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  1. Watch the video the Anderson video again. He does go up and fight for the ball and in fact took it away from a defender on one catch and out leaped another and came down with the ball. You have to remember last year he was a rookie but showed very good ball skills on several occasions. I agree he can stand to get a bit stronger but he has already demonstrated the ability to go up and get a contested ball.
  2. I do think Peake and Stewart (Hansen may also flash) will have important roles as the season goes on, but don't not overlook the importance ASJ and Leggett. For the first time in forever, we actually have TEs who can get open and catch the ball. (Leggett just has to show he is willing to block.)
  3. Same here; I hope he learned something from this. Don't blow this opportunity.
  4. RA has the extra gear that only a few players have. Q is a combination of power and speed and as you mentioned shows great YAC. I am predicting that no one is going to miss Decker or Marshall this year.
  5. Thank JJ. I agree. I am hoping the Stewart can become like a hybrid wr/hb and take over in the slot. He reminds me a little of Montgomery on Green Bay and perhaps he can develop into a similar player for us. I am truly hoping Hack can win this job outright in camp; I would love to see him develop chemistry with our young receiving corp.
  6. Okay here I go being the glass half full guy I tend to be... As much as we talk about the lack of talent on this roster I think we would be more accurate if we use the term unproven or developing, because I actually do see talent, especially at the wide receiver position. In Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa, we have two very talented receivers who should compliment each other nicely. A couple of things I noticed in watching these highlights (yes I know they are highlights, thank you): Anderson truly has blazing speed and tremendous hops. If Hackenberg whens the job, I will be interesting to see him throwing the deep ball to this kid. All he needs to do is to work on his overall strength (especially upper body and arms), and continue to develop is route running. This guy is a real weapon. Enunwa, while not the speedster, Anderson is, is plenty fast in his own right and is built like a freakin Tank. He is a load to bring down in the secondary. His hands continue to improve, as does his route running. If ASJ and or Legget emerges, Peake continues to develop and we get anything from Stewart or Hansen, our passing offense could suprise. Of course, we need oline to hold it's own, one of our young qbs to step up (my money is on Hack) and have an effective enough running game to keep defenses a little off balance. See, I'm not asking for too much, ;-). Robby Anderson Highlights 2016-2017 Quincy Enunwa 2016-2017 Highlights
  7. He was projected to go as high as the 4th round but injuries scared teams away. I see no reason why he shouldn't make the roster along with the rooks.
  8. My point is in a couple of cases, he wasn't even mentioned or the focus was on the two rookies. It would seem to me that Anderson and Peake would have the leg up on any rookies coming in.
  9. I noticed lately that when discussing Jet receivers, the press and some on this board seems to be over looking Charone Peake. I know that Robby Anderson had a better rookie season but Charone flashed a couple of times and lets face it; between Fitz and Petty it is a wonder that any passes where completed at all. All kidding aside, I am intrigued to see if he has improved over last year; I think he might have the most upside of any our receivers because he has the size and speed to become a match up nightmare for most corners. Robby is a little faster or has better acceleration but Peake is definitely stronger and able to out fight defenders better. I am looking forward to seeing what these two do in mini camp and training camp in a few months. I think our receiving corp may not be as bad as some people think. I am hopeful that Hack can take that next step and win the starting quarterback job. It would be great to see him working with a young corp or receivers and tight ends, (ASJ and Jordan Leggett).
  10. I'm starting to get excited about this.. can't wait for the SpiderBro movie.
  11. Or maybe just like you know, lift up his arms and make an attempt to catch a catchable ball?
  12. Fair enough; we shall see. Personally if Bowles thinks playing McCown will save his ass he is as good as gone anyway. I think Hack will prove he is more ready than you think.
  13. Awesome Post my friend, I have nothing to add because you just said it all. Rep Plus 1,000.