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  1. Go for 207a Row 1 if Club amenities aren't that important to you. Similar view for much cheaper. Also row 1 seats are easier to sell than row 4 seats.
  2. I am a Jets fan and I have a strict one 6 pack a week rule.
  3. Okay. If you have a kid, definitely stay away from Row 1. Row 2 isn't bad but resell value for Row 1 is much higher and the view is fantastic.
  4. I also have to add. Selling Row 1 Club seats even when Jets suck is much much easier than selling Row 2 seats. Row 1 has great resell value. @SAR I can chime in.
  5. I would wait it out for Row 1 to be honest. The best seats in house are Row 1 Mezz Club seats. Much better than Lower Level Coaches Club seats even.
  6. There is no glass in front of Row 1 on Mezz Club seats. Row 1 is the prime seats. Grab them if you have an opportunity.
  7. Thanks. This is awesome.
  8. I wish it was the toughest. Embrace the suck. 1-15 please. Then comes a franchise QB and all will be well.
  9. this is now $149 for today. Flash Sale
  10. If Hack will make it or not is not the question. Will Todd Bowles come to his senses and allow Petty or Hack start over McCown. We know what McCown is. Time to evaluate the young guys to see if they are the future of this team. We aren't winning the Superbowl this year anyway. If so, why push it? Let the young guys start. If they win games and show improvement, we will be fine. If they aren't what we hoped them to be, we are fine again as we will pick high in next year's draft. There is only one logical move here. Let Hack or Petty start.
  11. What a tragedy. I loved Berman. I don't like his replacement at all. Sad to see this happening to him. My thoughts and prayers to him. RIP
  12. I don't think they are cancers but both should be traded for whatever we can get in next years draft. Our strategy should be to tank properly for one of the top QB's next year.
  13. New Jersey. But I don't mind driving for 8-10 hours for a good rivalry game with a few days of tailgating opportunity.
  14. I have never been to a college game. If I am looking for a decent rivalry with decent Tailgating that starts from a few days in advance, what games should I target?
  15. OH THE PAIN aka no psls. You are an a.hole. I know that, you know that and half the board knows that. But you are one tough SOB who sticks with Jets every year. That's why, you have my utmost respect. Kudos to you and every other Jets season ticket holder who will stick with this team this year.