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  1. I agree there are contributing factors leading towards fan violence however the security presence is limited at best and when they do arrive the are mostly folks that are not prepared or equipped to deal with a few big guys under the influence -the incident in question took about 10 minutes for security to arrive-if fans and cooler heads (by the jet fans) did not control the situation it would have been bad really bad-they have no problem having tons folks walking around selling food they should pay en equal amount of attention to fan safety
  2. I have been going for decades to jets-own psls and have invested if you want to call it that huge amounts of money over the years and am always extremely disappointed by the lack of proper security at the games. It is definitely not a family friendly place to watch a game and I dont have kids but if I did , I would not let them attend any games where there would be rival fans present in large numbers. There was an incident near my seats where people were calling for security to stop a situation from becoming dangerous -yes you guessed in fight between jets and pats fans and it took security a long long time to arrive and when the first person showed up on the scene he was not a guy that would be able to handle anything-if not for the presence of some fans to intervene somebody would have been hurt very badly or worse. If stadiums are going to provide tons of boos to fans they need to at least take the proper measures to prevent the ever growing fan violence that is going on. Each year the jets send me a survey and I always point to the terrible security and the terrible parking situation that exists and both could be easily fixed.
  3. they got beat like they stole something which was not a suprise Mac has put together a simply terrible team at almost every position Bowles is finding a way to get the least out of each player really a stellar combination-so thrilled I spend thousands of dollars on such garbage-cant wait until the Nov Dec games-nothing like watching hot garbage on a cold wintery day cutler will throw for 300 yards against us with landry and parker eating our dbs alive and then we can expect 150+ on the ground from their stud rb Fins 35 jets 17
  4. 14 point dogs sunday

    lets see how are " great "corners that we drafted do -cooper and crabtree will eat them alive and our lbs wont cover the tight end either and to top it off lynch will have a career day but dont worry bowles will punt down by 35 in the forth to let the defense control the tempo
  5. if I were them I would stay in school-take out an insurance policy against injury and draft position and avoid the jets at all costs-as a fan that is not what I want but if them that is what I would do UNLESS the jets fire their gm and coach and bring in PROVEN winners that know how to build a team and develop talent Some very good qbs probably had not so great careers based on the team they went to and the position they were in see Carr's brother as a prime example
  6. Jets vs Bills Week 1 Preview

    the sad thing is our defense that is loaded with number ones is going to get shredded by the bills offense you can book shady for a min of 150 yards and a min of one touch down
  7. Pryor Released

    when will the jets learn u dont draft safeties round one -thank god we dont have a gm that dumb with all of the holes on our team-oh wait we do and he doubled down
  8. why on earth would anybody let or want Mac to return next year? Each year the team has regressed not improved and he has made some terrible draft picks and signed some terrible contracts-it is not like he has a history of being a winning gm-this is not theo to the cubs-this is a no talent scrub that has no business being a gm in the league. I would love to know what some of you folks do for a living that constantly defend this guy. He is a loser and in business when things go bad on your watch you get fired you dont get more time especially when you have ZERO track record. This post most be a troll or your must be related to Mac as there is no other justification for this mess. We may put on the worst football team ever for this franchise on the field this year. I paid good money for this garbage and as a paying customer I am not happy
  9. Sheldon Traded

    and then we select a safety
  10. Sheldon Traded

    jets always find a way to get worse not better a simple question does this make us better or worse? answer is worse and it is not close Woody should return my psl funds-he is not committed to winning or putting the best team on the field It is shocking how this team is getting rid of every ounce of talent on the roster-our gm has turned this into maybe the worst team that will ever step on a NFL field
  11. no but you protect your starter no matter how bad he is-it is bush league putting him out there
  12. as if there was not enough reasons already to fire him-you really play your starting QB in the last preseason game when you did not play him in other games? I get it they are going to be a historically bad team but come on
  13. what do you base this on? we have zero quality wrs on this team-we have propped up anderson to be some stud wr when the reality is he does not even start for most teams