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  1. Brisset is an interesting young QB and he reminds me of Bridgewater. The worry is the same, he's too scrawny to survive the rigors of the NFL. At the end of the day all the mobile qbs in the league have suffered far more attrition than the pocket statues. Brees/Brady/Mannings etc seem to almost never be injured. Meanwhile even the buy time breed of QB is injured more... see Rogers or Big Ben.
  2. Secondary should be imo higher. The CBs did a great job and were able to stay with Cooks. Yea the safeties struggled (Maye did as well), but they're going up against Gronk and great pass catching rbs. Hard to cover that much firepower. Coaching should also be higher. Yea there was clock management issue but the playcalling was fantastic and they managed to stay in a game that they should have lost by 2+ scores. Thought Forte had a pretty good game as well, but other than that agreed with the scores.
  3. We aren't getting Alex Smith, he might be a superbowl winning qb. Also we aren't getting Garropolo either, BB turned down the 11th pick and next years 1st from Cleveland (which could have been Darnold or Rosen).. I'd love to make a play for Cousins, but I don't see how that could realistically happen. We would be talking about the biggest contract in NFL history style of back breaking deal and that might sink our franchise for decades... I think our best play is to either trade up a few spots or settle for one of the question mark qbs in the draft (they do turn into franchise qbs sometimes).
  4. I don't know if Mo's problem is effort, technique, or plain loss of speed but yea its glaring. That is the biggest problem with our team right now. If Mo could go back to his pre injury self it would open up Williams and Ealy and all of a sudden things would start looking pretty grim for opposing offenses. But as it stands right now, our pass rush is a serious weakness.
  5. Every year the Jets play the Pats pretty tight in one game but lose by 3-7 pts and then get killed in the next game. BB is a master at giving you what he wants to give you, then taking it away at the wrong time and in the wrong place. In this case he gave McCown open TEs and RB most of the day until he shifted the defense and baited McCown into a few Ints. That's their typical bend but don't break D, and it is a very underrated style. Last year the Pats D had one of the best statistical defenses in the league point wise and one of the worst yardage wise. That's b/c they mostly get you to kick field goals and force turnovers and generate sacks in the redzone. In this game, they got their sacks and turnovers, but our offense was scoring touchdowns on them, so that's kudos to the coaching staff and McCown (who was under pressure all day). I thought Brady had a bad game, and he missed a lot of open receivers and made quite a few mistakes, so normally you would think the Jets should win those types of game. However we lost both lines of scrimmages (their dline is underrated, and ours is overrated) and couldn't get enough crucial big plays by our overmatched skill players. You could say the difference was Rob Gronkowski and the fact that we don't have anything comparable to his impact.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't all reviews done by the league this season?
  7. Our coaching has been absolutely top notch. Especially offensively. It's award winning territory to do this well on O with the absolute talent hole we have. Our skill position players are garbage across the board, Kearse and Forte are the best we have by a mile but would likely not make the rosters of most teams. Our QB is a career journeyman... We have been in most of the games we've lost and are giving far more talented teams runs for their money.
  8. Thoughts

    Felt like we were beat on both sides of the ball, their Dline was pressuring McCown at will and our Dline was stoned by their Oline. Basically impossible to beat Brady under those circumstances. As predicted the Pats couldn't stop anything over the middle, so our Tes and rbs were able to easily get open against their slow lbers. BUt also as predicted It wasn't nearly enough. PAts should have won by more but credit to our coaching, we kept it close. That td reversal was absolute garbage. I guess it came from the league office, so they need to be held accountable.
  9. I think Forte would be more important than Powell. Forte can hurt the pats slow lbing core with wheel routes and things like that. Even though he's not that fast anymore, he's definitely a mismatch against their defense.
  10. Huh? Montana was amazing at KC despite coming off a near career ending injury. Peyton, Elway and Marino played in the same system their entire career. If anything Brady has had far more wrinkles in the Pats offense than Peyton or Elway. Going from a run first team to a deep passing attack to a 2te set back to a slant heavy offense and now they're back to having the best deep attack in the game.
  11. The Patriots are strong on the defensive edge. They have one of the best rookie DEs in the league this year, and Trey Flowers who is pretty good. Their DTs which were amongst the best in the league last year have been terrible this year and so they look to be the weak link. Their LBs are strong against the rush, but are extremely slow and vulnerable to hbs and TEs in the passing game. Look for ASJ to have a big game. Their secondary is one of the most talented in the league but have been plagued by inconsistency and busts. However they did shut down Brees and Tampa Bay, so its hard to know whats going to happen. The way to beat them is matching up a hb vs one of their lbs, like KC did. They have nobody on their team that can stop that, so they'll have to use one of their safeties which might open up Anderson
  12. J.J Watt

    I hate injuries, it really diminishes the NFL product and has a lasting impact on the outcome of seasons. I wish they could figure out the right set of rule changes that would preserve the fierceness of the fight but that wouldn't result in so many nasty and gruesome outcomes. JJ Watt has now effectively been sidelined from the league for three years. He was without a doubt the greatest defender of his generation and everyone has missed his play.
  13. Its kinda funny but McCown has been carrying us. Our wrs are mostly being blanketed (against bad secondaries) and McCown is fitting the ball into very tight windows under considerable duress. The NFL is a strange league. I don't expect that to continue very much longer.
  14. its becoming very obvious that our front 4 is extremely overrated. Wilkerson shows up on almost every play as being out of position, making a gap mistake or playing without effort. Leonard Williams gets push, but he can't disengage and now that he's doubled he is easily moved. Only 5 tackles this season and no sacks.. Not good enough. We miss Richardson and Snacks badly. The bright spot has been our secondary play this season. Our Cbs have been way better than expected. Of course they haven't gone up against elite competition yet, but still a pleasant surprise. Our rookie safeties are as expected quite good but they do make rookie mistakes so its a mixed bag. We will be exposed against greater competition soon enough, but its been fun getting some wins. Yea its probably going to hurt us long term, but for now 'you play the game to win'.
  15. Jets vs pats

    The Pats D is like the NYG D. Talented but underperforming. Their supposed weakness, the front four has been playing well and their supposed strength (secondary) has been terrible. So it's a little confusing to rate them, especially since their D played well last week but were historically bad three days before. I think we can run up the middle against them all day, especially if Hightower doesn't play. As far as stopping their O.. well yea they're skill position players are going to badly burn our secondary. They're Oline has been bad this year, and the belief is they're playing hurt, so in principle our front four should have a big day.