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  1. Woody sucks. It cant get any worse. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
  2. For 3 years we have let Mac do his job. And hes turned us into the worst team in football.
  3. Good thing he stinks.
  4. This. Harris is another washed up player who has no business being on our roster.
  5. Hes washed up. He will help on first and 2nd down but hes not a difference maker. Who cares.
  6. The jets are a top notch, well run football organization.
  7. Mangold is shot. Im surprised anyone would sign him. Theres a reason guys like him and Revis arent on a roster. They are washed up.
  8. I think this guy is going to be a star. Could be the most exciting player we have had in over a decade.
  9. Adams seems like a game changer. im excited to see him play.
  10. My sisters husbands brothers cousin.
  11. McCown is playing because hes the only "professional" we have at the position. The other 2 guys are clowns. He will not win games.
  12. Bunch of whiners. This is going to be the most important season we have had in 30 years. Enjoy the ride boys. The savior is coming.
  13. Maybe thats why he is losing that weight so the cops dont recognize him. Another crappy jet player doing stupid sh!t. par for the course.
  14. I thank the media for being honest. Hack sucks and so does Kimberley Jones for trying to hide that.