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  1. Jets fans getting a bad rap

    As people know, I am in the Tank camp. Lose every game and secure the top pick. Time to come clean. I didn't even know I was gonna go to this game. Sunday morning I saw the post @Jetsfanri made in the tickets forum. He was offering his tix for free. He started the thread on Saturday night around 9 PM but nobody claimed them. So I claimed them Sunday morning around 9:30 AM. Problem was he had 2 tickets. I called two of my friends to take with me. They said they can't make it due to commitments. So I ended up taking up my son. This was his first ever Jets game. I parked my car at Redd's restaurant and took the shuttle. There were a ton of Dolphins fans and some were cocky. At that point my blood started to boil. When we got to our seats I saw a lot of Dolphins fans in the stands. They started chanting Let's Go Dolphins before the game and chanted Defense when Jets were on offense. Man I was pissed. I started rooting for the Jets to win like hell. I didn't care about the tank at that point. It was great to see the Jets win and Dolphins fans going home crushed. All in all, a great football experience for my son and I. All made possible by @Jetsfanri. This board has some great posters.
  2. Jets Fins Free Tix, just pm me and be cool

    I ended up taking them Max. It was around 9:30 AM the game day. I wasn't planning on going. I PM'ed @Jetsfanri and asked if he gave away tickets. Well, the tickets were still available. He transferred tickets to my name and I ended up taking my son with me. It was his first ever Jets game and he loved it. He asked me to buy tickets for the Jags game. In a season where I thought I would never go to a game, I probably go at least half of the games. I sent our picture to @Jetsfanri and thanked him.
  3. Same happenede last year like you said. Rams and Chargers also played at the same time last werk I believe.
  4. Payton is an intriguing choice but no idea why Saints is going 7-9 year after year with Brees.
  5. 49ers just scored and it is 7-7. I hope 49ers win.
  6. Is a week 3 opener normal?

    Lupz. I love everything you post but I hate 1 PM games personally. 4PM games allows me to enjoy my Sunday more.
  7. Oakland (-14)

    Ugh. Only if @Maxman accepted Sportsbetting.ag's offer for $100 free bucks for Jet Nation posters. Bet all your money on Raiders to cover.
  8. Nobody Tanks Like The Colts

    Can you blame him? He is an alcoholic douche-bag but he knows what it takes to be relevant in today's NFL. Draft a franchise QB and enjoy play offs year after year. Good for Colts. They don't know what extended mediocrity means.
  9. Hi. I am Darron Lee. I suck. But not as much as the GM who picked me in the draft.
  10. Predict who gets the #1 pick

    I hope luck runs out for them. Dream scenario. Colts get the #1 pick. Draft Darnold and he turns out to be another USC bust. Meanwhile they trade Luck to Jets and Luck ends up winning a Superbowl with the Jets under Harbaugh's coaching. One can dream right?
  11. Predict who gets the #1 pick

    Colts will get the #1 pick if Luck doesn't come back.
  12. Jacksonville all over Houston

    Not sold on O'Brien either to be honest. He is having the luxury of playing in a terrible division. Coughlin brought discipline to the Jax. I am glad Jax won. Bears looked decent today Onto 49ers. Gotta get that #1 pick baby.
  13. JetNation Fantasy League

    I really was high on him Gas. All good. Not sure who I am going against this week though.
  14. JetNation Fantasy League

    Kareem Hunt baby! Pats lost, my 4th round pick Kareem Hunt delivered 44.5 points. What a night? Who am I going against this week?
  15. Bowles can't name backup QB

    Sometimes these coaches make their jobs impossible by hiding their plans. Bowles is putting himself in corner with stuff like this. Beginning of the training camp, why not tell everyone McCown will be the starter but you will use training camp to evaluate Hack and Petty and give them a lot of playing time. And now, why not just say Hack wasn't performing and we believe it is better for him to sit and learn therefore we are naming Petty the back up. God. This guy loves making his life miserable.
  16. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Perfect way to start the day. I can now listen WFAN in the mornings. Carton is the worst.
  17. JetNation Fantasy League

    @PS17 Can you delay this 15 minutes for Gastineau Lives?
  18. JetNation Fantasy League

    Try this please. http://games.espn.com/ffl/draft/external/draft?teamId=2&leagueId=1114938&userProfileId=23100347
  19. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    By the end of this season most Jets fans will be college football experts. Saw a lot of people asking each other where the heck they could find Big 10 Network, Pac 12 Network etc. I for one watched Big 10 network first time in my life. ******* Jets turned us into college football analysts.
  20. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Well, I didn't mean it to be an unfair bet. $1000 for $1000. Or $200 for $200. You oick. I will mail you a check and I expect the same. Whoever wins will cash the check. Good?
  21. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    So if I win you give me $200 and if you win I give you $1000. Can it be fair bet? $200 each is fine by me.
  22. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Wanna bet Max? You determine the prize. I am down for anything you decide. Bowles will not be the Head Coach next year.
  23. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Max. You are a great board owner. Much better than Woody himself. I nominate you for Hall of Fame for fan board owners. Kidding aside, I hope we go 1-15. Next year, you will love this team. believe me you will be very happy come April when we hold a Top 3 pick. Let's go 1-15 please
  24. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    @Maxman We need to sticky a thread to watch 2018 QB's. I know you think we will go 11-5 and win Superbowl this year but for people who think we will secure a Top 3 pick this year, can you sticky this thread?