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  1. he is a decent cheap option in fantasy daily stuff but on most teams he does not start same with quincy before his injury
  2. sadly way worse-jags have way more talent we just have jags in a different sense of the word
  3. best jet fan I know-my father been going since 1970-he wanted to get tickets in 69 but money was tight -after they won he said no problem there will be plenty of other chances-little did he know I have been going since 1973 as very young kid thanks to my father-we have shared many great days together and sadly many walks of shame saying I cant believe how they managed to blow this one The only thing my father wants is from the jets is to hire a real gm and a real coach and actually be committed to putting a winner on the field. We have been patient enough-our current regime we both agree is maybe the worst this team has ever had-it is our opinion which you can agree with our disagree with but over 40 years of attending games barely missing any that is what we think
  4. he is a terrible qb that was drafted by a terrible gm-if anybody watched him play his last season at PSU can say otherwise they are blind or stupid Jet fans love to hype up garbage players year in and year out then three years from now when the players are out of the league they are hyping up the next terrible player In classic jet fan style many are celebrating our gms "plan" who in his tenure put together maybe the worst team in franchise history
  5. I will give u the best tip you will ever get each week stream the defense going vs the jets-they will be the highest scoring d almost every week
  6. feel bad for the kid but our gm has put together a historically terrible team and this team was going no where this year
  7. p lynch

    this will be another case of jet fans knowing better Lynch will be the day one starter for the broncos and will be a very good qb in this league jets passed on him and now we will be stuck with a train wreck in hackenberg until next years draft
  8. giants disagree with most of your post
  9. we have maybe the worst starting wr core in the league and pair that with probably the worst qb starting as well... jet fans like to hype up avg talent into something they are not-our "top two guys" would not see the field on most teams
  10. yes and you are a private -thankfully I dont have to see your kind in the coaches club -
  11. two teams that are not mentioned would be great fits for decker the pats and steelers steelers could use a character guy and somebody besides ab that big ben can count on week in week out pats-he would fit in great there too
  12. he will end up joining snacks and b marsh on the giants -you can bank on it
  13. yes worst roster and worst outlook in the league. only jet fans like to build up horrible jaq players into something they are not-I get it you have hope but hope is not always a good thing when reality stares you in the face. I can remember folks talking up nelson like he was some how a great wr- you can say our young wr core has talent -I would say none of would be starting wr1s for any team in the league and most would not be starters at all
  14. my father got tickets in the early 1970s and we have had seats ever since-I got us pls and in 40 plus years have missed only a handful of games-I even would do the drive back to NJ during my college years which was nuts at it was 8 hours each way. I in theory wanted to walk away this year eating many thousands of dollars in psl and season ticket charges-I casually threw the idea out to my father and I could tell he wanted to hang in again this year-it has been our bonding for decades so it is a hard thing to walk away from although sure we could do other things would not be the same. we both are beyond disgusted with Woody and the team in general at all levels from owner to gm to coach to poor lazy players-I feel we are like stockholm syndrome folks in that we are stuck in a bad situation and almost like the misery of it. I think after this season and seeing what the next draft bring us-if not legit franchise caliber qb the end will be upon us
  15. do you root for them to win knowing winning hurts the rebuild ?