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  1. Woody and Trump. Two guys born on third base but tell the world they hit a triple.
  2. Good for him. He was all class and the way the Jets cut him was no class at all.
  3. The new stadium is awesome
  4. Anyone else get this email this morning?
  5. I will still go. However last year the Colts and Dolphins games I left before the start of the fourth quarter. I used to never leave early but I see myself leaving numerous games early this upcoming seasons.
  6. The problem now is who are our veteran leaders to guide the younger guys? Harris and Decker filled those roles. Everyone has a hard on for tanking and drafting Darnauld. Geno Smith was a top rated QB the year before he was drafted and fell to the second round.
  7. Paterno. Worlds biggest dirt bag. None of the others on the list were saints but none of them allowed kids to be harmed by a monster either.
  8. I used to sit right outside of gate D. I still despise The NY Times writer who ruined this.
  9. I can never figure out why people always have to argue about the people who own PSLs and/or upper level seats. I was a business major in college and hated the shirt and tie deal when I graduated and ended up going back to school to become a special education teacher. Was great but NO money in teaching. Seeing these threads did motivate me a bit to change careers and I've been a financial advisor now for a couple years. I have clients with boatloads of cash who would never buy a PSL, stay in the upper deck or buy the cheapest PSL they can find. I have others who will blow tons of cash. I have seen doctors and lawyers take cheaper seats and a guy who makes peanuts pony up the money for a PSL. There is the saying "broke people stay broke by living like they are rich, rich people stay rich by living like they are broke." All that being said to the author of this thread I think you have to ask yourself are you ok being in the middle of the row instead of closer to the aisle. Me personally I LOVE aisle seats. Other people can't stand them. That may be the thing you want to ask yourself especially bringing a kid.
  10. I'll leave the politics out of this but whether you agree with him or disagree with him there is a cirus involved similar to Tebow or Vick. We don't need that. Add in his record the past couple years. He's not elite.
  11. This whole thing may not get resolved until after the 2017 season so he may not face any discipline until 2018. Depends when this all goes to court or if he pleads guilty. With Enunwa basically our #1 receiver (we don't know how Decker will recover) this isn't a good thing obviously.
  12. I just hope he doesn't hate me for subjecting him to this torture.
  13. That is two stadiums away from now but another generation of kids can be on here debating PSLs as well.
  14. Paid my bill last night. I'm more disgusted with the gameday operations that the Jets seem to have no interest in fixing. That being said my son was born last week and in a couple years he gets to join in the torture of being a Jets fan. At least he will be exposed to rejection early in life.
  15. I wanted to do New Orleans for my bachelor party but December 17th is tough to swing. Debating changing to Tampa.