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  1. I give the pick a B. He's a safe pick, and will be a good player I think. Hes not Ed Reed but he will be a productive player with good leadership qualities and will make some big plays for us. The B part comes from the fact that the value was in trading down (which we likely didn't get the opportunity to do). This draft is super deep in safeties and we could have gotten great safeties later in the day and in round 2-3. With a 6th pick you normally want to get that premium position, like a blue chip pass rusher, an LT or a QB but alas that was no longer available. Given how many bad players we've drafted, this will buck that trend, but still I would have preferred pulling a Browns with our spot and shooting for value.
  2. I love what the Browns are doing. This analytics stuff isn't as strongly predictive as in baseball, but coupled with the right scouting it will revolutionize the NFL. Theyre in a way better position than we are long term.
  3. Jaimie Collins was traded for a late 3rd round pick last year on the last year of a rookie contract. Now consider this: His contract was cheaper, he doesn't carry looming suspension issues, he had a superbowl ring, he doesn't have character/iq issues both on/off the field, and he wasn't coming off a terrible year production wise. He is also arguably a better player relative to his position (Richardson isn't a top 5 DT in the league) So you can extrapolate that we would probably net at best a 4th round pick from a Richardson trade. Now, that's pretty good. I'd be thrilled with a 4th. However I suspect that teams would be very wary to trade for that type of risk, so it might carry all sorts of conditional clauses... I think the best we can do is to not trade him, rehabilitate his image this year, and hopefully we get a 3rd comp pick the following year if someone is crazy enough to pay him a big contract as a free agent.
  4. There is definitely an attitude problem with Garrett. He took a ton of plays off during college, he doesn't have the greatest motor, and his technique is flawed. Clowney, who is even more of a genetic freak than he is, couldn't even get a whiff at the qb in the NFL until a couple years worth of NFL coaching has helped him improve some of the fundamentals. Even now, he's far from the dominant pass rusher people thought he would be. Meanwhile, lesser athletes who have high motors and relentless drive and work ethics, frequently perform just as highly. Don't get me wrong, Garrett will likely play in the probowl at some point in the future, but there are definitely question marks and I don't think he is as plug and play as the media are making him out to be.
  5. He's not getting through round 1. Moreover, we already have a tiny LB.
  6. Better than what we have doesn't mean you want one either. There are hundreds of promising qbs that fail to develop, and that's worse in many ways bc your waste so much time and wallow in mediocrity. Im not even sold on Jameis Winston and to a lesser extent Marcus Mariotta. Three years from now, it's very possible someone in Tampa will be cursing the day they wasted a pick on the guy. It's simply too early to tell, and now they're absolutely locked into the process. It's unclear if the young qbs that do develop, are ultimately what you want either. For instance Andy Dalton and Alex Smith. Both good qbs that made it out of the pack. However, in many ways they've hit their ceiling, and it's unclear if they're good enough to ever really win a Super Bowl barring a Denver Broncos level defense. Both of those teams are in a terrible position, bc they're frequently good enough to be in the playoffs, but never good enough to beat the real elite teams. That's why being the Raiders or the Colts are in significantly better long term positions.
  7. I don't see it for Watson. The kid has so many red flags. The spotty accuracy, spotty arm talent and questionable decision making is really quite unforgiving in this league. i love the work ethic, and I think he is coachable, but I don't think he's worth a 6.
  8. At the end of the day, protect your draft value. We don't need to reach for qbs, we don't need to reach for positions of need. We have tons of places to work on, including positions of perceived strength (DE/DL looks good today, but if Richardson is gone and Wilkerson never recovers, well there you go). If trading back is the right move based upon your perceived value, then do that. Heck, project players aren't a bad idea either if the scouts think there is possibilities there. Oh, and don't fear to pick special team's only players in the latter rounds. The patriots and Eagles have shown everyone just how useful those types of players are. We have the luxury of not needing to win tommorow, so lets use that strength, and rebuild properly this time.
  9. I suspect it's too little too late. The more you learn about CTE the scarier it becomes. People have been finding it in soccer players now! Soccer!! Heading the ball is non zero impact, and it dings harder than one might think... but it's absolutely nothing compared to football, even at the high school level. So since I very much doubt any helmet is going to reverse Newtons laws of inertia, I don't see how things are going to end well.
  10. I feel like every team in the league wants to trade out of the first 15. After the first 4-5 who are really a cut above the value is basically all the way into rounds 3 and 4 and almost every team will want to get two players instead of one. I don't see many teams moving up unless the Texans start getting desperate for a QB.
  11. Emmit Smith is a good one. Troy Aikman Cam Newton
  12. Both Ewing and Marino were great players, and fairly valued in modern times. There was a time in the 80s where Marino was being ove hyped slightly as the best QB ever, which was silly bc a player from his own generation (Montana) was clearly better than him. Ewing if anything is underrated, he just ran up against a force of nature...
  13. Yep, over 16 games that's 2 mil. So he's a backup at 6 or a starter at 8 with injury insurance. It's very hard to find anything below that in free agency, especially when you are looking for intangibles and a vet presence. Anything below that is basically bottom of the bucket backup money with caustic locker room value, like Geno Smith. consider also that we have to pay more for players as a franchise given our situation. People know they're going to come here and get mauled by the media, and have statistically poor seasons given the scarcity of talent.
  14. If McCown starts, he's a 8mil a year qb and there's basically no way the rest of the incentives kick in since we aren't going to the playoffs anytime soon. That's an ok deal for a FA QB starter and basically the minimum. So he's a mid to high priced backup or a very low payed starter.
  15. I don't mind this signing, and in general I agree on the direction the Jets are going (finally). This should have taken place in 2015, where we could have traded pieces like Mangold for real picks. But whatever, only the most deluded fan could have thought we would be good next year. We had too few good young players, and too much salary tied up, a bad locker room culture and too many holes to fill. The right call is accepting pain now to have some sanity for the future. i suspect Woody finally accepted reality, was like f it, im going away for a few years, let's be bad until I get back. now it's all about the draft!