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  1. Trends To Watch

    One's not ready and the other one can't stay healthy . 2 years ago, Geno Smith was the projected starting QB of the jets until IK broke his jaw and Fitz became the starter . Fitz went on to lead the Jets to a 10 win season before falling flat on his face the following season while surrounded by a veteran over the hill over paid bunch of self entitle players . This season, an injury may have taken the starting job from Bryce Petty who was having a solid preseason and given it to Josh McCown who is doing exactly what he was signed to do . The key to the future of this franchise will be the ability to bench a QB who's playing well so you can gauge what Petty will be going forward .
  2. I agree . Andrew Luck appears to have developed a case of short career syndrome cause by the lack of an offensive line .
  3. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Who, Bowles and Rodgers ? You must be joking .
  4. There's a HUGE difference...

    Interesting for this site .
  5. There's a HUGE difference...

    Jets are going to have an interesting problem to solve when Brian Winters is ready to return with the way Dozier played this game . Furthermore, I think with Winters signed long term and Dozier looking decent, Carp might find himself expendable
  6. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    If this kid measures 6 feet or more I think he would be my #2 QB behind Josh Rosen .
  7. Patriots are not our rivals the way the Fish is. At one point I would have gladly exiled Don Shula and his entire family to Fidelville across the water .
  8. Remember this, Mark Sanchez was the QB of a Jet team that beat the Patriots and the Colts on the way to the AFC Championship game . Truth be told, the way the college season is playing out, the QB I would add to this team with the swagger it's developing is the kid from Oklahoma . He on offense with Adams on defense would be some swag the Jets have never had since some fellow who made a guarantee .
  9. I can't for the life of me understand why a Jet fan would have a problem with a Jet team beating the dolphins . If we win 2 games all season, I would be a happy New York Jet fan if both wins were against the fish . Have you people forgotten who our most hated rival is ?
  10. anyone still wondering why Josh McCown was signed ?
  11. These guys seriously look like the worst team in the league
  12. Oh, That's simple, his name is not Todd Bowles or Herman Edwards and he doesn't look like either one of them .
  13. Maybe they gave him an injury settlement, but yes, you are not allowed to wave an injured player .
  14. Bishop has a high ankle sprain and will likely be out 4-5 weeks .
  15. If he does, i'll take a 1 year sabbatical from this place, but if he doesn't, you do and take that sidekick of yours with you .
  16. Oh, he can be cut . I just don't think he will be before the end of his 3rd year .
  17. He's got tiny calves and peg legs, but he's fun to watch . If I were him, I would stay in school unless I was guaranteed a top 5 selection .
  18. Spin it how ever you wish, but the point is, the Jets used their 1st round pick on the BPA and in all cases, the highest ranked player available . In 2 f those cases it was at a position of need . Since we're projecting based on history, it would be safe to say that if the Jets ended up with either the 1st or 2nd pick, the chances of them taking the highest rated player at a position of need is a certainty. Furthermore, since the highest position of need is QB and the top 2 highest players are QBs, the chances are the Jets will end up with one of the 2 .
  19. Question, what history . In 2015, the Jets drafted the BPA on just abut every draft board with their 1st round pick . In 2016, the Jets drafted a highly ranked player at a position of need with their 1st round pick In 2017, the Jets drafted a player some draft experts considered the top talent in the draft with their 1st round pick . Exactly what history does this regime has that says they will screw up their 1st round pick ?
  20. That's possible, but probably won't happen
  21. If petty looks good, then the Jets 3 QBs won't include Josh McCown next season. Hack's 22 and has 2 more years left on his rookie contract . This is all predicated on Todd Bowles and Mac being the HC and GM by the way .
  22. Jets are going to have 3 QBs on the roster next season and 1 is probably going to be Hackenberg . Another will be the Draft pick and the other will be decided during this season .