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  1. Fan of a Keion Adams pick. Forget his inability to set the edge. We need a nickel edge rusher
  2. I was extremely hyped when we got adams. I feel the exact opposite with maye. Don't get it. Won't get it. I was really hoping Middleton was a guy to step up and take the other safety spot
  3. I hrard we have 6 more picks. I heard you can find an offensive playmaker in rounds 2 to 7.
  4. Rd. 2. Davin Cook - feature back Rd. 3. Gerald Everett - pass catching TE / H-back Rd.3. Keion Adams - Designated pass rusher and some cover skills
  5. Gerald Everett. Is he that much a drop off from Engram and Njoku? Is round 3 too high for a pass rusher like Keion Adams?
  6. gereld everett or dalvin cook
  7. But we still have 6 picks left in a deep draft. Again Adams is just a start
  8. There are still 6 picks left in a supposedly deep draft. We just got a concensus top 3 player at 6. Safety is now one of the more important positions on defense as far as playmaking. Probably second to edge. Seems almost impossible not to be excited to get a talent like Adams to start your draft
  9. agree. but edge rush is such a huge need at a premium position. I would rather take keion adams later. looks like a perfect DPR
  10. If we miss Adams, hopefully Josh Jones is the fall back. Dont sleep on Middleton. Could take a huge leap in year two. Plus athlete, plus intangibles.
  11. Reddick may end up being the best pass rusher in this class.
  12. Reminds me of Russell Wilson
  13. Unlike most on this board I agree with you. Hoping he's the pick at 6. From what I've read a great leader with high football IQ. Don't sweat the arm, he will bulk up a little and improve his stregnth. I see him as a winner at qb who will win a lot of close games. 2nd hopeful choice. Jamal Adams