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  1. OK gentleman, It's official. Love Adams at 6 and knew Mahomes II would go high... He's gonna be a nightmare for the AFC in years to come. I'm still a JETS fan and believe better days ahead.. Lupz27, gonna be fun watching this play out! Appreciate your support.
  2. Sadly your mistaken! He will be gone tomorrow night which BTW is 1st round! Sorry!
  3. Texas Techs offense is extremely more complex and complicated than traditional "Air Raids" as some of you like to refer. Would love to see the Jets somehow end up with Mahomes II, possible but unlikely. He will not get out of the first round and is projected to Arizona at 13th if no trades happen, also unlikely. The Giants are very high on Mahomes II which would be a nightmare to anyone reading this post. Clearly the best QB current and future in this draft. Time will tell. Conversation though is over Thursday night, he will belong to someone by midnight! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. I know everything about him and no matter ho drafts him drafts a franchise QB. He's the best QB in the draft both on a cerebral level and physical level as it relates to football.
  5. "Patrick Mahomes II would have hired Jeremy Bates as his private QB coach this offseason - until the JETS hired him as QB coach. Mutual Respect" Tweet from Adam Schefter this AM -Stay tuned......
  6. Joke
  7. Regardless of where he is drafted you'll never NOT hear about him.. Say your blessings the Jets find a way!
  8. I don't disagree with your comments and I believe in the NFL he will calm down and trust his lineman. He did leave the pocket quick at times and that was due to heavy, heavy, pressure.. he anticipated it and maybe times he was a bit quick in making that decision. In his defense (no pun intended) he was running for his life, our OL was less than average. Where ever he ends up, keep your eye on him. He will entertain you no doubt! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. Richardson, my bad! And a second or third for a 1st round pick... Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. So here is the skinny on Mahomes v Petty. It's not even close actually. Let me first start by saying the "air raid" offenses are ALL different. I'm not going to bore you with the details however Petty NEVER had to identify coverage or identify a middle linebacker because of the system. 95% of the time Petty was looking for or going to 1 guy from snap! And this is why he's buried in the depth chart, likely will never get out. He can't identify defenses. It's cerebral! During Mahomes Soph-Jr seasons he called every play from the line of scrimmage and it was mandatory to be able to read and identify defenses/MLB. Techs OL sucked more than I care to admit which kept Mahomes on the run. a lot! Every QB entering the NFL is a project in some fashion, some more than others. He has work to do but rest assure wherever he ends up he will win and be a 15 year plus guy.. The scenario of trading Wilkerson for a first round pick has been tossed around w Mahomes name attached to it!
  11. 28 NFL Teams at Tech today for the Techs Pro Day. The ENTIRE New York Giants Executive Staff, Head coach, OC, QB Coach in attendance. Same for the 49ers and Cardinals. It's all scuttlebutt at this point however Houston Texas are very high on Mahomes with the 23rd pick (I believe) and from what they are hearing he will be gone already. Keep your eyes on Cleveland at #12 or the Cardinals at #13.
  12. FYI guys, the Saints, Chargers and Cardinals have all been in Lubbock over the last 2 weeks for personal workouts for Mahomes II...
  13. John Gruden on Mahomes II