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  1. Think about this for a moment . Over the last 2 years, y 1 team has been able to contain the Bama offense and the un-questioned of that defense is the kid the Jets just
  2. I absolutely hate picking this position in the 1st round . That said, the Jets had no choice . This kid was the best player available at a need position .
  3. What you mean is there's no big names that fans can get excited about . There's plenty of talent on the Jets roster, because if there wasn't, we could never have won as many games as we have over the last 2 years .
  4. Why does everyone keep repeating ? There's plenty of talent on the Jets roster .
  5. It gets like that when someone picks a player other than the player someone prefers . When I look at a player this high, I believe that the player must satisfy both the football and advertising part of the football team. There are 2 players who have clean grades as football players in this draft . The TE from Bama has the highest grade and right behind him is mcCaffrey . Of those 2 players, who would you say have the potential to sell the most merchandise if they become the player many believe them to be ?
  6. Mike Williams can't run and while I like Davis, it takes college receivers their 1st year to fully understand the pro game . Who in this draft can compete with Odell for superstar status in this town and not be a QB . The Jets need a star, and this kid is clean, well spoken, comes from a nice family and is a supremely talented football player . He can set this town on it's ear on special team and catching passes out of the backfield . There's one other thing that's important that some will not touch. He's a white kid playing a position that not many white kids play in the NFL today and he plays the position well . That kid would be a marketing gold mine for the Jets . If possible, my 1st 2 picks in this draft barring a QB would be McCaffrey and Evan Engram . I really want Trubisky thou .
  7. He's not going to be a running back on this team in 2017 . The Jets are stuck with Powell and Forte' in 2017, so McCaffrey will primary be a returner and slot receiver. There's no Brandon Marshall this year, so like it or not, Eric Decker is the lead receiver . His days in the slot are done and after this year, probably so will he . .
  8. All last year he was all in on Watson. I wonder what happen .
  9. If this team is not going to draft a QB, they should give the QBs on the roster the best possible chance to succeed . Draft McCaffrey let him be the 3rd down slot receiver and special teams ace this year before taking over at RB next year full time . Then I would draft Conley in the 2nd and a safety and TE in the 3rd .
  10. With the draft hours away, I have narrowed my wish list down . I really want to draft Trubisky but I don't think that will happen . That said, I have narrowed my pick down to McCaffery or Deshaun Watson with the 6th pick. If the Jets should trade down, then I am focus on Harris, Willis or Lamp .
  11. Not at pick 6, but what about later in the draft .
  12. @paradis, do you think it would be a waste of time to have Forrest lamp play the center position ?
  13. I'm willing to bet that this experience was going to be the greatest night in the life of this kid and now it's ruined . I wonder just how old was this accuser since that article states that the sex crime and child abuse units are involved .
  14. The title of this thread makes the assumption that Pryor had a future with the Jets . A safety that can't cover and who's best attribute is probably an unnecessary roughness penalty has a limited future in the NFL at that position . I feel bad for the kid, but I hope he saved his money and invested it wisely .
  15. My ideal Jet draft includes drafting either Trubisky or Adams at pick 6 . That said, I now believe the Jets will trade down from 6 and I would love to end up just ahead of the Dolphins, because I think the best pick for the Jets is Forrest Lamp starting at Center . I would love to trade down with the Browns and acquire pick 12 , their 2nd and 4th rounder, then trade the 12th pick to the Titans who could have their choice of WR at pick 12 and pick up the 18 pick, their 3rd and a 2018 1st rounder . The Jets would end up with : Pick 18 Pick 39 Pick 52 Pick 70 Pick 83 Pick 107 Then on Day 3, the Jets would have the 1st pick of the day .