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  1. He may also have a weakness in run support since he is undersized. He has a similar build to robbie Anderson.
  2. Sherman was a 4.5 guy. His draft profile is pretty much the same as Clark. 6th round guy so if he ever becomes a starter that's a steal.
  3. Serious. Last year was bad but don't think you can put that all on him. I was a huge fan when they hired him because if his qualities and experience. He still has that and heading into year 3 I expect him to do a great job especially with this young team. For all the love Rex gets, I assume he ran a very loose ship. Takes time to change that culture.
  4. Bowles is a good coach. He will prove it this season
  5. are fans sleeping on this pick? Bama did not have strong QB play and this guy produced. He looks more like a physical running back playing WR. Looks like a QB friendly WR meaning you don't need to be perfect to get him the ball and he has the ability to spring it any time.
  6. smartest post i've read in a while
  7. 3-4

    Every year, every draft, it feels like we're the only 3-4 team in the league that does not try and pick up an edge rusher. And by that, someone with speed who threatens the outside shoulders. With the interior defensive lineman we have, it should be important to find players that make QBs step up in the pocket. Every year it's the same old story. Annoyed because Keion Adams just went to the Steelers in the 7th round and that was pretty much the last one left from what I could tell.
  8. Keion adams. Josh Dobbs would make me happy
  9. Looks like we are drafting our udfa instead of convincing them to sign
  10. Ebukan would have looked good in green and white. Project edge rusher
  11. Fan of a Keion Adams pick. Forget his inability to set the edge. We need a nickel edge rusher
  12. I was extremely hyped when we got adams. I feel the exact opposite with maye. Don't get it. Won't get it. I was really hoping Middleton was a guy to step up and take the other safety spot
  13. I hrard we have 6 more picks. I heard you can find an offensive playmaker in rounds 2 to 7.
  14. Rd. 2. Davin Cook - feature back Rd. 3. Gerald Everett - pass catching TE / H-back Rd.3. Keion Adams - Designated pass rusher and some cover skills
  15. Gerald Everett. Is he that much a drop off from Engram and Njoku? Is round 3 too high for a pass rusher like Keion Adams?