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  1. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Heard a scout on a Jets podcast this week that suggested keeping an eye on Mississippi states QB Nick Fitzgerald as a possible top of he 2nd round pick if we don't get one of the top guys.
  2. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    The only thing I disagree with on there is that McCown looks like the best QB. They all kind of look equal but can you really call a QB the best one when he's throwing the most interceptions in 11 on 11 drills?
  3. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    I was there tonight and this is a pretty good assessment of what I saw as well. asj and Elijah McGuire really stood out. Loved Marcus Mayes interception and Hackenbergs touchdown to Legget. Concerned about the injuries. Offense didn't look good overall. There were stand out plays but no consistency on Offense. Liked the run D.
  4. p lynch

    I never did believe in lynch. Just didn't see it on film but I still hoped McCagnan drafted him just because I was afraid to pass on him and then see he was the guy after all. After we did pass on lynch I loved the Hackenberg pick. Don't get me wrong I knew all of the problems we would have to iron out with this guy and the difficulties that were ahead. I also knew that if he hit his potential his ceiling is higher than any QB I've ever seen the Jets draft. I hope it works out for us but Lynch wasn't exactly a slam dunk and on draft day I definitely saw scenarios where they might not take Lynch if he was available. It wasn't shocking.
  5. Time to have the Hackenberg discussion

    I'd be pretty surprised if I said something that offended anyone in my post, unless you're manish mehta.
  6. Many thought that if we drafted a QB early it would show how the Jets truly felt about Hackenberg. Here we are, the draft is over and the Jets not only didn't draft a QB early but they didn't take one at all. It's also notable that they had a shot at any QB they could have wanted in the draft except Trubiski. So does this mean anything at all or does it mean nothing? Are the bad stories we heard about Hackenberg media fabrications from reporters who knew the fans would just believe what they said? Either the Jets are on board for a plan that lands us a 2018 QB or they like what they have. What do you think?
  7. Maybe This is Why the Jets Suck

    This team is a few drafts away from really getting where we need to be. We might as well take the best players available and not try to push needs because no matter what direction we went in there was still always going to be holes. i do agree I wanted oline badly but were just gonna have to address it next year.
  8. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Almost all of the players people wanted before we traded back are still there. Looks like a lot of upset for nothing.
  9. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Damontae Kazee is still on the board.
  10. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    We may have lost about 6 games in the last 2 years due to poor special teams play. It may not be exciting but we have to fix it. Would love to see one of these picks turn into donell pumphrey.
  11. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    With all these trade backs I think the Jets are gonna try to build the special teams unit with low round picks.
  12. This Site...

    I just think it comes down to a lot of these players not being the draft darlings of kiper, mcshay, jeremiah, brooks or mayock. We all don't have time to do extensive research into hundreds of prospects so many rely on the names they hear from the guys who do have that time. This is especially true in rounds 4-7. Marcus maye and ardarius Stewart are great prospects but they weren't the talk of the town. Jake Butt is still on the board for the start of the 4th and if the jets picked him in the 2nd I bet people here would be singing mccagnans praises just because everyone knows who he is. In many cases there are 7th round guys or free agents that will go on to have hall of fame careers and 1st round picks who will bust. How often is the first player picked in the draft also the best player in that draft after 3 years? Almost never, we'll see what happens with these guys.
  13. There was buzz about how his team mate Keanu Neal ended up rising into the first round in last years draft but many thought maye was a better player. People were beginning to talk about him as a possible surprise 1st round pick. He was considered a borderline 1st/2nd round prospect just like Kevin king was. when we picked him it was good value.
  14. Jets trade last 3rd round pick

    That's a great link. I watched on espn and the video links for our picks are the NFL network videos. It's great to see it from another perspective. It's funny that when we picked Stewart the announcer on there loved it and said he thought that was the receiver the ravens should have picked instead of the one they got.