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  1. I laugh at threads like this Bowles already has had the Jets in the top five defenses in the NFL since he was here. People say well we played nobody his first year and they got talent through FA. Umm so what? Bowels played the teams on the schedule and his team performed that first year, they did. You are what your record says you are.... As the song goes "men lie, women lie, numbers don't," and the numbers Bowles' first year, regardless of the attempt to downgrade the performance (even by the Jets own fans) on the field was that the Jets were a good defense. And there is no question that the defense was better than when Bowles first got here regardless of schedule. Coaches need players, I don't care what anyone says... Only Sexy Rexy said it doesn't matter who is out there his defense will perform. Umm how did that work out? You need players.... Last year when the defense sucked donkey balls because of substandard play by the likes of Revis, no one cut Bowles any slack (I know that I didn't), but the lack of performance regardless IMO falls squarely with and on Bowles. He was assistant coach of the year just a little while ago and I just didn't see that last year. Yes, if the defense sucks it will be on Bowles but let's not act like we have suffered through bad defense during Bowles brief tenure as HC, cause that just isn't true. In the final analysis it is simple, if you don't like Bowles, fine, but don't make up stuff or act like we were an awful defense two years ago when we weren't...
  2. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Does anyone in their right mind think that Petty has been given a fair chance to start this summer?
  3. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    I don't think taking Hack away from the backup position is really in the Jets plans. The question is do you cut Petty? I am on the side of absolutely not! And if the Jets were to do that, IMO they shouldn't have brought in McCown because Petty already showed he can be a serviceable backup last year, which is far more than functional in my book. As you put it Brook Bollinger was "functional." If Mac is look for Hack to be merely functional he should resign tomorrow; you don't waste second round picks on guys you think might be functional in two or three years. The Jets are not here to resurrect McCown's career... Mac and Bowles don't get six or seven years to attempt to draft a serviceable QB! No one of these guys better be more than "functional" or Mac and Bowles will and should be GONE!!
  4. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    Our PR department is a joke!
  5. I gave Hack a C+ last week and he gets a C this week from me. People are just all over the map on Hack and have unrealistic expectations for him and the Jets offense at this point in time.
  6. I hear you and I think that is why McCown is here; which is if both QBs are just so God awful that they can't be on the field you want a vet in there However I disagreed with the Jets brass on this key point when they got McCown from the start. First and foremost we already saw Petty on the field and in truth he wasn't great but he wasn't awful either, he was a neophyte taking the field on team devoid of skill players and a bad OL, that is what we got. And Petty got injured in part because of his inexperience and in part because of tthat horrific OL play that we saw at the end of last year. I get that they think that they know what they have in Petty, backup at best, ok fine; but then put him or Hack out there this season and get them valuable playing time for next season when you bring in another young QB who you hope will be a franchise level player. Im not hating on Hack; I'm on record before the draft as wanting him drafted by the Jets, so if he ends up being no good for the NFL then I would have blown it as well. Also I am not hating on McCown, he seems like a great guy, person and mentor, there is no doubt about it. What I am saying is I don't want the Jets cutting Petty because we now have McCown and we want Hack to be the number two!! That would be so Jetsy it is sickening and that is why a fair competition even for all the QB slots is so important.
  7. Unmmmm it says our QB situation is awful and there is a valid reason why most observers have us as one of the worst if not the worst teams in the entire NFL. And so a five game winning season IMO would be an outstanding accomplishment with this crew.
  8. Come on most folks out here understand that Petty's upside might be a career backup. What those who are pointing out that Petty, if he is outplaying Hack, should get reps and a chance to start because all starting McCown gets is another chance to do Fitz part deux all over again, and that would be a disaster. That is we would not have further developed either young QBs and potentially knock ourselves out of the running for a franchise QB in next years draft. Ughgghg Imo that is why folks are saying give Petty a chance not because they somehow believe he is the second coming of Montana.
  9. This was my point when they brought McCown in here. I don't hate the guy, it just doesn't make sense to start him when you have two question marks in your young QBs!
  10. Game Observations (DET)

    Thank you!! Hack didn't have the time to throw on one play that Mahomes had all night long!!
  11. Game Observations (DET)

    To me the coaching was fine. The players were prepared and played with fire, there was just a lack of execution at times, especially on the OL.
  12. I'm still in shock

    This is why I said that McCown shouldn't be brought in!!! The QB battle should be between Hack and Petty and we go from there; McCown winning us 3 more games because he is so "experienced" will hurt us because we still will have one QB we still don't know about at the end of the year, and in addition the Jets will have been just bad enough not to be in the running for a quality QB draft pick, the worst of all possible outcomes!
  13. I'm still in shock

    Thank you... That's because the Jets brass has been generally dumb and has been consistently so for over a decade now. People say you don't have to have great talent on the OL, WR postions, TE, RB before you say someone stinks, and yes this is true but the converse is equally true; if your your OL sucks and your skill position players are God awful, you aren't winning squat in the NFL and a Brady/Montana hybrid wont make one bit of difference in the final analysis under those putrid conditions.
  14. You NEVER gave Sanchez a FAIR CHANCE; NEVER!!!!! Just wanted to give some contextualization to your post...
  15. The short answer to you question is .......................... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!