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  1. probably a good idea and also re up pryor
  2. i hope these guys are in tip top shape and can play both sides of the ball cause we have no offense at all
  3. lets draft another safety do it mac and please another one with injury history as well-or go for a punter but not a ray guy type but a chuck ramsey type
  4. +10000 somebody chime in how the fans are stupid and let the "experts" do their job-this is worse that when I watched the jets pass over sapp in person -back to back safeties
  5. cook will be tearing it up and our offense will be the worst of the worst I hope they pick a safety again next pick wish I could un write all of my psls and take back my payments for the season
  6. mac- a new letter that describes the worst of the worst
  7. for the love of god they drafted another safety -keep telling me how they are experts and I am just a dumb fan there was a playmaker there for us for the taking a guy most fans want and we go safety again yes the jets truly believe u build a team by safeties maybe that is all we will play FU MAC FU Bowles FU Woody- the first safety is a good player but we should have traded for picks and for the love of god a second safety ?
  8. I wish I could pull up the s rich draft threads on how he was going to dominate for a decade now we are lucky to get a 5th rounder for him
  9. but they did draft a safety in first round-
  10. I think we got a good player but the sure thing is laughable at best -most first round safeties bust -3 first round safeties in three decades were quality studs
  11. I would have traded down and please stop with the nobody wanted to trade up -there were trades made in the first round and the irony is if adams is such a stud there would have been plenty of suitors for him I think he will be a good player for us but one player a year of substance is a lifetime of misery. Now you could say more picks to a bad gm is not helpful and I would say hmmm u got a point lol
  12. if u are going to dream dream bigly
  13. and once again that is why you trade the pick for more picks
  14. same fans that screamed for sapp to watch the jets take kyle brady-fans many times actually do have a clue
  15. he is our last pro bowler to be picked in the second round I hope Mac can change that this year....