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  1. As long as we don't spend 90 million on high priced free agents, I'll be happy. I don't want a repeat of 2014-2015. Keep building through the draft, prioritize signing our own young players (Enunwa), push the money into the future. We could probably spend our way into a low tier playoff team and then have the same implosion that took place bc the foundations are bad.
  2. 8/22----------Camp Tweets

    I think this might be the case of giving Petty a chance to keep a roster spot. I suspect he's on the bubble and they want to take a hard look at him.
  3. Im not complaining. Indeed they were open and at least some were the correct reads (the bad decisions came on third down when he hit his receivers well shy of the third down mark, and that's a point where he should have gone to a second option). I'm just saying that he did well in a simple situation, about as well as an avg NFL qb(hence a C grade) and that this sort of success playing vanilla O won't necessarily generalize.
  4. Watch his throws on NFL.com. He might make many presnap reads, you are right I can't know what he's seeing, but he throws at the first receiver in his progression everytime except for the sideline throw and maybe the two deep throwaways.
  5. Objectively, this is a C performance. Which is encouraging bc I was expecting a D. Watch the tape, every throw he makes, except one is a single read. The good news is he was fairly accurate, other than three bad throws (one of which was caught anyway, the other which should have been picked off). The bad news is he made multiple poor decisions on third down that stalled the drive. There was one encouraging throw away which exhibited poise in the pocket and where he avoided a common rookie bait. I think the coordinators did a good job of keeping things real simple for him, and allowing him to get some confidence, but unfortunately it's not going to be anywhere near that simple when defenses game plan for the west coast offense. His best throw was a double read that hit a receiver streaking to the sidelines, and that sort of thing he'll have to do a lot of this year.
  6. How Invested Are You?

    I was really disinterested last season bc it was clear we were an aging team with overrated talent in decline and with no young talent to root for other than Williams. Im a little more interested this season. Don't get me wrong we are going to be way worse than last year, and I have no hope for our current QB situation and I strongly suspect our D is going to be nearly as bad as our O. However there is a lot of young talent that might actually develop, so I'm looking forward to the beginning of a long rebuild.
  7. Easley was truly great. No he wasn't the best safety of all times and no he wasn't Gale Sayers great. But like TD, they were just good enough to get in with their short careers.
  8. Hack's Footwork

    They both have great footwork. Brady in particular in his younger years could slide around the pocket about as well as any QB ever has. Both of those guys are almost always throwing balls in full balance, which is a sign of great footwork. I'd say they were superior footwork wise to qbs that were traditionally viewed as mobile, like Vick or Wilson, both of whom would often throw balls while wrong footed, or falling backwards. It's a different type of movement skill set, but ultimately more important than just simply being able to run.
  9. Our O is less good than some college teams talent wise, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we struggle there. We have the worst skill positions in the league, the worst QB situation in the league and one of the worst OLines in the league.
  10. The last time this topic came up, we found out that the most dangerous professions in the US have mortality rates of like .1%. This is nearly three orders of magnitude worse. Im fine with people taking risks and getting compensated for it. Even if it was 1% risk, (which is absurdly high) you could entertain free choice arguments etc. But 90% is quite literally gladiator games level of bullsh*t. People trying to justify that are frankly insane.
  11. The same argument could be made for gladiators or Russian Roulette. At the end of the day past a certain probability of injury or severe impairment no amount of financial compensation makes such entertainment morally justifiable. People will do anything for their families, and that's a sufficient reason to NOT allow them to make this sort of choice.
  12. Top 5, Top 5.

    Barry Sanders Jim Brown (any list that doesn't have either of these two players as 1 and 2 is nuts) Payton Earl Cambell Gale Sayers
  13. The whole thing is silly, Fitzpatrick is a better QB than Vince Young period. FItz was roughly the 30-35th best QB in the league last year. Let's say 40th for argument sake. In short a low end starter or a high end backup. VY without his character issues, would be maybe a fringe third stringer? Yea...
  14. I mean that's definitely true. Suppose we get lucky and we strike it out of the park next year with a franchise qb. It takes at the very least 3 years to teach them the ins and outs of the offense, and to get the supporting cast in place to start pushing playoffs. I mean its not like Wilson in Seattle, where the team had an amazing nucleus at almost every position and was just missing that last piece. We have question marks in the 4 year timeframe at basically every single position other than DT.
  15. We are going to be really bad next year... but that's ok... Saw this coming from a mile away.