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  1. Thank you just one game highlights just how bad Fitz was last year and his play dragged down the whole team.... Remember this? See excerpts from this article.... The disaster in week 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs.... "That earned Fitz a PFF grade of 21.4, a catastrophic score that isn’t just the worst single-game grade of the season, but is the worst single-game grade we have ever seen from a QB over the past decade of grading. To put it in even harsher perspective: PFF has graded 2,717 games of NFL regular and postseason play, and Fitzpatrick just posted the worst single-game performance we have ever seen. By our system it was worse than the Peyton Manning dumpster fire from a year ago against the Chiefs that saw him benched after four interceptions for his own sake. It was worse than any game Jamarcus Russell managed, or the trainwreck performance Josh Freeman had for the Vikings that seemed to have effectively ended his NFL career. Check out the full list of the worst-ever QB performances below: What’s truly remarkable about Fitzpatrick’s performance is that it wasn’t a product of overwhelming pressure. Fitzpatrick was pressured on just 10 of 47 dropbacks, which was one of the lowest rates in the league this week. Only the Broncos’ Trevor Siemian and the Giants’ Eli Manning were pressured less often than the 21.3 percent of dropbacks that Fitzpatrick felt heat on, and he was actually a little better when he was pressured than when he was just allowed to implode all by his own from a clean pocket. This is one of those performances where all of the numbers speak for themselves — and all of them are entirely damning. When under no pressure at all, Fitzpatrick had a passer rating of 10.5, and completed 40 percent of his passes. He completed as many passes to Kansas City defenders as he did to his own receivers on balls that traveled 10 or more yards downfield. You may never see a bigger QB implosion than Fitzpatrick had on Sunday against the Chiefs, and as things stand currently, it was the worst QB performance PFF has ever seen in a decade of grading." It is simple...... When you have QB play this poor YOU CAN'T WIN!!!
  2. We have to give him a chance. A real chance.
  3. I didn't have the strength to write a cogent response, but for folks to even to now act as if we had a horrible offense in year one (2015) under Chan is preposterous. That was the best the Jets offense looked overall in more than a decade, and the stats back that statement up; and this was all done with Fitz under center. Fitzpatrick!!!!!! No, Chan wasn't perfect, but for him to have had a top 10 offense with Fitz under center in 2015 is to say the man essentially wrought a miracle and yet some folks out here are still complaining.
  4. All I can say is thank you, wonderful post.
  5. Hmmmmmmm........ Call up the Raiders, I hear that they are giving away money!!!!
  6. Thank you... Utter Madness!!
  7. I wanted him drafted by the Jets myself. I knew then it might be three years before we found out what Hack was capable of, hence I believed in the need of a quality bridge QB. That is someone who could win in the league and not be pathetic. I myself was hoping that the Jets were going to use Glennon as such a QB. They, Mac and Co., have a different take and now we have to see how it plays out.
  8. Thank you. I started a post and then deleted it because folks just want to make stuff up. The game that the NBA is now creating is not that good except for the finals and except for one upset game by Cleveland the finals weren't that good themselves.
  9. I agree 100% My oringal post should have been more clear. I was agreeing with you and just taking it further. I understood what you were saying and the spirit in which you said it. You were right 100% correct in that first post as well.
  10. Happy Birthday to both of you!!! Now go out and win us some dam games!!!
  11. But even if we do get such a "QB" is that "right"? I don't want players on my team getting preferential treatment and us pretending like it is not happening like with many Pats fans. If you have two sets of rules that are that dramatically different, that fans across the spectrum complain about, you have IMO a fundamental problem with the game.
  12. Yes By minimizing the significance of the running game, they hurt one of the historically important positions This coupled with asinine rule changes, burning of tapes, less preparation time for the players and about only three teams having a real chance to win it all in any given year has made the game vastly inferior to the one produced two decades ago.
  13. Hahhahahha you are kidding me. People are knocking the Adams pick when some reports are saying he was the best player on the field !!!!! Hahahahahaha Jets Fans!!!!!!
  14. Hmmmmm you caught that as well, at least we can all be comforted by the fact that not every Jet fan is a boob. And that is a small consolation prize if you ask me!!! I say!!! Better to live in my fantasy world than the punishment that shall be the Jets!! And that is all you will get from me...... Yankee!!!!