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  1. Wilson or King will be the pick for the jets
  2. King or Wilson will be there in the 2nd
  4. They retracted their statement
  5. Cousins to Browns reported to be a done deal
  6. I bet its Carolina.
  7. or Maybe: Quincy Wilson*, CB, Florida Height: 6-1. Weight: 211. Arm: 32.25. 40 Time: 4.54. Projected Round (2017): 2-3
  8. Easy Answer Derek Barnett*, DE, Tennessee Height: 6-3. Weight: 259. Arm: 32.13. 40 Time: 4.88. Projected Round (2017): 1.
  9. This is the reaction I expect:
  10. Trade Down... Pick Mahomes
  11. I can't agree with you more... but I know you feel it too... The Jets are trading down to draft a QB outside the top 10.... Its so obvious now.
  12. Exactly what I think they are going to do.
  13. Again... The team is trying to sell tickets... There is no excitement... its not what I want... or what it seems you want... but that means nothing to the team. Mahomes is the pick hence why they want to trade back.... @Obrien2Toon is helping reaffirm my assumption. I am just putting the pieces together... - They are desperate to trade back - They need a QB - No excitement for the team... I am willing to give them a chance... we'll see... I cheer for the Jets... I was emotionally invested in them... But they are horrible franchise until they prove otherwise. And 5+ more years of Brady means a long time before we see a winning team again
  14. I am not in love with him... I am just saying it makes sense... SAR is right, they need to draft some excitement back onto this team... and a safety or cornerback won't do that.. Hence why they want to trade back and still think they can get 'their' guy... And Peterman is a back-up plan if Mahomes is taken