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  1. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    I agree with what you said, but he sounds eerily like Calvin Pryor and Dee Milner at the same time of their careers.
  2. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    Wouldn't it be cool if they beat the Pats though....
  3. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    I certainly hope so! Then I'll become Once Suffering Jets Fan
  4. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    What's the matter didn't mommy show you enough love?
  5. Haven't we learned our lesson on what happens when you draft athletic linebackers from OSU?
  6. Totally different skill set between the two.
  7. Hacken-buried?

    He'll be coming back for training camp next year, if he performs like he did this past year, that's his likely career path.
  8. And without the party issues? Manziel was a 1st rounder, for a 7th I'd take a flier on McSorely.
  9. I wouldn't mind McSorely out of PSU either. Dude's a gamer and will probably last till the 7th.
  10. Hacken-buried?

    It didn't look like Goff belonged either last year, or Eli, or lots of others. The Jets are trying to put together some of the other pieces and doing it with a serviceable QB in McCown and see what Petty has when we're eliminated, and Hackenberg in camp next year, but I fully expect them to bring in a vet and additional competition.
  11. Hacken-buried?

    Even if we draft Darnold that doesn't mean he'll start right away, he'll have to earn it. I expect we'll have 4 QBs in camp next year. Hack, Petty, a Vet and a Draft Pick. Either Petty, or Hackenberg will be dropped. If we pick up Cousins same scenario.
  12. This Will Create A Long Thread

    Forget Darnold, he can't even beat Washington State. One year wonder.
  13. You forgot the OL who block for the RBs and the QB, they've held their own against some tough DLs and LBs, not to mention at the same time dealing with injuries. I was wondering why the Jets didn't shore up the OL (except for Beacham) while signing Winders and Ijalana to contracts. Part of me wants to believe that they like what they have on the OL.
  14. Lawrence Thomas Officially Makes Switch to Fullback

    I agree, but just a few weeks ago they cut Thomas, so this was not part of some grand design. So the question is are they more lucky than good?
  15. Lawrence Thomas Officially Makes Switch to Fullback

    They're letting the team mature around the vets and working them in slowly, that's not pointless.