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  1. Our safeties are looking good out there today.
  2. He's a sh*tbag. And his number 1 fan is about as good at evaluating QB's as Glennon is at football. Two years of telling us how much potential Mike Glennon and Geno Smith have. Ouch.
  3. A Late Entry into the Tank Bowl

    Chicago is a legit contender. For 1st overall pick. Glennon is atrocious.
  4. 14 point dogs sunday

    I'm scratching my head over some of these posts. Bowles isn't the reason why we're 14 point underdogs. We're 14 point underdogs because Maccagnan assembled this dogsh*t roster.
  5. Not sure I get criticism about how Bowles uses Lee. Where exactly is the ideal position on defense for this guy to play?
  6. Oakland (-14)

    I just wish that Idzik and Rex were here to experience this ass pounding from Carr. I will never forgive those mother ****ers for letting him go right past us. Unconscionable and unforgivable.
  7. Rex Ryan just made me throw up a little

    No surprise that he was wearing his ring. From when he was the defensive line coach
  8. Thanks for this thread. It was nice to see Burris and Shell have solid games.
  9. Not a good sign for Darron Lee

    Horrible player. Any undrafted linebacker could do what Lee "does". One of these years, we will hopefully have a GM that uses our prime picks on offensive players. This rebuild doesn't begin until we start assembling talent for the offensive line and skill positions.
  10. Adams played 75 snaps but only 19 at safety.

    Adams had a solid game. There are surely more important things to be upset about than this.
  11. I'm disappointed though I shouldn't be
  12. Demario Davis has looked pretty active out there today
  13. I'm so sick of this team already. Why cant we at least start Petty so we have something to be slightly excited about?