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  1. Darelle Revis, and to a much lesser extent, Antonio Cromartie, made that defense what it was
  2. Trading for Tim Tebow should be on this list
  3. Lol. These draftniks and their binkies are laughable. Watch more NFL football and stop watching rewinds of combines from years' past.
  4. Carr was a no-brainer for us, or for any other team that needed a QB. Teams were leery of him simply because his brother was a bust. Derek had/has a huge arm paired with a quick release. The quick release is what's so important these days, with defenders being as fast and athletic as ever. We ****ed up not taking him. Not drafting him because we had Geno f'ing Smith is what hurts more than anything, though I am getting numb these days.
  5. Maccagnan's train wreck off-season continues...
  6. Looks like Darron Lee's no longer the smallest guy on the team
  7. Nice to see but the team has already given up on him. There's virtually zero talent around him, even if he were to start.
  8. Disagree. But going with your theory, shouldn't have Maccagnan realized what you're saying and not attempted this charade of trying to trade him?
  9. Straw that broke the camel's back, for me. Hate changing regimes so frequently but Maccagnan must be fired.
  10. I'll get Sunday Ticket and watch every play of every game but not going to any games this year, just not worth it
  11. His only job this year is to help develop the young players, particularly on defense. Adams, Mayes, Burris, etc.
  12. Awesome game. Eric Smith drilled Boldin and broke his jaw that game
  13. I've never done it. This might be my first year
  14. He wants us to believe that we are a better team without Decker? Come on
  15. Co-sign, just had this same thought when I saw Decker was released