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  1. I wanted to do New Orleans for my bachelor party but December 17th is tough to swing. Debating changing to Tampa.
  2. Week 16 home vs the chargers on Christmas Eve.
  3. Our luck we play first two weeks on the road and play home the final two games of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.
  4. I'm renewing but I will wait until April 30th to pay. Let the ticket office sweat a bit. Nothing was sent to us to say they have done anything to fix the Uber situation and also Pee Wee football parents coming in 7-8 hours before kickoff and parking along islands where those of us who arrive early to tailgate park so we do not take extra parking spots or clog up the roadways.
  5. Kaepernick was the QB for a 2-14 football team. Sure he didn't have a great team around him but he didn't help energize the team either. Even before his national anthem situation there was talk about his numbers and could he recover from his surgeries. I remember pictures of him floating around about how skinny he had gotten during last offseason. He also opted out of his contract and one has to ask why would he do that? We can debate was he right or wrong to stand for the flag all day and discuss NFL players who have committed crimes. His issues were on the actual field when fans were watching a game relaxing from daily life. Instead his kneeling for the anthem was the highlight of the pregame show. Add in his pig socks and his refusal to vote and there you have it. There were other players who did kneel during the anthem and they have jobs.
  6. I used to go every year. Last year I wasn't sure if I could make it and it started to pour so I stayed home. I heard it was pretty lousy. This year I'm expecting a baby on April 27th so I highly doubt I will be going.
  7. Devin Smith and Christian Hackenberg. MacCagnan's two second round picks. Now both of them have the opportunity to play. If they stink up the joint it says a lot about his drafting.
  8. I'm wondering if the Jets are listing a lot of these PSLs. Isn't there a $200 transfer fee that has to be paid to the Jets? Also I am sure there has to be some type of commission paid to the site. Is it worth the time and effort to re-sell for literally $80? They already sell a lot of their own seats through ticket
  9. I posted on there but it was hard to keep up since it felt like some people on that board never had a job and just posted throughout the day. I saw his post that he sold out for big money. I don't blame him for that. What I blame him for are his lies about getting e-mail addresses and basically selling them off for marketing purposes. While he didn't "steal money" it's like asking someone who embezzled money from you the first time to take care of your money again a second time. You're a buffoon if you do it.
  10. If we sign him I will not renew my season tickets. Front office I'm sure you read this board. You won't be able to give away tickets if you sign that buffoon. On top of his political mess he was a 2-14 QB last year. I'd rather bring back Bubby Brister.
  11. I don't want to sign over the hill guys or trade draft picks to acquire a veteran either. I also don't believe in "Suck for Sam." We could waste a season a draft this guy and he turns out to be a bust or blows out a knee. Let's just build through the draft, use free agents to plugs holes, and play our guys and let them learn to play.
  12. Glatt also said that the Jets Rewards program is a major success that the fans enjoy. I commented on the article #fakenews
  13. Build up our OL. It needs a LOT of help.