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  1. Mac... Place a call to Megatron !!!

    Why the **** would either party do this?
  2. 0. My definition of "Breakds right" is different.
  3. This is exactly what we need on special teams. If that translates he makes the team easily.
  4. The Macc nine + a hx lession (long)

    I agree with everything you've said in this thread on Decker: I have no idea where this cut rumor came from. He (when healthy) is still good and can help a young QB develop. No reason to trade him outside of a godfather offer The thing I keep coming back to when thinking about Macc is the offensive line. This, I believe, is the key to figuring out what he thinks about this current team. The trade up to get Shell last year was very interesting. The tenders/contracts for Iajana and Wesley Johnson were as well. I think he wants to give relative continuity on the Oline a shot which I honestly don't blame him at all for. So if he thinks the line is set and that he MIGHT have a qb in Hack I understand why he takes good value WR and RB late in the draft and holds on to Decker. So, logically, he wanted to fix the absolute worst part of this defense...and he did. I'm giving him at least a year to properly evaluate how he's doing, we really can't tell sh*t until Hack plays and we see how the offensive line performs this year.
  5. Perfect day 2

    Yeah, we should never draft a corner ever again. They are the devil.
  6. JetNation Draft Day Final Mock

    There is ZERO chance OJ Howard and Malik Hooker are there at 12.
  7. Still wouldn't be as bad as EJ Manuel... but that's not exactly good company.
  8. Yeah that was just an awful answer to that question. It may ultimately have nothing to do with how he disciplines his players but the optics are just horrible...feeds right into the "sh*t is out of control" narrative. He has to be better about perception.
  9. What Could Excite You For 2017?

    Death... by Snu-Snu.
  10. Donta Hightower - Future Jet?

    Then adjust your scheme to use him in the EXACT same way. That was, allegedly, one of Bowles' strengths was it not?
  11. Osweiler Traded to Browns

    Amazing use of cap space for the browns. They just bought a 2nd Round pick in a deep draft with cap space they weren't going to be able to use. Well done.
  12. Brian Winters Contract Details

    His salary just literally quadrupled and he has fully guaranteed protection for 2 years?
  13. Brian Winters Contract Details

    This is a great contract. No dead money bullsh*t after the first 2 years. I cannot comprehend why a Jets fan wouldn't be ok with this, we have control and ways out.