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  1. Bring the cheerful one please. With the state of this team, we could use that one. Oh by the way, I am bringing a 12 pack and some chips.
  2. I will be there Max. I say everyone should bring a 12 pack to make this a great tailgate.
  3. Thanks Ape Please give me a week as I am traveling until Tuesday. After that I will read all the rules and join in. Thanks for accepting me to the group.
  4. I might. Can you PM the basics?
  5. Good post. Welcome to the board.
  6. Congrats batman. Enjoy your seats.
  7. Jets PSL's are investment gold.
  8. Also what's with that Viagra commercials. I can't watch a football game with my kids. I resort to Red Zone channel all day when they are around. Who thought it would be OK to show Erectile Dysfunction commercials while 9 year olds were watching. Fvck NFL for that matter.
  9. Ratings are going down. League is transforming into something different. In the new NFL if you have a QB you compete year in year out. If not, you suck until you find a QB. Do you think this rating trend continues? If yes, how much of it is due to QB centric league?
  10. @Gas2No99 @batman10023 Please read Lupz's Row 1 comments above. I told you. Row 1 is the way to go. You didn't believe me. What can I say.... j/k
  11. I might be wrong but I think Jets are trying to rebuild defense this year while tanking and ignore offence completely to make sure they get the top pick. Next year, with all that cap space I think they will go heavy on offence and bring some talent and hope for a quick turnaround. This year, it is building up defense and next year will be about spending money to build up offence.
  12. Good analogy. I am waiting for Jets to draft a franchise QB to hop onto Season Ticket bandwagon and this will be the way to go for me when I do hop on.
  13. This seems intriguing.
  14. I realized I didn't answer this question even though I replied twice on this thread. Yes I will definitely go to at least 2-3 home games and probably 1 road game this year. I love seeing Green and White. I love seeing my team play. Win or lose, I will always watch this team.