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  1. talk about an idiot just wasting his life away trying to be the THUG - gangster
  2. enlighten me, does he gain an edge? why was he suspended? Yes it is a banned substance but why? It's a stimulant?
  3. I always questioned little man being so built like Mr. Olympia
  4. ... so the JETS should have repeat SUPERBOWL IV and I would be in my wet/poopee diapers to witness that championship. but they did not so i'm still waiting ..........
  5. give me the next Ed Reed "Malik Hooker" no Fournette
  6. 46 years and still waiting, waiting, waiting ...................................................
  7. the question i always need an answer to is why the JETS organization keep picking up trash? if this Glennon is supposedly good/great he would not be warming the bench. why draft all these QB's and don't give them playing time. The JETS is not winning a superbowl anytime soon ( like maybe the next 15 years, we all have to face this reality) it's 46 years and i'm still waiting and there are those waiting longer done me. so see why not play our baby stud QB's and seat back and watch the them grow, maybe we can hit that diamond in the rough @ Florham Park. just sayin.......
  8. Why the love affair for this Glennon? He could not beat out Winston. Isn't Petty just as good? why not give our young studs more playing time.
  9. I like how mix up these plays, that is just a lethal offense
  10. Who is the falcons OC?
  11. AMEN !!!
  12. i'm tired of all these defensive players that don't do scrap. I say Cook or Williams (offense) Let's go JETS
  13. Yes he (Dak) may have a better OLine no one is disputing that, but a lot has to do with coaching my friend. Out of all these starters you speak of on IR the only player worth starting is Mangold. If the Jets had half way decent coaching this team can at least compete. So don't give me the IR/poor OLine BS, these guys know schemes and technique this is not middle school football and even if the so called OLine is poor if you teach a QB right (yes he may get a hit or two) but not get killed.
  14. The idea that the OLine is bad and Hack should not start is BullSchittt. Are you waiting for the perfect OLine to start a QB? If that's the grand plan by this organization/coaching then boy oh boy ................
  15. Fitz and Melo must be removed. Petty and KP run the show now respectively.