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  1. Ok so it started before idzik...
  2. I think its more likely they not that the jets end up middle of the road this year...
  3. The negatives are so far overblown that they can diminished...
  4. Again the reason there is no depth is Idzik not Mac... The majority of Mac's picks are still too young to even know how they will fair..... Unless they are a first rounder they aren't expected to start immediately... they can and that is a luxury. But even with that some first rounders need time to develop themselves. Idzik's draft should be in the 4th and 5th year... this should be the heart and soul of the Jets... Out of 19 draft picks 4 are on the team (McDougal has a tryout) Enunwa (Potential Number 1 WR), Dozier (Back-up, might not make the team), Winters (Starter) and Sheldon (Trade-able).
  5. Despite the majority on this site, I agree with you, I think the coaching staff has approached the situation correctly.... But like you say here... Has to earn playing time... He didn't earn it last year... so how did he spend the off season and did it fuel his fire to earn some playing time... We will see but I think he will.
  6. More like 8 home games and 2 preseason junk that you can't transfer. so you end up paying 90+ a game.
  7. Correct... most of the time during the season is spent in books and learning the offense.... most qbs barely practice in season
  8. I am not speculating anything... All I am saying is that I want to wait till I see him play before throwing pitch forks at him... The Hack (Already is a Failure because he couldn't sniff the field) fans are insane... Sorry that I want to see something before a presume judgement on it... Such a toxic environment here lately.
  9. Except that he worked with a QB trainer all offseason and a year under the belt with an understanding of how the NFL system runs... There used to be a 2-3 year sitting period for all QBs... Rookie QBs were a rarity... Now because a team doesn't start a QB immediately that QB is a failure... its a dumb argument and one that you will see you will lose in the long run when Hack actually becomes a legit NFL QB.... Brady couldn't beat out Bledsoe in his Freshman year... Favre also only played 4 snaps in his freshman year... Kurt Warner never sniffed the field as a rookie.... Not saying Hack is any of these, but years The Fans had been calling for Clemmons to start or MacElroy, or Bollenger or whatever other scrub... but now everyone sh*ts on a guy that hasn't played a single down??? Its ridiculous.... Let him fail this year and then you can call him a failure... But doing so before that point is premature and shows that you just love to sit in misery.
  10. You are right, I misspoke, still a soft tissue injury versus a broken bone... Dee Milliner also had soft tissue injuries... that is all.
  11. Debatable ... You have your opinion and I have mine... either way... we find out this year
  12. That is your speculation... He had no reps and came from a college system that broke him... yet that was going to be fixed in between games without reps.... Give me a break.... Then why not throw him in the last game.... BECAUSE The Team GAVE UP.... why get the kid killed and break the kid more before he even has ONE offseason to try to improve in a pro system... If this was year 2 or 3 and that happened I could understand.... But Rookie Year??? that is insane... All I am saying is give the kid at least one off season to see if he can play... nobody here has even given the kid a shot... because the coaches decided not to throw him on a failing team at the end of the year without reps or practice time...
  13. I agree with all this... Mac tried to build from the ground up and compete at the same time... it didn't work when the team started giving up... So we are continuing with the rebuild without the veterans... I am ok with this... Let's see how Lee is in his second year and hack and all these draft picks... Before you just hang the GM at least see what the players can do...
  14. McCown is not starting... the narrative is already being written... McCown was brought in as competition to push the rookies and a coach to help understanding the west coast system...