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  1. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Gotta lock Mo up long term
  2. Seems like the NFC is on cbs and afc is on fox this weekend. Has it been like this all season? When did this start?
  3. Always thought half this board was hipsters
  4. Marshawn Lynch Ejected for Pushing Ref

    Guess I should've actually watched the game if I was gonna comment.
  5. Marshawn Lynch Ejected for Pushing Ref

    I can't stand this guy.....he was 100% wrong and unprofessional but gotta admit I like how much he had his QBs back
  6. Game off, done

    That's a silver lining.... I def was pumped to watch this game and even after getting robbed it was more good than bad of an experience
  7. Game off, done

    The picked up flag on the Robbie Anderson hit wasn't terrible until they started calling ticky tack calls on the jets like the PI or unnecessary roughness butttttttt there is no way you or anybody could've known how bad we were gonna get screwed today as far as the Mets. You can do that same sh*t every year and be right 99% of the time
  8. Game off, done

    You got lucky this time....
  9. Game off, done

    That was terrible.
  10. Game off, done

  11. 2 turnovers and a missed FG we have to go into the locker room up more than 7
  12. If that's unnecessary roughness then the first one was helmet to helmet