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  1. Unless Mac agrees to hand over the reigns on drafting players to a VP of personnel type (which i doubt he would) then i'm leaning towards this as well. Truthfully he hasn't been the worst individual to have in that spot, and there's some mitigating factors that forced his hand... but the lack of success we've had drafting is a death-kneel. With the stakes being as high as they come in 2018, it needs to be a home run. Has to be.
  2. Well the waters getting muddy the more broad the questions get. You enter into the - How much has Woody injected himself into decision making, the 10-6 forcing his hand with certain contracts, etc. etc arguments. But the specific and direct question of -- "Mike, it seems like you made a gross mis-judgment on evaluating Hackenberg. How are approaching this next class differenty?"
  3. I know we all like to poke fun, or ridicule it our own way -- but honestly -- is that not a question we ought to be asking, overtly?
  4. Hackenberg has been DOA since his sophomore year at Penn st... this shouldn't surprise anyone. The story line here is -- finding out why Mac ignored 2 years of horrible college QB play, and why he thinks he won't make the same mistake drafting in the top 5 in 2018 He needs to answer that question before he should be allowed to come into work this january.
  5. I love it when people who barely a year or two older than these QBs, call them kids. Scout the player, not the jersey. While you're at it, watch Rosen, Falk, Allen, Jackson, and Rudolf too. Still doesn't excuse cutting Decker and Harris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. No it's not true. I thought you were smarter than this. Oh they're tanking for a QB, indeed. Who knows who that is yet... but get over the Sam angle already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Same will be said about woody in 16 years when Sam retires, not a jet because he opted to stay in school over playing for this fcksquad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. dude, don't even try to pretend like this is being done with prudence. The Jets are writing the book on how to fck up a tank job. Hey Peyton! You wanna declare and play for the Jets? NOPE!
  9. Mac has categorically made this team worse in every possible way. why on earth should we afford him 2018 to make it worse?
  10. DJ already had no problem proclaiming this on the air before the draft. He can't wait to point a finger now.
  11. This whole "So what, we're not winning the SB this year" mentality is garbage. We still have a professional football team to field on sundays and play semi-competitive football... how the fck are we supposed to assess the team when Hack is throwing to to mid-round rookie WR thrusted into starting roles vs veteran DBs? Fcking stupid man. Tanking doesn't mean taking a sh*t and calling it the roster. You still have to put players in a position to succeed and develop.