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  1. I'll be waking up at 5:15 AM. I'm just happy we have a time that isn't 0-5 and the temps should be close to 80 tomorrow. Great for a mid October day. Hopefully the Jets don't play like the Yankees that past two days.
  2. Good news for the tank crowd

    Indy tanked for Luck. Never had an OL for him and he's had a ruptured spleen and bum shoulder.
  3. Great job Coach

    We need to develop players before we can even think of drafting a QB. Indy sucked for Luck and basically never gave him an OL. Look at how that has worked out so far.
  4. Jets \ Jaguars Tickets

    You can also use this code for 10% off at checkout.
  5. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    The new stadium was constructed so poorly. They built it for the suites. The mezzanine and upper level views became much worse. Part of that is building codes these days and part of it is more focus on luxury suites. They also built it so that basically the only gates to use to get in are the Pepsi and Verizon gates. As a result it's a pain to take the escalators up to each level.
  6. Is a week 3 opener normal?

    I enjoy them in September on a Sunday night. Not so much in December.
  7. Is a week 3 opener normal?

    It happens on occasion. In some ways this schedule was good to us season ticketholders. We are on the road the first two weeks when it can still be pretty warm outside and we play 3 of our last 4 on the road to avoid the cold. Probably the only positive of the season.
  8. Home Opener - Let's talk tailgating

    Anyone else get that email sent today about tickets for sale for individual games we can buy at our flex pricing? lol. This stadium is going to be 50% full on Sunday.
  9. Home Opener - Let's talk tailgating

    Since it's San Gennaro we are doing our San Gennaro theme tailgate. Still finalizing the menu but most likely meatballs, sausage n peppers, chicken and mozzarella sandwhiches, chicken marsala and some type of fish. My son was born the end of April so he is coming for the tailgate and then heading home but it makes it exciting.
  10. I'm still baffled by Bowles. He was a Parcells guy and in year one went 10-6 even if it was a cupcake schedule. I did not have high expectations last season but felt the team played with no effort in December. The defense looks lost. The problem is our owner. He picked the coach before the GM. He also forced Rex on Idzik. Revis was forced on Mac. Add an impatient fan base who wants GMs canned after two years and who will ever take this job? Woody needs to sit on his hands.
  11. Will MetLife be this bad?

    Depends we maybe filled with opposing team fans instead.
  12. Who can this team even get to be HC next year?

    Who wants to coach a team where the owner is on a power trip? Woody Johnson is the guy who decided that after firing Tannebaum whatever GM he hired had to retain Rex Ryan. He also hired Todd Bowles before hiring Mac. They both report to Woody. Add to it that you have an impatient fan base who wants to come here? I wouldn't be shocked to see Woody Johnson re-hire Rex next season thinking he can help sell season tickets.
  13. Bowles Lives on Another World

    I've never seen a coach regress like Bowles has. He took a veteran team to 10-6 in his first year even if they did have a very easy schedule. I felt last year he was dealt a bad hand and this year the personnel moves didn't favor him. However him punting on fourth down with four minutes to go and down by two scores baffles me. The problem is the owner of this team. When you have a power structure set up like he does (even if he is across the pond now) you will never find good coaches and GMs to come to the team and even if you do they cannot be successful.
  14. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    I like the move. I always liked Kerley. He's probably a better #3 receiver but we need help at the position. You need some veterans to help rebuild and this team desperately needs that. We also need some WR help if we want to throw Petty or Hackenberg back out there eventually.
  15. Let's start talking Jets \ Bills

    Jets win 9-3 in an ugly game.