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  1. @buzzerblog https://t.co/9AcN0auhdE

  2. I find it funny that people are complaining that HAckenberg didnt throw a TD pass when Watson didn't throw one either. He ran in for one but not throw HE was fine. IT was conservative but he wasnt hitting those last year
  3. Confessions of a ADD Mind: God Save the Queen https://t.co/5Bg5AGGYbr

  4. YOu call that a bad note. When it was teh center's fault
  5. Hmm though TENN should have gone for it there
  6. Tried to be aggressive there but the sack killed it
  7. The YPA isnt good but he wasnt completing those passes last year
  8. Solid half for the Jets. Both QBs performed well. Defense was very good
  9. HAve to be fair. That should have been a delay of game
  10. Special Teams looks much better