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  1. KRL is the best thing going once camp stars with his reports . I didn't mean to disparage KRL, just the constant cut and paste post that exist in every single thread by some just for their amusement .
  2. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I was going to post that but thought why.
  3. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    The rotation for the Giants game should be McCown, Petty and Hack if the game allows . The rotation for the Eagles game should be Hack and then Petty with Mccown sitting the game out . At least that's how I would do it if I had anything to do with it . Also, based on how this offensive line has performed, everyone who's scheduled to start plays the whole game against the Giants and the Eagles . We have no more time for platooning .
  4. Game Observations (DET)

    I never said anyone was sold on Hack . I wanted to draft Hack and I wasn't /isn't sold on him . I wanted to sped our 1st round pick on Trubisky who I thought was the only QB worth spending a 1st round pick on . I also wanted to sign McCown above any other old Vet because of what I thought he would bring to the roster . I'm not sold on any QB yet in the 2018 draft . They're some I don't want or trust, but that's just me . I like Hack's tools and want him to succeed , but realize he can still fail. That's why I wanted Trubisky and why i'm still looking out for a QB .
  5. I knew the Jets weren't going to draft Dalvin Cook with all his off the field baggage .
  6. The only QB I wanted at pick 6 was taken with the 2nd overall pick . After that, the Jets took the best player that was available who also happened to fill a position of need on the roster . The 2nd round pick took me by surprise, but it looks like the Jets may have a solid player on their hands from a round that has yielded nothing but issues in past years . Rebuilding the receiving core seems like a smart move particularly if you knew you were going to be parting ways with Decker .
  7. Game Observations (DET)

    This hypothesis would be more acceptable if certain facts were unknown or not true . The Jets wanted to retain Brandon Marshall but he asked to be released according to him .Eric Decker was released once he was cleared medically to return to full practice . Not a single OLman who was released or cut participated much to the team last year on the field . Mangold was placed on injured reserved ending his season following the prior season where he missed games due to injuries . It was quite clear to anyone who cared that his playing days were coming to an end . Giacomini spent the vast majority of the year recovering from a bad back and when he did return, he was worthless . Clady was playing through injuries until he was forced onto injured reserve and eventually retired . This narrative that the Jets had better options for the receiver and offensive line positions sounds great , but all it does is support what ever belief someone wishes to accept . The truth is much less sensational, but factual . What this team did needed to be done and building it back up wasn't going to happen over night . The Jets may not have Dax Prescott, but neither does he have to play QB behind an OL in transition.
  8. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    So according to you, the people who coach the Jets are not apart of the NFL . We have nothing further to discuss .
  9. Game Observations (DET)

    I think i'm going to enjoy the ebb and flow of the 2017 season as it unfolds instead of coming to a conclusion before the preseason is even over . Last night showed Jet fans why josh McCown was brought here and why he gets 1st team reps over our 2 kids . There should be no further talk about starting anyone over McCown for the immediate future .
  10. Game Observations (DET)

    So the 1st time this kid is healthy and gets to show his talent, he actually looks like he's worth the slot he was picked ? It'd a darn shame GMs can't for see payers getting injured instead of just picking them based on their potential talent .
  11. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate that you think i'm as competent as an NFL coach .
  12. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    He had no fault because he played his assignment on the play . He had outside containment and he kept the RB inside while disengaging from the blocker . IMO, and it's my opinion, Adams did enough to even get an arm in on the RB .
  13. Rough night for Jamal Adams

    From that video, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the play of J Adams . He had outside containment and he set the edge perfectly . The problem was the guy who made the tackle didn't fill his gap the way he was supposed to allowing the RB a hole to the inside . Adams then had to jump back inside to try and make the tackle . The guy who eventually made the tackle was the person at fault, because he didn't fill his gap .
  14. Jets practice 08/17

    He's one of Mac's draft picks, with 2 yrs left on his rookie contract after this season . With his off the field garbage and this mystery injury, the Jets might be stashing him on IR designated to return for the 1st half of the year .
  15. Jets practice 08/17

    Daniel Williams is the only WR with the last name Williams on the roster