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  1. Who cares.
  2. I hear you brother. It wasn't my call, ultimately, but I do not blame my father one bit for finally cutting bait (financially) with this franchise. It's going to happen.
  3. 100% agree. I watched every single play for years and years and years...and now on Sundays, when it's 75 and sunny and the birds are chirping and I can literally do 10000 other things, I will still see every single play, I will just be quite busy right before and right after each game...and perhaps I'll miss a game or two, oh well.
  4. From your lips to God's ears. And when I do come back (if I ever return to the God forsaken land known as NY/NJ), the Jets will gladly take me back...because money talks.
  5. ; ) Enjoy your winters mate.
  6. That's horrible.
  7. But I will continue to heavily donate to our alma mater, don't worry Mr. Deuces! : )
  8. Would make me so ******* happy to see that. Will be watching that all happen from my couch here in LA and when they head on the road to the playoffs/Super Bowl, I will be there.
  9. Which part of NO ONE LIVES IN NY/NJ ANYMORE didn't you get? They could draft Luke Skywalker, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King and Donny T and I still wouldn't be getting my fat ass on a damn plane every week to fly back to NJ to see that sh*t. Sorry.
  10. THE JETS
  11. Absolutely man. I will always be a Jets fan and it's interesting how people who have never lived outside of NY/NJ seem to struggle with this overall concept. It feels weird not having the tickets anymore as this was part of my family's identity for close to 30 years. When my dad said he had had enough and no one stepped up to the plate, it was time to part ways. A good gauge of how bad things are was when my brother in law, die hard Jets fan, passed on the offer to take over the family tickets (no PSL cost, just the ticket cost each year) multiple times. It feels good to wash my hands (financially) of this disgusting, disgrace of a franchise. In terms of my emotional loyalty to the team, the Jets will always hold a special place in my heart like that girlfriend with a crack problem who can't seem to get clean...she keeps going back to crack...keeps relapsing...but you still love her. Cheers to freedom!
  12. You heard me correctly. My brother and I moved on to greener/sunnier pastures (Southern California) and my brother in law, lifelong Jets fan, has 0 interest in taking on the financial burden that is the season tickets of the New York Tanks. My father is approaching 70 and will be spending winters in Southern California and/or Florida. Good bye.
  13. We have had season tickets since 1988--went with my Dad, brother and Uncle all throughout the 90s (in my youth), enjoyed the "runs" of 1998 and the 2000s and my last great memory of the Jets was being at the AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh with my Dad in 2010...and we all know how that TRUE JETS FASHION... My brother moved to LA in 2006, I moved to LA in 2013 and my Dad held on for the past 4 years piecing it together...last season he could not GIVE THE TICKETS AWAY when he could not attend--no friends would join him FOR FREE because of the product on the field--and he was just taking a financial beating year in and year out on the tickets, the preseason games and with little to no success on the field to speak of, my Dad getting older (pushing 70), it was time for our family to move on...I have no regrets or reservations about the decision. My brother in law (sister married a Die Hard Jets fan in December) did not even want the tickets or show any interest in taking on the STH despite being an avid Jets fan and avid sports fanatic...that told us everything we needed to know about the value of these seats at this point in the game. This franchise will always be my #1 and have the top spot in my heart and mind when it comes to sports fanhood...with that being said, they make it so ******* hard to hang on year in and year out through all of the HORRIBLE, DESPICABLE, DISGUSTING seasons where the product on the field is absolutely putrid. As a result, my Dad will have to eat the $8,000.00 PSL fee he shelled out how ever many years ago...but it's best for him and us to cut bait now. Woody Johnson destroyed what little respectability this franchise had and there is no sign or harbinger of him parting ways with this organization any time soon. We are the Cleveland Browns--maybe one step above, but that's it. There comes a crossroad in everyone's life (especially when your next of kin live across the country) when a tough decision has to be made and this was the best decision for my family. We are not looking back or second guessing any part of's the right time to walk away from this franchise financially...we will not be walking away emotionally but, these sunny Southern CA Fall/Winter Sundays significantly decrease the emotional attachment as the days go on... Good riddance.