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  1. Forest lamp is listed as guard/center, I'd take him as a center or cam Robinson. Those are my top 2. Cook could be an option as well as kamara. I'd love Godwin in the 3rd. Although I want my qb in 2018 having Kizer on the board would make me think. The big names seem to mostly be on defense but I'd really like an offensive prospect. Would consider kevin king or tyus bowser.
  2. I'll tell you in 2020.
  3. I can't actually answer that question but it's probably a shorter timeframe than a top 10 safety or tight end. They're all non premium positions that are questionable picks in the top 10 so it would almost be better if the jets won a few more games to fall in a good range for pass rushers or offensive tackles.
  4. Fournette is my #2 player in the draft so if we get him at 6 I'll be thrilled.
  5. I do agree with that although I think Solomon Thomas is a legit option after his combine tests. It looks like he's athletic enough to be a stand up outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.
  6. Ok at least this is a conversation point. Yes a tight end can be an important position. But it's not a premium position like quarterback, left tackle, cornerback or pass rusher. There are many teams that get by with a solid tight end that's not a superstar. Picking one in the top 10 of the draft is practically a luxury pick that a team would make if they only had a piece or 2 left before trying to win a Super Bowl and then they wouldn't be picking in the top 10. That's why you dont often see them drafted this high. Everyone likes to imagine all of these players as the next hall of fame caliber or pro bowl type players but what if they're just average to above average? Would you rather have a 50 catch and 4 td tight end with the 6th pick in the draft or would you rather have the next 8 to 10 sack outside linebacker that plays solid run defense and can impact the game as a pass rusher but doesn't necessarily get the superstar 14 to 16 sacks. The production you could end up getting from the outside linebacker is just more valuable when you consider the difference between a bad tight end and a good one might be about 15 catches maybe 2 touchdowns.
  7. I know many people are dialed in on selecting the best player at a position of need for the jets at 6 and that is normally a good strategy. The thing is, with the best positions available likely to be tight end, safety and running back it looks like that strategy that normally works during any other year should maybe be scrapped. But at least if they are planning on taking a non premium position it should be the best player available at that non premium position. To me Leonard fournette is probably the 2nd best player in the whole draft behind miles Garrett and it he's there I'd select him over oj Howard, Malik hooker and jamaal Adams without question. He is the best non premium position player I this draft. I also am at a point where if a trade down is not possible I might think it's smart to reach at a player from a premium position over taking positions usually drafted in the later rounds. I know that's a controversial opinion and people will probably think I'm crazy or stupid but I wouldn't be upset if they selected a pass rushing linebacker 5 spots too early over going with a safety or tight end.
  8. You're certainly entitled to your own opinion. If you've taken time to watch some film i can respect that. What i see with what i've watched of Trubiski is the ability to sidestep in the pocket to avoid the rush while keeping his eyes down the field. That part of his game looks natural to me and after seeing QBs' on the Jets for so long that hold on to the ball, take sacks and fumble because they had no idea the rusher was coming, pocket awareness is a refreshing skill to watch and something all great QBs have.
  9. I tend to look at things like this. If each player we could pick turns out to be solid but unspectacular at 6 which position would effect our team the best? A solid tight end, a solid safety, a solid running back, a solid wide reciever, QB or so on. we all like to imagine that these guys are going to be the next franchise or pro bowl players but it's more likely that they'll be good to possibly real good. In my opinion a solid wide receiver is worth much more than a solid tight end. An outside linebacker or corner is most likely worth more than a decent safety. The positional value is messed up in this draft because safeties, and tight ends shouldn't be going in the top 10 of the draft.
  10. Mahomes and Hackenberg are similar. Big time arms with miserable mechanics. The difference between the 2 is that Hackenberg succeeded a year in a pro style offense which could translate on the NFL level. Mahomes only succeeded in an air raid system which has never seen a successful NFL QB come out of that system. Mahomes somehow has good accuracy despite his putrid mechanics but he doesn't play from the pocket traditionally and is a QB that makes plays when everything breaks down. Personally I like Hackenbergs chances better. I strongly dislike mahomes as a prospect and I think drafting him would basically be Christian hackenberg part 2 (an iffy project.) Taking a guy that's extremely flawed, raw and needs a few years on the bench just isn't the right way to go here, we already have 2 guys like that currently on the roster. There are 2 guys in the draft that have far less flaws in their game and if they draft a QB I truly hope they go with Watson or trubiski
  11. F not before the 4th round. I know he will go higher than the 4th but I wouldn't take him before that.
  12. I understand that their are many more qbs drafted into the NFL that fail vs ones who succeed. With Hackenberg many people expected him to fail before we even drafted him at all. The problem is that people expect the scenario that they play over and over in their head to be the outcome that happens in reality. That's just not always the case at all. if he can activate muscle memory and just develop his mechanics in way that becomes 2nd nature than we could really have something here. the guy has so many characteristics that are very hard to find in terms of intelligence, size, strength and the love of the game that causes him to work hard every day. The fact that he has mechanical issues with something that he has done for so many years is surprising and I hope it can be corrected. I have hope. Because if he does succeed he has the potential to be the best we've had since Namath.
  13. I see people talking about "tanking" and how the team would never do it but that's not how this works. The Jets have dismantled this team in a way that they could lose many games because of the talent pool. This is the only way to tank in football. A loss of talent. It could actually happen and this could be our shot at the #1 pick because of legitimate personnel decisions not because the coach, GM or owner tells the team not to play hard. It's true that no team will ever go down that road of telling the players to lose. With that said i think we have a legitimate shot to be the worst team in football this year and i'm gonna roll the dice and say no QB in 2016 unless he's from the mid rounds. take the best non QB and take a shot at Darnold or Rosen in 2018. The worst thing about the Jets and the draft is that they've never had the #1 pick when a great QB was coming out. This could be it. If they did pick a QB which is a realistic possibility (but not what i want to happen) then between everyone in this years crop i would want Watson and would accept it if they took Trubiski. I'd be less than enthusiastic with Kizer and a bit mad if we took Mahomes before the 4th round.
  14. Still waiting for the fake "Texans contact the Jets about Hackenberg" article to pop up just because it seems like it could be true. Seems like some bs Mehta would make up.
  15. I heard a while back that the Jets really like Ryan Anderson. They should also be considering Reuben Foster at 6.