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  1. Our two third rounders would probably do it.
  2. Really happy with that. Second best prospect of the entire draft and we get him at 6. Welcome abroad, Jamal.
  3. Hooker is the safety with injury concerns. Possibly has a higher ceiling, Adams a higher floor?
  4. Please, no QB here. Take the best player, Jamal Adams.
  5. Jets are on the clock.
  6. From a talent standpoint, imagine picking up both Conley and Sidney Jones in the third round. Conley may or may not be innocent, but no one will most likely know until well after the Draft.
  7. Get Cleveland on the phone.
  8. Exactly. And we (the SuckForSamBrigade) get to be happy in the meantime. We get to fist pump and do a little celebratory dance in our living room every time we lose next year. Which will be often. For one season only, you get to exist in some parellel universe where every defeat will feel like a massive win, and vice versa. Just have to flip our record. 5-11 is actually 11-5, 3-13 is 13-3, etc. Us Suck for Sam'ers have a lot to look forward to next season. Everyone else, not so much.
  9. I don't see us winning in Buffalo, maybe at home.True on the Chargers who have struggled on the east coast before, but I think San Diego, or whoever they are called now, will be genuine contenders this season, and with Rivers lighting up our secondary I think they will get the win on the road.
  10. Hold on, the already-clinched Patriots wouldn't throw that game in week 17 to screw us out of the number one draft pick, would they?
  11. L L L L That is four losses right there, only another 12 to go. The suspense is killing me.
  12. OJ Howard A- In a competent offence, will be an elite player in this League. Hooker A Personal preference for our pick at 6. Adams A Can become the alpha male leader on defence. Fournette B Relatively happy with the pick, others may represent a greater degree of improvement on what we already have. Davis B- I like Davis a lot, but at 6 there should be better players available. Lattimore B Have a feeling this will be the pick. Lot of potential, prefer the safeties and possibly taking a CB in round two.
  13. Darnold > Brady. Tom Brady is a lot of things. Stupid is not one of them. Brady will retire at the end of the 2018 season after Sam Darnold leads the New York Jets to their first AFC East Championship since 2002. Book it.
  14. One word to sum up our existence? Sisyphean. Every God-forsaken season I picture us rolling us that immense boulder up the hill, only for it crash down on top of us, after which we are condemned to repeat the task over and over again until eternity.
  15. 6. Hooker (Adams/Williams/Howard) 39. Kamara (White/King) 70. Kupp (Smith-Schuster/Jones) In the QB carousel, Browns acquire Garoppolo, Cousins moves to San Francisco and the Bears draft Trubisky. The Jets stand pat with Petty and Hack. All the stars align for.... "and with the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select QB..... Sam Darnold, USC"