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    Dad of 5
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    FOOTBALL - JETS and Cornhuskers Playing Madden on PS4
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    Beating New England in the playoffs??? That's it??? Most of my memories unfortunately revolve around heart break starting with AJ Duhe.
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    Aj Duhe
    Blowing the lead at Denver Championship Game
    Losing to Indy and Pitt in the Championship Game
    Testeverde injury
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    all of them
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    born a few days after...DAM!

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  1. Jets Uniforms

    What i dislike is that there are a few different shades of green on the uni and helmet.
  2. Adams call vs. Gronk

    keep looping the slow-mo action at around the 37 seconds mark of video. He clearly had a good step to make a play on that ball if he didn't trip on Gronk's feet.
  3. I have two little girls who root for "Daddy's Jets" and I have contemplated taking them to a game just for the experience but honesly I'm not sure I will anytime soon. My fear of some altercation happening or some belligerent cursing fan or foe nearby just isn't worth it. Maybe one day I'll get a suite. A dollar and a dream.
  4. Jet fans in unity is probably more difficult to achieve than us winning the Super Bowl. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. It won't be until after the bye week if we struggle the next 4 games.
  6. I saw him clothesline an opponent today. That's progress, he'll be in there next week.
  7. Will Bowles finally bust out in the press conference or will he shrug it off as usual?
  8. All replies by the NFL begin with ..."The rules state......"
  9. Once he made the move slightly running back you knew it was going to be a bad play
  10. Wilkerson has forgotten how to tackle so he performed a wrestling maneuver