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  1. I think it's a bad break for a coach, any coach, to be told to make something happen with this level of talent. Bowles isn't a big name, or a jerk, so he won't just sulk through the season the way some of the players might. But at the same time, if this thing goes the way everyone thinks it will and we're lined up for the shiny new quarterback, we're not going to make his first year be with lame duck Todd Bowles.
  2. Was the punter Mac or Idzik? He's been real good
  3. They're not getting anything on the ground. I don't even get why they're still bothering ed: well i'm dumb
  4. Who will lead the Jets in Receptions?

    I'll say the WRs split the workload, with young guys getting hot and cold and quarterbacks coming in and out, and ASJ is the leading receiver.
  5. Preordering my RG3 jersey to put next to Favre and Sanchez
  6. JETS --GIANTS Official Pre-Season Game Thread

    So Hack takes a big hit and their guy gets carted off on a play that gets memory holed
  7. JETS --GIANTS Official Pre-Season Game Thread

    Well, that's probably the score this game should be
  8. We are definitely going to see this guy go 1 for 7 with some rushing yards in the snow somewhere after someone gets hurt
  9. This is 1977

    This is a tankjob. We put the big money in the free agents and it didn't work. We're set up to bottom out and get that Cam Newton or Andrew Luck in the draft - we have enough cap space to give that guy some veteran WR and OL and see what happens, we have young players that can cement NFL places this year. Root for the guys to win every game early on, I'll be super pumped if we're 4-1 and Hack looks legit because that's what being a sports fan is all about, but the roster is the roster and the tank isn't a bad plan.
  10. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    If we wanted someone to start all sixteen games we would have signed Cutler or even Kaep, not McCown. There were other guys too, I'm sure we had the cap space to eat Brock Osweiler's contract. McCown's basically here to have his job taken from him. He's the bare minimum NFL veteran QB. We'll see Hack, we'll probably see Petty. We'll probably see a practice squad guy or a TJ Yates kind of veteran that someone else cuts.
  11. Grade the 3rd Round Pick: WR Ardarius Stewart

    Our physical freak, projectable WRs at around this spot have been so bad that I'm not too averse to going in the other direction for the Proven Competitor Intangibles guy, who I'm sure is also a "football player." See how it goes.
  12. Bama vs clemsen... Who should i watch for?

    It's too early, we have no idea what the yearly quarterback shuffle will look like by draft day. One of these guys might end up in the second round.
  13. In so many ways he's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He won't make a team look better than it is. He won't really make a team look worse than it is either. Don't remember every piece of history but there have probably been coaches like this that have been vaulted into unreal situations and won a Super Bowl. As for us though, we have an old team by NFL standards. The schedule got harder and a lot of older guys dropped off, including the quarterback and the superstar defensive player. I'm fine with a coach being super conservative, or tending toward run-run-pass kind of stuff, you don't have to like it but it's a style. A lot of the clock management/timeout/challenge stuff (maybe the challenges have been better this year) is just doing an objectively bad job though. I don't like Bowles that much, and I don't need him to stay, but I don't like the construction of this roster either. It worries me that we're getting so little out of this ~all pro high draft pick defensive line~ because it's hard to move a Mo/Sheldon kind of player for equal value in the NFL when they're struggling. If there's ways in which Bowles is culpable for that, maybe not motivating the guys enough, then he needs to go. But aside from that, no, we don't have too much talent to be where we are.
  14. Jets v Pats game thread 11-27-16

    Jeez, that scream