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  1. Hang onto him and trade him for a player of need before training camp. He's still worth something to somebody including us this season. He's still one of the few impact players we have on this team.
  2. Maybe Enunwa is our H-Back / TE, that's how he was used last year. If we draft a TE they might be a blocker type which we can pick up in the 6th or 7th. Oops just saw the Legget pick, that should make some folks happy.
  3. Well they need to start somewhere. Enunwa was a 6th rounder, and last year he moved up to 3rd receiver/H Back. Now with Marshall gone, looks like he's moving even higher unless one of the rookies distinguish themselves.
  4. The fact that both Macc and Bowles report to Woody is the first thing I'd change. Coaches report to GMs in my book. This was an overreaction to the Idzik, Rex debacle.
  5. I agree, Bowles is a problem and I'm not sure Macc has it in him to fire him. I get that he was 10-6 the first year, but the 2nd year was unacceptable. One thing we had with Rex is players played hard for him, with Bowles I see alot of bad behaviour from players and he outwardly says it doesn't bother him.
  6. Mahomes is also going to redshirt this year as well. I don't expect him to take over the team till Alex Smith is gone.
  7. I like him, but I can see his inflexibility
  8. Good way to look at it! Wondering how the other teams made out in the same analysis. Maybe there is a premium to trade down due to the quality in trade downs in this draft, but that might just be the optimist in me.
  9. My cousin married Vincent Gardinia's (played Cher's father in that movie) nephew and we had dinner with Uncle Vinny quite a few times. Great guy! It was awesome to see him in Moonstruck and a few weeks later sipping wine with him and shooting the bull around the dinner table.
  10. Me too the Pittsburgh/Pitt connection.
  11. Gone to the Eagles
  12. Let's get Dobbs and Kaaya too, play the percentages. What did they say 90% of QBs fail in transition to NFL. Based on my math that means we need 10 QBs in camp to find a good one.
  13. I hope so, I like that guy. I wouldn't mind one of the other QBs too. Let's get 4 young guys out there and see which two stick.
  14. Now if only we can find someone to throw them the ball.
  15. Agreed, look at Geno's record vs. the guys we have.