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    The hiring of Bill Parcells. After a 1-15 mess, it brought instant legitimacy and instant credibility to the franchise.
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    Ex, had them at Shea but gave up in NJ
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    Their moving to Giants Stadium, AJ Duhe game. 1998 AFCC Game. 2009-10 when we had zero chance to win the AFCCG; Cleveland Mark Gastineau penalty idiot.
    THE *****ng Marino Spike.
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    I was 7

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  1. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    Why would anyone want to watch that spooge anyway?
  2. Marshall injured his pu**y LOL
  3. Release everyone Call it a season Lets go get an effing snack Thank you. Goodbye. LOL Rex is pretty cool on MNF BTW
  4. I could not agree more, these SOJFS who refuse to criticize anything this flailing organization does is laughable. Their drafting has been pathetic. Their FA signings have not worked at all. I am not even convinced that Williams is really that great. I admit he does stand out amongst the sh*t that we have on this team granted, but Vince Wilfork he is not. Darren Lee, Jordan Jenkins, Burress, Peake, these are JAGS nothing more. Drafting 2 safeties this past season with good speed offensive players and QB's still available was just plain dumb. And who is to say that if or when we go 0-16, the QB of the future will come out of school? With our luck D'Arnold and Rosen will both go back for their Senior years and we are totally screwed. I just do not like the direction we are going at all. It reminds me of a ghost ship that just sails and sails and never gets to a destination. PS The Eclipse today was cool as hell.
  5. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I heard Bowltite asked TB if he could borrow Fitz to play Saturday but they told him no, he was in charge of the pre game BBQ Who cares who plays at this point? My only hope is whoever does play does not get killed, decapitated, or maimed behind that joke they call an OL.
  6. You ARE "Joshing" I hope
  7. D Our OL sucks Our WR suck Our RBs are nonexistent He had no chance, but he should have recognized the DE having no one blocking him. Just glad he still had his limbs all together
  8. Sorry out of towners for subjecting you to that borscht sour cream and ketchup mess last night...
  9. You guys think Watson, Brady, Rodgers, Marino, Montana or any QB would survive behind that OL that we watched last night?
  10. Caption this photo.

    Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello....
  11. Game Observations (DET)

    That slop last night was the same thing we have seen going on 3 years now. Terrible offensive play selection featuring zero offensive imagination, never putting guys in the right positions to succeed, disgustingly hideously piss poor OL play allowing a rookie QB to get absolutely pulverized on his first drop back (like he did at PSU for 3 years), hideous execution, no fire whatsoever, piss poor tackling by Calvin Pryor, oh sorry I mean Jamal the superstar #6 can't miss franchise pick Adams. Last week was a mirage as far as the attitude and fire is concerned, my mistake, I overreacted to that performance. I thought perhaps maybe the team would make an effort this season to compete, last night that was obviously not the case. Sorry, but hit any QB like Hack got hit on his first drop back last night and you would be fortunate that the guy even gets up in once piece. I don't care who the QB is, no blocking equals no production, period. Hit Brady or Rodgers like Hack got hit and see how much production you would get from him IF he is able to get up and walk. The running game is a total joke. What, the old man returning is going to make the running game better? L O L. Dropped passes on O and dropped int's on D continue. Where was the Defensive speed we saw against TN? If memory serves we had a grand total of 0 sacks last night? Too many penalties again is nothing new when you get manhandled as we had a nice KR negated by penalty as well. ST's reverted to last years form allowing a few nice punt returns. Oh and can someone please tell our great new disciplinarian savior of an OC that it is ok to throw on first down please? His play calling has been Hackett'esque so far in 2 (albeit) PS games. Dull, boring, unimaginative, totally predictable and completely unproductive so far. If you expect a rookie, or mostly any QB to be able to extend drives having to convert 3rd and 10+ time after time, you are asking way too much. But in all fairness, whichever QB was back there last night would have gotten decapitated on first, second or third down anyway so it really does not matter. Our OL is a joke, maybe the worst we have seen in decades. If their sub par amateurish play continues, most RS games will be over in the first quarter because we are basically done the minute we fall behind by more than a FG. Oh, did our WR's or TE's catch one ball last night? ASJ had one bad drop, I remember that. Leggett caught one in the second half in mega garbage time. Overall we can see where this is going. I was hoping that these young players would rise up and compete making this season watchable at least. That was not the case last night, from what I saw, nobody on the team competed. With the best team in the history of the NFL (according to the NY media) coming up and all of the BS surrounding the players that defected, we will see what kind of heart and desire we have on this roster. I am no longer expecting anything after last night, as I saw the same old $hit from a Bowles (not)-coached team.
  12. This came from the Lions facebook page in case anyone needs it... Here’s how you can tune into #NYJvsDET → http://bit.ly/2vO9QfJ
  13. No injuries, Hack solid. If we get a lead not sitting on it and playing scared. D Turnover? More QB pressures and a few sacks. Better punting. MUCH better punting.
  14. Well tell your coach not to call run after run into the middle for losses on first and some second downs and to stretch the field once in a while. The QB runs the play that is called.