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  1. This. Leo is slightly above average. When he contract is up, we offer fair market value at that position. If he balks, good riddence. The days of paying non superstars superstar money are over around here.
  2. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Hes had a frw flashes but overall, adams has been awful. When crowell breaks your ankles, you have some soul searching to do. Ill give him this year to figure it out but he needs to be excellent next year. Meanwhile, how is the qb for the texans playing? Doh!!!
  3. I am excited for today. Its a meaningful game almost half through the season. This was not supposed to happen this year. But, lets be real here. The Patriots are the better team, Pats 31 Jets 17
  4. Amari Cooper

    Cooper has a better player on the other side of him so he is a number 2 option. He doesnt catch the ball well either.
  5. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    Oh they need a qb. Eli is a horrible qb.
  6. How is he going to a meeting after that and not hiding in the closet peeping through the shades in total paranoia?
  7. We will finish 7-9 and the Giants will take the top qb we were supposed to get. Doh!!!!!
  8. We would have lost if Forte was playing

    Forte should never take another snap as a new york jets. But the minute he is healthy, he will be getting 20 carries a game cause our coach stinks.
  9. how is richardson doing with new team?

    Getting a 2nd was robbery. How did the seahawks fall for that. Every year when sheldon returned to the lineup our def got worse. What did they see. The guys been invisible the past few years. Just an awful trade for them. I hate Mac but he robbed them blind.
  10. The Jags are not a good football team offensively. 1- They do not have a good running game. Fournette averages less then 4 yards a carry. They just run it alot because.... 2- There quarterback stinks. Hes one of the worst in football. If the Jets can move the ball on offense and not turn it over multiple times, they will win this game.
  11. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    He looks real good out there so far.
  12. When Leo is up for a contract, we can offer him a fair deal. If he doesnt like it, he can walk. No big money unless the guy is an elite game changing player. Leo is not that.
  13. This. The league is moving towards young offensive minds(Gase, mcvie, k shannahan). We need James Robert Cooter. Hes turned Matt Stafford into an all pro qb and makes Jim Caldwell look like a real coach. Sean Payton is old hat. Hes done. Give me some Cooter.
  14. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Maybe OJ has CTE too.
  15. When Does Bowles get Fired?

    Bowltite. Hahahahaha. Best pic ever.