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  1. Thank you.... The thought and time you put into this answer means I have to give in!!! Go Jets!!
  2. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Please post more often!!!!
  3. Thank you. But according to some Bowles is a "Dufus" because he is indeed getting these results with guys either playing subpar or being roookies. You cant make it up.....
  4. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    I strongly believe that the Jets coaching staff believes in Petty and Hack and time, I forecast, will justify this belief.... IMO the OL was to unpredictable at the beginning of the year to put Petty under center and Hack wasn't ready
  5. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Especially since Gronk is this generations best TE! Who pray tell controls Gronk on a regular basis? Answer = No One!!
  6. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Thank you.
  7. I respect your your thoughtfulness in your response. IMO however citing Bowles and ASJ is really not the issue. Many Jets came out the next day and said it was a nonsense reversal. Bowles isn't a fan, he is the coach of the Jets and as such his focus has to be to prepare for the next game not harp on calls from a previous game when harping on it will change nothing. He is a big guy and understands this despite some of us wanting to him to act like a clown and get his team unfocused or undisciplined. And as for ASJ he is a professional and acted as such he acknowledged his need for superior ball security and I for one commend him for his stand up attitude. Now i guess I put stock in the two former heads of officiating who said that the reversal was blown, those two gentlemen could hardly be called or considered Jets fans, nor could the folks in the broadcast booth who said it was the worst call they had ever seen or the dozen of Pats posters who have admitted online that the call was blown. Your position falls because the overturning of that call was not is proscribed in the issue of instant replay. Instant replay is to utilized only if you have clear and overwhelming evidence that a bad call has been made and the replay booth and their subsequent justifications admit that they were speculating rather reviewing and that is wrong and has never been done before. That is the issue not whether or not we are Jets fans that is not relevant but justice and what is right is.
  8. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    Oh and here is what scores of PATS FANS ARE SAYING!!! https://www.yahoo.com/news/patriots-catch-break-jets-get-td-taken-away-controversial-call-201851701.html Will yesterday "Pats fan here. I would just like to say that the refs screwed up on that call. It was definitely a touchdown. If I was a Jets fan I would be #$%$" or this one...... Okay yesterday As a pat's fan, that was a bogus call. Certainly not conclusive to turn over the on the field call. If this is what Pat Homer Fans are saying why in the world are we defending this nonsense?!!
  9. Thank you the poster that you are responding to is making a totally asinine point. The whole point of replay was to overturn totally ridiculous calls based upon clear and irrefutable video evidence. Now we are told that the video booth folks can extrapolate what they think might have happened to overturn a call ........ AND THAT CRAP HAS NEVER HAPPENED EVER IN AN NFL GAME AND CAN NOT BE JUSTIFIED!! The replay booth made a call that went against what was evident on the field without proof, it is as simple as that; don't folks see this who continue to defend this nonsense!!
  10. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    This is the rule!!! Now according to some of the refs in replay think something happened without proof they can make a ruling. Well...... That has never been the rule until now!!! Why have a rule if it isn't adhered to? Magically the refs know what happened?; they don't and neither does anyone else and as such the play should have stood. It is a joke and I will continue to say so until actual proof not conjecture and random speculation is proffered otherwise.
  11. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    The key is the refs in this case had to make a conjecture that he didn't have to ball and didn't have clear and convincing proof as is stipulated in the rule. That is the very definition of looking for something when you don't have to. It is disgusting. PI not called and then called against the player being interfered with. It isn't right!
  12. Blandino and Pereria weigh in

    I saw this and the ball clearly hits the ground and the player cradles it. It is a joke. Please show me where the Jets player clearly had the ball on the ground he didn't and there is no such evidence; it's a joke.
  13. Think in truth, and I don't want to derail the thread, the end of perceived innocence was over when the NFL burnt those tapes because they said that (i) there was nothing on the tapes (and/or everyone does it); (ii) if there was something very significant on the tapes don't worry about it because we "saw" it and you can "Trust" us and finally (iii) yes this was very very serious but the Pats were good so they would have won anyway... and oh did we tell you we burnt the tapes. After that the kiddie glasses had to come off for me because anyone who is a paralegal knows better than to take the actions that the NFL took of destroying evidence and then claiming that they told the truth...... and it continues to hurt the game because any call that is suspect or blatant like yesterday and goes the Pats way touches on that initial dishonesty and cover-up..
  14. Thank you and this is what is bothering me the most.......
  15. I agree... The Jets announcers after the game were saying to Jet callers; " what you think that it is a conspiracy?"; and "they must have seen something we didn't" ... Well it is now the next day and there aren't any other VIEWS OR SHOTS OR VIDEO that justifies that FREAKING CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NFL stooges they are until their sycophantic behavior destroys the game we love...
  16. This is a sound strategy depending upon down and distance and the time of the game; and you also have to factor in if you have offense that can gain the five yards back, the Pats have Brady and the Jets don't and that is a big big difference...
  17. You really believe this??? You truly believe that EVERY Sunday this season that the Jets have had the far superior, better and more talented team all SIX weeks that they have played this year and that Bowles is actually hindering McCown and so on from heretofore hidden greatness? You believe that? Last year I was ALL OVER BOWLES for the performance of the team, all over him!! However because I made what I felt was an honest assessment last year doesn't stop me from seeing what is before my eyes this year, which is, a well coached team that is playing hard week in and week out regardless of the INSANE REPLAY calls on the field or the lack of key significant talent on the offensive side of the ball!
  18. Game Observations (NE)

    Thank you.... For example....... People out here drool for Sean Payton and the Saints consistently who under perform with Drew Brees under center. Just think if Payton and the Saints were starting McCown instead of Brees; and even better what if Brees were on the Jets? It is a good possibility that we would be undefeated! Yea Bowles is coaching the heck out of this team and a poor tackle or inopportune timeout calls by McCown doesn't change that...
  19. Game Observations (NE)

    Interesting.......... What about Morton having the most limited QB in the entire NFL don't people understand this. That's not an excuse that is reality!!!!! There is a reason why McCown has lost wherever he has been and it hasn't been an accident. The coaching staff has been good. The defense and the offense have performed better than anyone in their right mind could have expected. To say that Morton is calling timeouts just to call timeouts is disingenuous. Stupid timeouts are being called because McCown has zero sense of the games and clock management after SIXTEEN years in the league and tells you all you need to know about McCown; not the coaching staff.
  20. Classy post!!! I lived in Buffalo, went to UB for graduate school and still recall the games being pumped into TOPS while shopping. Was there during their SB runs and will never forget the fun I had watching a great team play year after year.
  21. I agree 100% The NFL is literally destroying itself. You just can't have calls like this go against the home team time and time again. And I'm not even talking about the Jets; it is horrific across the board and pointing it out doesn't make you a crybaby, not a man or a snowflake as some try and claim out here. No pointing out the obvious is to reveal that the NFL is disintegrating right before our eyes and only those with their head in the sand can't see this. This is worse than the Vinnie helmet TD; that was a disgrace and we got the call because Parcellls was our coach. I point this out because I can see the truth, it had nothing to do with homerism, it has to do with being a fan of NFL football. Good Grief !!
  22. The Fitz Curse Strikes Again

    Man I really really hope so!!!
  23. You can't!!!! No one thought that the Jets were going to be any good; no one!! Let us have Brady and them have McCown and then we would see the difference. This team is well well coached and never gives up.
  24. Think the Jets already won this game. Scary. And Jets were cheated out of 5 seconds. The refs. Are kidding. They lost 5 seconds on a Pats penalty, this is a disgrace!!!