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  1. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday Phil Thanks for all you do to give us a great place to discuss Jet issues and mingle with some great people. Hope you have a great day.
  2. True, but let's not pin it on the QB. Hack didn't really have an opportunity tonight, but he certainly didn't do anything huge either week.
  3. OL and WR I agree with. HC maybe, but not QB, I don't think Tom Brady could have done anything with that line.
  4. You watching the same game I am. The OL, didn't block at all. Not for the running game and not for the passing game. What the heck did you expect. 15 for 15 with 2 TDs with absolutely no protection?
  5. Yeah, but not because of QB, because of the OL.
  6. We're going to have to agree to disagree, I don't think there was enough time to complete the pass.
  7. I think this year is different, it's not about winning it's about developing talent. Hack will start the Jacksonville game and beyond. Crazy to send him out there week one before they can work the kinks out of the new offense, but equally crazy to not start him in the Jacksonville game forward.
  8. Great analysis, I only disagree with you on the second scenario where you said Hackenberg got out of the pocket too fast. Seems to me that though the TE was getting open, the protection was also breaking down giving Hack no time to complete the pass. He did well to escape and at least gain positive yardage, rather than take a big sack and loss of 10 yards. Also its clear Hammond isn't Very good, but I don't think anyone expects him to make the team anyway.
  9. 8/15 practice tweets

    He might have gone for Kizer in the 2nd however.
  10. 8/15 practice tweets

    McCown will start the season and Hack will start the Jacksonville game and beyond. That's what I'm thinking.
  11. 8/15 practice tweets

    It means they aren't ready to make a decision, yet. They're gonna let it play out through camp then decide.
  12. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    I hope you're right.
  13. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    I know, I just worry about him getting hurt, he's one of the few dynamic play makers we have on offense besides Bilal.
  14. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    True, but that's with Decker, Marshall and Enunwa ahead of him. That's a lot of catches considering and I think he's looked really good on the plays he did make. There's no question he has talent, the thing I worry about is his slight build.
  15. Go back and watch the Pat's Jets playoff game, then we'll talk.