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  1. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Won't watch more than 4 games this year. Bet on it.
  2. Jets Camp 8-4

  3. KRL Camp Notes (7/31/17)

    Thank you for these, best thing going.
  4. Jets just torpedoed the PSL resale market

    This franchise is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace.
  5. Remember when news like this would have sent us all in a frenzy? Not anymore. **** these types of guys. Not for the Jets. Those days are longgggggggg gone.
  6. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    Who cares.
  7. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    I hear you brother. It wasn't my call, ultimately, but I do not blame my father one bit for finally cutting bait (financially) with this franchise. It's going to happen.
  8. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    100% agree. I watched every single play for years and years and years...and now on Sundays, when it's 75 and sunny and the birds are chirping and I can literally do 10000 other things, I will still see every single play, I will just be quite busy right before and right after each game...and perhaps I'll miss a game or two, oh well.
  9. Parting Ways After 29 Years

  10. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    From your lips to God's ears. And when I do come back (if I ever return to the God forsaken land known as NY/NJ), the Jets will gladly take me back...because money talks.
  11. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    ; ) Enjoy your winters mate.
  12. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    That's horrible.
  13. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    But I will continue to heavily donate to our alma mater, don't worry Mr. Deuces! : )
  14. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    Would make me so ******* happy to see that. Will be watching that all happen from my couch here in LA and when they head on the road to the playoffs/Super Bowl, I will be there.