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  1. SHAME on Jet fans

    Rebuilding doesn't necessarily mean tanking. Yes they rid themselves of the overpriced vets and bad locker room people but do you think they wish that the team goes out and there to lose? If that were the case they never would have brought McCown in. They would have just let Petty behind the center or even better, Hack to loose games. They have some young players that they want to see get better and better. This involves making plays that can win games. I totally understand rooting for a top pick but rooting for them to lose? Sorry, that's not a true Jet fan in my opinion.
  2. SHAME on Jet fans

    1,000 percent agree. As much as I would love to have a top pick to grab one of those top QB's, I can never root for them to loose. This year, I expect them to loose a lot so I may not be as upset after a loss as I usually would (yes i know its just a game), but when they win it's thrilling and great feeling regardless of the the impact to the draft. I will worry about the draft when the time comes.
  3. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Loved the pick at #6 and loved the quote below.
  4. Let me add #33 into my cart. White or green? Hmmmm Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. He will never be considered elite but between his iron man streak, 2 rings and 2mvp's he will get in. As much as it is stat driven, voters will always remember those two super bowl wins especially in 07. He will always be thought of as the guy who beat Brady who many consider the GOAT. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. MNF Lions-Giants

    Why do the chains always seem to be on the opposite side of the field?
  7. MNF Lions-Giants

    Manning is one tough mofo
  8. MNF Lions-Giants

    Mac is a genius?
  9. MNF Lions-Giants

    Marshall drop = punt return td
  10. MNF Lions-Giants

    B Marsh at it again.
  11. MNF Lions-Giants

    Giants better off with that delay of game penalty assuming they convert the fg
  12. MNF Lions-Giants

    Mangold can't play for the Giants o line? SMH
  13. MNF Lions-Giants

    I was really hoping the Jets drafted Abdullah 2 years ago. Wish Williams and Wilk could collapse the pocket like Vernon and Pierre Paul
  14. MNF Lions-Giants

    Iron man streak plus two rings as an underdog team will get him eventually.
  15. MNF Lions-Giants

    And there he goes again
  16. MNF Lions-Giants

    They pretty much showed OBJ every chance they got during the pre game show.
  17. MNF Lions-Giants

    Was wondering why there was no thread then thought it was because of the Giants.
  18. he had to be thinking "WTF am i doing?"
  19. Was that Lynch's super bowl td dream?...Dam you Russell