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  1. Do it. I want it. ban me.
  2. Third idiot. And he's a moderator.
  3. So all of you wanted macc to settle for a deal when he could have gotten more? Bullsh*t
  4. I'm not settling for that. I want more. I want equal value. Period.
  5. Bullsh*t, I'm not settling. i want equal value
  6. You are an idiot. Pure and simple an idiot. If it took the Chiefs that much to only move up to the Bills to 10, how much would they have to pay to move up to 6? Chiefs wouldn't have wanted to pay that much.
  7. That's why nobody was trading with us. Look at the prices
  8. Show me where to block you. I've had enough
  9. Every expert I have seen on Twitter has said this is a steal. So who do I trust, those guys who get paid? Or you schmucks. And Ban me if you want
  10. Look around you. That's why they are the worst. Because they don't think logically.
  11. When we get a package like the Bears gave we will
  12. HE'S THE SECOND BEST PLAYER IN THE DRAFT YOU MORON. How the hell can you hate this?
  13. This fanbase deserves it quite frankly