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  1. There is ZERO chance OJ Howard and Malik Hooker are there at 12.
  2. Still wouldn't be as bad as EJ Manuel... but that's not exactly good company.
  3. Yeah that was just an awful answer to that question. It may ultimately have nothing to do with how he disciplines his players but the optics are just horrible...feeds right into the "sh*t is out of control" narrative. He has to be better about perception.
  4. Death... by Snu-Snu.
  5. Then adjust your scheme to use him in the EXACT same way. That was, allegedly, one of Bowles' strengths was it not?
  6. Amazing use of cap space for the browns. They just bought a 2nd Round pick in a deep draft with cap space they weren't going to be able to use. Well done.
  7. His salary just literally quadrupled and he has fully guaranteed protection for 2 years?
  8. This is a great contract. No dead money bullsh*t after the first 2 years. I cannot comprehend why a Jets fan wouldn't be ok with this, we have control and ways out.
  9. Cause that's exactly how you diffuse tension... I apologize all the same though.
  10. Me too man, i'm thrilled to be wrong about him.
  11. You're resorting to "no YOU'RE wrong, YOU changed the conversation" with zero points to back it up. Are you Donald Trump?
  12. Jesus, that's not what I'm saying, don't Trump me. You claimed that no one would ridicule extending a "young player". I called bullsh*t, you changed the subject to the GM listening to the fans for some reason. Oh and btw, you have no ******* idea what the coaches are telling Macc so stop just assuming that Macc ignored praises from don't know sh*t.
  13. So we're just gonna pretend that no one on this board hated Brian Winters? That's some magical revisionist history. Hell I hated Brian Winters before this year started!