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  1. @JackCurryYES And you were there telling me that Severino was going to have a good start

  2. @JackCurryYES Yankee fans are panicking. Please talk them off the ledge

  3. @01Starblazer @DennisUltima JUst announced Dodgers aer moving him back a day

  4. I know for a certainty that Maccagnan is a better drafter than Idzik. That gives us a better chance.
  5. Why would you want to be Anakin? Unless you;re into Natalie Portman
  6. Popularity does not equal hero worship. We hate Tom Brady, yet I think all of us would want to be in his place
  7. Well the mandate to me is for the moment, what did the experts think of the draft. And most gave it a positive grade. Now, experts can be wrong, but at the moment, that's all the info we have.
  8. At least in the sense of being open and fair, man. And to be honest, a few (not all) of your critiques come off as nitpicks. While they might be valid, it feels like you're nitpicking
  9. Listen, if you fell like you're getting cheated at prices by the owner. DON'T ******* GO.
  10. TBH, I don't give a **** about prices. I never go to games, I don't know why people go to games at all at those prices. That's just Caveat Emptor
  11. See Sperm will always hate Maccagnan period. Despite facts going against him. A good honest thinker will weight both sides of the issue. Sperm only focuses on the negative. I look at both. Sperm will not concede his solid drafts, given the number of players on his drafts still here and productive compared to Idzik's. I will. I will concede that I have not been a fan of some of Macc's moves as well And I will also say this concerning Sperm's opening statement about mandates. If there is only rotten fruit in the market, and you go into the market with a lot of money, then you are guaranteed to buy rotten fruit
  12. I am a Maccagnan supporter as you know. I went on record of saying that he needed to nail this draft or his job was in danger. And it looks like (right now) that he did indeed nail this draft. You are going to have people who just hate MAccagnan whatever he does. Sperm, dBatesman etc. They just dont like him at all
  13. A completely young roster. A potentially high draft pick.
  14. Now that is a more sensible suggestion. If you want to keep Maccagnan as a head scout. That might be plausible