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  1. Good news for the tank crowd

    It is not just what the Jets do either. We could win a handful of games, and still end up with a top 3 or 4 pick. For that to happen, the other 'least talented' teams in the NFL need to win here and there as well. So far that is not happening as much as we'd like. Teams like the Colts, Chargers and Bengals are losing close games which is not helping our draft position. The 49ers are 0-4, but have lost their last three games to Seattle, LAR and Arizona by a combined 8 points. They could easily be 2-2 or even 3-1. The 49ers are just as competitive as the Jets are in 2017, but if the season ended now, they'd have a top five draft pick and we wouldn't. Root for the Jets each Sunday, but root for underdog wins in other game as well.
  2. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Mason Rudolph gets sacked by his own lineman, and then throws a pick to a defensive lineman on the next play. Rough night 8/18, 164 yards. I like Rudolph but this was his big test and he is stinking the joint.
  3. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Darnold is forcing his throws, trying to do too much. He makes Brett Favre look like Chad Pennington sometimes.
  4. Deep Thoughts

    Bowles gives us the best chance of securing a top pick in next year's draft, if that is in any way the thinking within the corridors of power at Florham Park. The trouble is, at what cost in the meantime? He is stunting the development of many of our younger players. At some point he will lose the dressing room (again) and I'm not sure operating in such a toxic environment is conducive to developing the few emerging players you have. At some point in the season, there may come a tipping point where you can Bowles loose, still salvage something from the season in terms of player development and without winning the three or four games that could screw us out of a top three pick. Schedule-wise we may have gotten lucky in that respect. You keep Bowles for the 'easy' start to the season where his ineptitude will keep us winless. Get to the bye, hand Bowles his pink slip and give the reins over to Morton or whoever. The Jets could improve performance wise, but still lose down the stretch to the Panthers, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints and Patriots. You haven't lost anything in terms of draft position. But the mood around the team improves and you have something to build on in 2018. Unlike what is going on at the moment.
  5. Who will lead the Jets in Receptions?

    The Toyota Club, in number of wedding receptions. Great location on the mezzanine, bridal suite amenities, wireless internet, martini bar. Three/four receptions a week * 17 weeks = 51/68 receptions. Can't see any Jet wideout beating that.
  6. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Poor sequence there from Darnold. Overthrew an open receiver, then two dangerous throws, the second of which was tipped and intercepted. 11/19 1 Int.
  7. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Josh Allen fluffed his lines earlier. Wyoming WRs didn't help him much but he has to produce better than he did against one of the few top level opponents he will face all year. Mason Rudolph was excellent last night. Looking forward to seeing Darnold later. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't hit the ground running
  8. Rudolph slinging it. 8/9, 172 yards, 2 tds, still in the first quarter College football is going to be fun to watch this year. So many great prospects. What a time to be alive and a Jets fan.
  9. I expect the Bears to be better than they were last year. But that schedule of theirs... Falcons @ Bucs Steelers @ Packers Vikings @ Ravens Panthers @ Saints They could play well and still go 2-6, 1-7 or even 0-8 The Jets biggest obstacle to the number one pick is the absolute mediocrity of the entire AFC conference. In their corresponding opening eight games, the Jets play Bills, Raiders, Dolphins, Jags, Browns and Dolphins again. The Jets could fall into two to four wins there without having to produce much.
  10. Treat Jet losses as wins. Treat Bills/49ers/Browns/Jags/Bears/Rams wins as wins. Instead of having one team to get root for, now you have seven. Those six and whoever is playing the Jets. Watch a lot of Pac12 football every Saturday.
  11. This decision makes no sense, so is anyone surprised?
  12. Jets Future Qb. can throw darts even off

    What is he even doing on a boat? I thought he could walk on water.
  13. A Collection of reviews

    The same should apply to the Browns, 49ers, Jags and Bills, all QB-needy who passed on the opportunity to take either Watson or Mahomes. The Bears obviously did not rate either as a fall-back option so moved up to take Trubisky instead. The Cardinals stood pat when they too presumably had the option to move up a couple of spots. The Jets will instead take a QB in the first round next year. Whichever QB we acquire next next year should be judged against Watson or Mahomes. In the long haul, I'm comfortable with Jamal Adams + Darnold/Rosen/Allen v Watson/Mahomes + any defensive player next year.
  14. Houston have already given up two firsts, a second, a sixth and Brock Osweiler to acquire Deshaun Watson and a fourth. Rick Smith would have been run of town if he had to give up another second to move up to number six, when there was no need to.
  15. Jets 2nd Round Pick?

    Kevin King/Dalvin Cook/Cam Robinson in the 2nd Cooper Kupp/Chris Godwin/Desmond King in the 3rd. Then take Sidney Jones with our second 3rd.