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  1. Our physical freak, projectable WRs at around this spot have been so bad that I'm not too averse to going in the other direction for the Proven Competitor Intangibles guy, who I'm sure is also a "football player." See how it goes.
  2. It's too early, we have no idea what the yearly quarterback shuffle will look like by draft day. One of these guys might end up in the second round.
  3. In so many ways he's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He won't make a team look better than it is. He won't really make a team look worse than it is either. Don't remember every piece of history but there have probably been coaches like this that have been vaulted into unreal situations and won a Super Bowl. As for us though, we have an old team by NFL standards. The schedule got harder and a lot of older guys dropped off, including the quarterback and the superstar defensive player. I'm fine with a coach being super conservative, or tending toward run-run-pass kind of stuff, you don't have to like it but it's a style. A lot of the clock management/timeout/challenge stuff (maybe the challenges have been better this year) is just doing an objectively bad job though. I don't like Bowles that much, and I don't need him to stay, but I don't like the construction of this roster either. It worries me that we're getting so little out of this ~all pro high draft pick defensive line~ because it's hard to move a Mo/Sheldon kind of player for equal value in the NFL when they're struggling. If there's ways in which Bowles is culpable for that, maybe not motivating the guys enough, then he needs to go. But aside from that, no, we don't have too much talent to be where we are.
  4. Jeez, that scream
  5. I think it's better to look at Bortles, Mariota and Winston than Luck - I mean, none of those three guys are traditional "busts," they can all play. But they're on some ugly teams, playing some ugly games, with supporting casts that I don't see as that substantial. Are we behind Jacksonville, Tennessee and Tampa as an organization? Are we gonna be talking about the 14-2 Bucs next year? Is it really "the way forward" to take a prime talent, but put him in a situation where he might go 5-11 for three years?
  6. Brutal game for Fitz, brutal first half of the schedule. I don't like to see an important player like Enunwa returning kicks/Fitz mopping up when it's over, but I guess it doesn't matter. Wish we had some kind of option at TE, but that doesn't really matter either. Not enough in this team to go far. At least they'll usually be watchable, unlike today.
  7. They must have had a different/better angle on that.
  8. Fitz is an average QB on an average team, and he was average today. But yeah, the early schedule is really, really nasty and they might throw Geno in if we're 1-5 or something.
  9. This is poisonous football. But I'm more worried about the first team defense getting gashed than anything else. At least the punter looks good?
  10. *whispers* I want Marquise Williams from UNC in the seventh *runs away*
  11. Posey was obviously on Fitz's team last year, maybe they got along. He hardly played because of injuries - guess he'll fight it out with Graham, Owusu etc.
  12. I want Gregory or DGB but it's easy for a fan to want the biggest names
  13. I think I'm pro-Revis, even at silly money. Give us a team that's worth watching.
  14. Every year, a couple teams do well with quarterback play that's "okay" at best. I'm not looking forward to a quarterback competition between Geno Smith and, like, Ryan Fitzpatrick because really, who would? Still, if we spend close to the ceiling and the first round pick works out, the team will be so much better to watch than last year's.