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  1. Jets funs are nuts with their over the top nonsense. May was and is a solid second round talent!!! Look at this:::::: OVERVIEW Maye lived up to his four-star recruiting status in a spectacular junior season in 2015. He was named a first-team All-American by USA Today as a 12-game starter (82 tackles, two interceptions, six pass breakups) who ranked second in the country with five forced fumbles. Unfortunately, Maye missed the last four games of the year after breaking his arm against South Carolina. League media voted him second-team All-SEC, though, for his play in the first nine weeks (50, one INT, six PBU). Maye was a starter at safety and nickel in 2014 (62 tackles, three TFL, one INT, five PBU, two FF) and contributed regularly as a true freshman the previous year (16 tackles, one TFL, one INT). ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Ready-made safety frame with muscular build and long arms. Really instinctive with above-average field vision and feel for the game. Eyes dart back and forth from quarterback to receiver. Correlates quarterback's eyes and actions to a corresponding route and gets the early jump. Plays with good pattern recognition from both man and zone. Credited with a pass breakup or interception on more than 21 percent of his targets as a starter. Has speed to burst from sideline to sideline. Rangy tackler with in-play endurance for extended chases across field. Welcomes physical aspects of position. Sheds blockers quickly. Showed improved patience and diligence as tackler. Trustworthy as last line of defense. WEAKNESSES Despite his instincts, credited with 10 touchdowns allowed during time at Florida. Inconsistent ball tracker. Has issues playing both ball and man down the field, and can lose feel with receiver. Tape shows some issues with hip tightness. Balance can be a little spotty and he'll fight his hips when forced to transition suddenly on combination routes. Better coming downhill than playing on his heels. Missed final three games of senior season with broken arm. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 2 NFL COMPARISON Glover Quin BOTTOM LINE Interchangeable safety with the instincts of a free safety and the physicality of a box player. Thrives as a downhill player and has the instincts and speed to operate effectively from both single-high and two-deep looks. Has the physical attributes and intelligence to step into a starter's role early on and will be a strong contributor on special teams. -Lance Zierlein
  2. Hahahahahaha The truth is the Jets are clearly staking their future on the defense being special eventually and hoping that the offense can be adequate enough for this season to get by.....
  3. Well this answers the question why the Jets have drafted that new guy......
  4. Ummmmm I begged for Glennon and wanted him desperately for the Jets but not at that price. But the answer is Noooooooo! Why trade anything for him if you were willing to give Glennon that contract from the get go as others have already stated? Clearly the Jets as a team believe that Hack is probably will be the answer. Time will tell.
  5. Sounds about right, hence the reason for the complaining.
  6. Oh no you don't go anywhere... You just have to sit out here and suffer with the rest of us!!!
  7. Ummmmm I'm going to say it ..... You have issues
  8. Less successful than Mark Sanchez in the playoffs is all you need to know
  9. You have a lot of great lines but every once in awhile you come up with a true gem and this is one of those times!!!
  10. Isn't this what they said about Russell Wilson........
  11. I'm still sick about that game!!! I can't even imagine being a real Falcon fan, just awful!!
  12. Thank you!!! That was some of the worst coaching I've ever seen at any level!!! If that had been Rex, Herm or Bowles they would have received literal death threats from some of the folks who follow the Jets. The idea that the Falcons automatically make it back to the SB is totally laughable. In today's NFL you are always one hit away from being the Cleveland Browns.
  13. You can't play it safe forever. Sooner or later the Jets are going to have to let the young guys sink or swim regardless of he aging veteran they have on the sidelines. The truth is very college QBs are NFL ready anymore so by definition that means carefully grooming someone and then letting them sink or swim on their own merits. Not letting QBs get game action is crazy IMO. But lets see what happens.
  14. You are so right!!! If he paid the guy 30K it would have been worth it just to keep this out of the paper.