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  1. Smart
  2. I actually want to see them lose for the next couple weeks this way the false sense of playoff hope is gone. Once the trading deadline passes and we sell off all we can, I'd like to see them start winning again. Finish the season strong with the young guys leave the injured to heal and regroup for next year.
  3. Feel like if he comes up now the "optics" will be a Hail Mary to save the season. If he comes up in late august, playoffs out of reach, get ML experience with almost no pressure and gives us at least one reason to watch
  4. It's come and gone. But at this point might as well wait till season is completely out of reach, lower expectations
  5. Issues are valid but that's not what kept getting brought up. April swoon is what you kept harping on. Anyway, I had no issues with the team except a small concern about the bullpen. I was wrong, apparently, but still feel if the pitching pitched anywhere near expectations we are in the thick of things. No one could've predicted our pitching to be so bad,NO ONE. I don't fault sandy. Sandys warts lie in the draft and the beaten dead horse of Murphy and even turner
  6. So if the season turned around would you be on here saying can't believe I had my period over losses in April?
  7. Wanted to ask this question before wheeler sh*t the bed the last two starts but would you trade wheeler and Flores for fulmer?
  8. Save the bullsh*t for the main board. Its a sh*t season after a lot of hope and expectations your constant bringing up of April games is stupid, and FTR I wasn't the one to say that to you, but I do believe a bad April is not an indication of how your season will go and vice versa Comments and bullsh*t like these are why I try to stay away from talking baseball on Mets boards and try to stay away from talking football on the jets board
  9. Bruce, Duda , reed,granderson, Rene Rivera, Reyes (doubt he has any value),Blevins, basically anyone who's contract is up. If you have intentions on bringing either Blevins or reed go back after them during the offseason. Besides those two the only other guy that, MAYBE, should be on this team come 2018 is Rene Rivera. Also if im sandy I'm trading for chips to use to acquire major league help in the offseason not for long term development
  10. Shut up!
  11. Or if we continue to lose sell every piece off that's not signed past this year and focus on 2018
  12. A lot of ground to cover.... nothing really to sell at the deadline for good returns, best bet might be to dump either Bruce or Duda and walker stand pat after that and see where it goes
  13. I disagree, no need to bring this kid up and put all the pressure of the expectations of this season on his shoulders. It's a disappointing season no need to compound that by bringing up a kid during this with all the negativity surrounding the team this year. Play out the next month and a half see where you are and either make a go for it with the players we have and some guys coming back from the DL or sell off pending free agents for minor improvemanets to the farm and hope we retool well in the offseason and catch some health breaks next year
  14. Walker looks serious
  15. Rex is like the cool uncle, good time to hang out with get banged up with and everything else you would hide from your parents but not the guy you want raising you to become a man. Rex is mint, maybe not the guy to coach my team but as a "football guy" whether that be someone else's coach or a commentator or whatever. Someone I will always root for