot on his trades. First trade 70- 79 = pick 127 they got pick 160 to make it fair the Vikings would have had to add another 6th round pick to the deal second trade 107-125 = pick 146 they got pick 204. It should have been their 5th rounder not their 6th round pick We have an easy push over GM who showed his hand and got played by the rest of the league.
  18. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Um Oj Howard is falling. Could have traded down and got the tight end
  19. Mark Sanchez was accused of sexual assault and got picked top 5.
  20. Draft Rumors

    If those teams are willing to give up a second rounder and more wouldn't they just trade with the Titans who everyone knows wants to trade down? This is on top of the fact Fournette is likely to be taken by the Jaguars or even 49ers. If they want Mahomes they actually cant trade much out of the top 10 to get him since there is a good chance the Cardinals will take him. Seems like he is guessing about Wesley Johnson "don't believe" which puts into question everything else he is saying. Is this actually inside info or just educated guesses?
  21. I am perplexed by everyone wanting to trade down to stockpile 2nd and 3rd rounders. Devin Smith, Hackenberg, Mauldin and a Jordan Jenkins worth an Ed Reed or Gronk like Malik Hoker and OJ Howard are being compared to?
  22. That's a terrible deal. The only silver lining of the pain of watching your team be terrible is to get a top premium pick. That's like trading Leonard Williams for Kyle Wilson Devin Smith, and Hackenberg. Horrific horrific deal.
  23. Pat Mahomes "News"

    Wilkerson for a first round pick is being tossed around with Mahomes attached to it? Where on earth did you hear this rumor? Wtf???