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  1. Let him start next game and work with the first stringers in practice. While I wouldn't give this an A there were major improvements from last season in the few preseason snaps he took. I'd rather find out this guy can be QB of the future rather than tank and take a gamble that some guy we draft will be.
  2. Adopt a team for 2017

    I'll watch the Jets and whoever is on SNF MNF and TNF. Always a Jets fan and I'll never miss a game. I am hoping the Yankees go deep into the postseason to help numb the pain of this upcoming season though.
  3. To Tell You How Clueless the Jets Ticket Office Is

    I like to collect autographed things so I was 150 points short of the Jamal Adams autographed football I actually would like to have. Their machines never read my scan card as well as my family and @JoeC36 card also. They added they game but not all the points with it so I would have had the points needed. I enjoyed hearing her say we didn't play the Dolphins in 2016. She also refused to give me the 150 points.
  4. To Tell You How Clueless the Jets Ticket Office Is

    It was a girl and no she was serious. She was looking at the schedule from last year.
  5. Just spoke to a ticket rep who said we didn't play the Miami Dolphins in 2016. You'd think they would hire someone who at least knows the AFC East teams we play.
  6. 8. I want this team to show promise under Petty or Hackenberg. I want to see that our young guys that we currently have can be successful with the Jets for the future. Tanking this season only means a couple of extra rebuild years. I have no desire to see McNown play. Show me the Hackenberg can be a good starting NFL QB and that he develops a rapport with Enunwa and Anderson and I'm happier than tanking for a draft pick that could also very well be a bust.
  7. Show that he has the ability to be an above average QB and not make stupid mistakes.
  8. Woody Set to Hand Control to his Brother

    Will Chris Johnson lower ticket prices?
  9. Woody and Trump. Two guys born on third base but tell the world they hit a triple.
  10. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    Good for him. He was all class and the way the Jets cut him was no class at all.
  11. The new stadium is awesome
  12. Jets Boarding Pass

    Anyone else get this email this morning?
  13. will you got to the games?

    I will still go. However last year the Colts and Dolphins games I left before the start of the fourth quarter. I used to never leave early but I see myself leaving numerous games early this upcoming seasons.
  14. We aren't rebuilding, we are becoming the Browns

    The problem now is who are our veteran leaders to guide the younger guys? Harris and Decker filled those roles. Everyone has a hard on for tanking and drafting Darnauld. Geno Smith was a top rated QB the year before he was drafted and fell to the second round.
  15. Biggest fall from grace?

    Paterno. Worlds biggest dirt bag. None of the others on the list were saints but none of them allowed kids to be harmed by a monster either.