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  1. What the F***!
  2. That's exactly what I was going for except for in part two I believe they say "they're sh*tty again"
  3. They're sh*tty again
  4. Alderson is doing the best he can with the limitations he has. He's had some decision blow up in his face like the Daniel Murphy thing, to a lesser extent Justin turner and Cespedes was basically his fall back option when Gomez was who he coveted, even with all that the guy is doing a helluva job
  5. It's all Jon Neise's fault.
  6. I don't think I will ever get over how bad they misread the Murphy situation
  7. It's only April until it's not April, then it's may
  8. I was all for this before the season but as hot as Bruce is right now I don't think I would put him on first. He's so streaky I would hate to have hi defense effect his offense.
  9. Lugo to begin throwing tomorrow
  10. When's he's on one of his streaks he might be
  11. Why was Rivera pulled?
  12. The middle relief is brutal
  13. Yea I should of clarified. I think Rosario comes up to play SS only and Cabrera moves to the vacated spot
  14. I think after the super 2 amount of games pass and there Is an injury keeping 2b,SS or 3b out for significant amount of time. Rosario will be up
  15. Piazza would have to be the best. IMO. We have had terrible luck with signing free agents, Floyd is one of my favorite mets of all time. Still remember the year he stayed playing while he was hurt until piazza came back. Ventura was solid olerued, if he would've stayed in 2000 who knows what could've been. Beltran while he was here didn't get the credit he deserved, I admit I was too high on him either, partly because he supposedly offered the Yankees a discount in the 11th hour while the mets deal was on the table. But besides his first year he is probably on of the few "mega contracts" the signing team didn't regret in the final couple years. Guy made everything look easy Cabrera signing was such low key, almost "typical mets signing". Guy with supposedly his better day behind him and not much expectation, guy has been good in the field, great at the plate and seems to be a team leader