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  1. Should have just taken Mahomes II at #6...
  2. Mahomes II x4 Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Problem 1A - Bowles, Problem 1B - Not drafting Mahomes II
  4. What if grandma had balls? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Should have drafted Mahomes II...
  6. Should have drafted Mahomes II and QB issue would be over for the next decade. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. He is an interesting kid. OP is correct with details. Has a motor like no other, special teams/deep snapper (has a laser for a snap), hybrid type guy. Seriously doesn't get tired or fatigued somehow, strong as an ox!
  8. God love JN however he has dementia! Jets need zero advice from a 73 year old has been who knows nothing about todays game.. It's far passed him!
  9. Jets would have won a Super Bowl in 5 years. Looks like it will be the Chiefs now. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. Jets need to draft Joe Mixon out of OU. Deal with the PR backlash but this guy is clearly the 2nd best RB in the draft behind McCaffery.
  11. OK gentleman, It's official. Love Adams at 6 and knew Mahomes II would go high... He's gonna be a nightmare for the AFC in years to come. I'm still a JETS fan and believe better days ahead.. Lupz27, gonna be fun watching this play out! Appreciate your support.
  12. Sadly your mistaken! He will be gone tomorrow night which BTW is 1st round! Sorry!
  13. Texas Techs offense is extremely more complex and complicated than traditional "Air Raids" as some of you like to refer. Would love to see the Jets somehow end up with Mahomes II, possible but unlikely. He will not get out of the first round and is projected to Arizona at 13th if no trades happen, also unlikely. The Giants are very high on Mahomes II which would be a nightmare to anyone reading this post. Clearly the best QB current and future in this draft. Time will tell. Conversation though is over Thursday night, he will belong to someone by midnight! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. I know everything about him and no matter ho drafts him drafts a franchise QB. He's the best QB in the draft both on a cerebral level and physical level as it relates to football.