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  1. Only a Jet fan would find fault with their team trying to implement ways to utilize all the possible offensive positions that could be used as a weapon . A TE who can block and catch passes is an additional weapon when taken advantage of and so is a FB who can do the same .
  2. You know it's a sad thing, but during these dog days, unless C Mart or Kelly are posting articles or someone is posting tweets from camp, these boards for the most part are a waste of time . A bunch of trolls trying to antagonize each other because they don't have anything better to do or anything good worth saying about a team they supposedly can't live with or live without .
  3. As do I, and yes, he was a stand up guy . It was also time for us to part ways and to be honest, it was maybe 1 year to late . They're players on the Roster that I favor, like any other fan, but make no mistake, I root for the name on the front of the uniform, not the name on the back of it .
  4. Why, because the prospects are unknown to the NFL . On that list is speed, toughness, guile and size . All those qualities can be found in groups of that list . Before Wayne Chrebet became a house whole name he was on a list like this . Last year many around here called Robbie Anderson camp fodder . Come opening day, players from that list will comprise the Jets receiving core and will become favorites of many a fan.
  5. No he didn't and hopefully when we meet the Patriots this year, one of our youngsters will show our fan base why it was necessary to part ways with this player . I wish nothing but the best for David Harris, as a person, but on the football field, he's the opposition and subject to treatment deserving of such . When you're in command, you command, and sometimes decisions are made that need to be made even if not always comfortable .
  6. Bilal Powell's career reminds me of the career of Adrian Murrell . Just when he showed something, it might all be over because he's in the last year of a 2 year contract .
  7. My question is or would be how is it possible for a kid everyone thinks is a bust to drag a corpse of a roster to 5 wins and not prove anything to anyone ? Either the roster is not corpse like or a dead man somehow managed to infused a bunch of dead men to the point where they appear to be alive .
  8. 24 yrs old with 4 years experience . Kid might be just beginning to understand what it takes to play in this league . Nice size .
  9. Maybe you should try concentrating on what's factual and not on things that don't exist or you have no control over . Case in point, the Jets had a strong Defensive line and the BPA was a Defensive lineman who the Jets took . This past draft, the Jets chose a safety who was considered by the masses as the BPA and followed that up by taking another safety because they had him as the highest rated player available on their board . Considering QB is the most important position on a football team, I would say that if the Jets are in position to draft a top QB this coming April and that person is rated BPA on their board, that player will either be a Jets or will be used to acquire multiple present and future draft assets .
  10. If one chose to look at this without a close mind, one could possibly see how it might be better for a young QB to develop his field awareness by having to scan the entire field for the open receiver instead of mostly looking toward a veteran receiver because he's a safety blanket . How would the team develop with it's QB getting to learn the moves of a completely young set of receivers and those receivers getting to learn about their QB ? Is it more important to develop chemistry with Decker or with 5 receivers learning from their mistakes ?
  11. All is quite possible, but being a fan of the Jets and Hackenberg being a Jet, I prefer to hope for the best and deal with what transpires when it comes to fruition . But that's just silly me .
  12. I wanted the jets to draft Hackenberg even if it meant using a late 1st to acquire him via a trade up scenario . I wanted the Jets to sign Josh McCown as his mentor this off season and they did . Not only am I on the bus, but I'm one of the relay drivers, one of the ticket collectors, the baggage handler and the janitors . Come next draft, if the Jets are in position to draft the top QB available, I won't even hesitate to take him . It's been forever since the Jets were stable at this position and having 2 or 3 young guys who has potential to be starters wouldn't bother me one bit .
  13. Mclendon is not a true NT and he's 31 carrying a big contract .
  14. Rest assured, If Hack urns the corner and the Jets are still in position to take 1 of these QBs folks are all hyped about, the team will take the QB unless a deal can be worked out that would favor the team for years to come . This GM always take who he believes is the BPA period .