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  1. So who are we going to steal from other teams after roster cuts...
  2. 2017 vs 2016 Position Groups

    Given how Buffalo has managed their team in the offseason... The Jets should beat them twice... Miami has Jay Cutler... I could easily see two wins against that jackass and the Jets D.... and they could sneak out a win versus the Browns, Broncos, and Jags given their QB situation against a better Jets D... So 5-8 wins is possible
  3. But the biggest problem was Hack couldn't throw a screen play... That should prove something... sure you can grade as incomplete but this has proven MOST of the fanbase that there might be something there... For what I saw... I think he deserves a B/ B- ... I like that he did not fear the closing pocket... he stepped up and threw some passes... yes he missed on a few downfield... but all the necessary ones were on target and most were in great position for the receiver... He looked better then Most QBs the Jets have lined up in preseason the past...
  4. Just the ones where you aren't making good enough points to support your argument...
  5. He ran an NFL offense with efficiency, On all the short outs which has notoriously been his downfall in the last 3+ season he made them all. One of the biggest problems the naysayers had with Hack was that he couldn't even throw a screen pass. Well, this proves he can and consistently. A great start... He didn't open up the offense but wasn't asked to yet... One of his few deep passes the WR tripped on his own two feet but looked to be on target... If it wasn't for a few key drops by Marshall, and Frisker... the drives looked well orchastrated and that he was competent enough to make the throws. Sure there is a lot more to see, but this absolutely passes the first eye test. And if the Jets play a dink and dunk offense for the whole year... I wouldn't be surprised but that is how a lot of QBs started... again look no further then Brady, (Not saying he is Brady or anything close or will ever be, and yes runs a different system) the first two years Brady was QB was ONLY screen passes and slants... Thats it... remember how most 'analysts' would crap on Brady for years and years about he couldn't throw the ball downfield and how Bellichek was the only reason he succeeded...
  6. Are you kidding right now... many QBs have started dink and dunk... look at your favorite Tom Brady for example A... Vanilla offense and ran it well... there was nothing to show because there was no real plays called... move on...
  7. Ravens won a Superbowl with Flacco... Just saying...
  8. Bart Scott Interview on Boomer & Carton

    Lowest I see anywhere is 4.5... And I am going to hit the over so hard before the season starts... There is no way this team loses more then 5 games.
  9. McCown doesn't even start a single game.. Mark it
  10. "mildly approach the way you referred to non-likeminded/non-conforming Jets fans as merely being trolls?" You think you are bucking some trend... You are the majority... The pessimistic view is the only view in Most Jets fans minds right now... Elite Safeties are more important then they ever have been in the NFL and teams are moving into this trend whether the fans see it or not... ok? ok? None of this makes you right and me wrong... That is your opinion and I have mine... You say I refuse to accept something that has not been tested... That is true... I refuse to accept it... YOU SAY he has been tested but YOU are making assumptions about what the coaching staff is telling the fans... BUT THEY ARE ASSUMPTIONS... Move on... He hasn't played yet... If he doesn't play this year... You are right it means that he failed... Not playing in his rookie season is not a failure.... Period Stop....
  11. This is where you make assumptions about me and what I know... I completely disagree with your rational... I will leave it at that and move on, thanks for the discussion but we will not see eye to eye on this. Again, I completely disagree with your assumptions that because they were low value positions they will stay low value positions... Cornerback was a low value position and has risen with the need for a good secondary in a passing league... With that the knowledge that a smart quarterback of the backfield is needed at a safety or Cornerback position. I won't state anymore because it has been relentlessly argued back and forth on this forum and neither side will seemingly understand the other side... So move on... I am done with this dumb conversation. In closing I think it is ridiculous to call something a failure before its been tested... You are on the other side... because it hasn't worked and it wasn't working, it will continue to not work, or the chances of it working are far diminished... Failure Breeds Success..
  12. I know... Stupid Todd... and if Pennington could have stayed healthy.. Kenny O' had the tools and no offensive line... if the Jets put any money into his line I truly believe Kenny O could have been that guy...
  13. Well, skepticism is one thing... calling him a failure before he has a chance to play is another... Just like calling Mac's draft bad before they even step on the field is ridiculous ... Just because he didn't follow a formula means he failed. I am glad it would thrill you and it would thrill me too... The issue I take with the very vocal trolls that waylay every thread around here into how bad Hack is, is a joke... We get it... He sucks because he didn't take a snap last year.. Great... That is an opinion... It is shared by the majority... as well as in the media too.... I am not there yet... I need to see how much he learned in the off-season... How well did he improve... I haven't seen anything yet... but if McCown starts I feel we know the answer at QB is not on this team.