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  1. Does he read Jetnation?😉
  2. Thank you everyone, this was very helpful...
  3. I lost my Snacks away jersey when he left last season, then Mangold home and Revis away are gone for this year. Been a few years since I had to make a change. What do I do?
  4. And NOT the Irish!
  5. I got a rock...
  6. At least there's a chart now. Makes it clearer and seem more legitimate
  7. Just picked up a new bottle of single malt for the tailgate!
  8. If we had that line and that RB....
  9. I'm getting totally disgusted with this. It's clear to me sitting in the stadium. Things you don't see on TV. Pats players and coaches lobbying the refs all game. the Q catch in the end zone, for instance, the refs were confused, flag thrown after two pats players ran up to them. I think the only solution is for the owners to pay the money to hire full time refs. There is certainly human error but I think there are other influences that are going on. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=/amp/ftw.usatoday.com/2016/11/nfl-officiating-full-time-referees-mike-pereira-dean-blandino/amp&ved=0ahUKEwj1v_Dp1cvQAhXL3YMKHRARCrAQFggnMAE&usg=AFQjCNEALu2KNrrxNcfhg6ppm7hAdQA3Ww&sig2=o5ny-PNcaG1r7TE-3Jq_tg
  10. Did Bowles take over the Defense play calls in the second half? This was a big difference from half to half
  11. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet!
  12. Not at all sure how there is a QB controversy...we have our starter...our did I miss something