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  1. I have no argument with this logic. I would have drafted a QB he 4th or 5th this year. After training camp, keep your top 3. Do this every year and even if you don't find your guy the talent level and depth in the position would improve.
  2. But statistically he's better than McCown, particulary wrt wins and losses.
  3. Agreed facts and opinions are welcome.
  4. If they don't win in the next 2 years they'll have to start dismantling the team to afford Carr. Kind of what happened with the Jets after they didn't win in 2009 and 2010.
  5. The problem is alot of people present opinions as facts. I'm ok with opinions and I'm ok with facts, but don't get the two confused.
  6. Tannenbaum was very good for us and built a team that was one game away from the Super Bowl twice, that was before we dumped a bunch of salary to sign Sanchez and Holmes. We just ran out of time (and money) before we were able to get to the promised land. Macc is on the opposite end of where Tannenbaum ended up. Our salary cap situation (with so many players on rookie contracts) is going to be good for years to come. Let's hope we find some winners to plug in most of the gaps and then use the additional $ to fill any remaining gaps to get us over the chasm. I credit Macc for having the wisdom and guts to realize we need a fresh start, then selling it to Woody. Just hoping we find some great players so that what happened last time we were in this position under Idzik doesn't happen again.
  7. That's the stat I was looking for. You wonder if Gailey knew that, or even cared.
  8. That's fine in 20/20 hindsight, but Fitz got us one win away from the playoffs and threw more TD than any Jet ever, so I can't blame them. And Geno wasn't cut till this year. He was 2nd string all year, but didn't last very long when he got in there. We would have had to pick up another QB anyway with Fitz, Geno and Petty missing multiple games.
  9. It was the tougher schedule, some injuries and alot of bad execution all around, but especially on defense.
  10. Agreed! I guess Edelman, Amendola, Gronkowski and Bennett would have no place in Gailey's offense. Amazing!
  11. Just a few years ago Kerley was an essential component for the Jets, then Chan comes in and he has other ideas. I guess we know how that worked out.
  12. Because after not resigning all our good players we finished under .500 and because people on this forum demanded it.
  13. I could nitpick, but in general a good assessment. Lee has great speed and can cover sideline to sideline, but plugging holes is not his thing and I can't see him ever covering tight ends, perhaps RBs out oft the backfield. Hackenberg was rated a C, but based on his reported body of work he could be a D. However with his work this spring a C may be optimistic, but not out of the question. Also Peake in the 7th round, overachieved his draft position and could see an expanded role this year.
  14. As opposed to the crap we write and don't get paid for He had the following in 2016 - Lee (B), Hack (C), Jenkins (B), Burris (B), Shell (B), Edwards (D-) I would have had - Lee (B minus, showed some potential), Hack (C minus - Jury's out, picked too early), Jenkins (B minus), Burris (B minus), Shell (B plus), Edwards (D). Some folks on this board would have written F for everyone in 2016, which I don't think is right either.