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  1. yeah this was shortly discussed a few days ago:
  2. huh? Think your math is off there. They were all pretty close together.
  3. Oh no doubt I just think some people think this is a cake walk to a top 3 pick. The Jets just don't lay down and I don't expect them to this year and probably will squeeze at least 4 wins if not possibly 1 or 2 more since we are in a division that likes to lay eggs at weird times.
  4. Unfortunately I don't believe that. Just historically the Jets don't really ever go below 3 or 4 wins in a season. Its actually pretty damn hard to lose more than 12 games in a season for us regardless of roster.
  5. yeah a bunch of wasted words in the 2nd half of that article. Why? Why? Why? Ummm because if they start winning nobody gives a damn what happened 3 yrs ago to a single player.
  6. Yeah what a crock of sh*te that line from this article is. Also love how the narrative pushes player responsibility to bring along the young pups instead of the you know countless coaches who get paid to do that. lol
  7. McCown barring injury will start week 1 no matter what. I don't think that says anything other than Petty and Hack haven't taken control. I'm sick actually of hearing they have to earn it and not to give it to them. I don't want them to earn it like this is some award in school. I want them to step up and take control of the locker room and take control on the field. You take control and don't give them any reason to take it away. Look at Dak last year, he didn't earn it, he ******* damn well took that sh*t when the opportunity arose and his actions basically said I'm not giving it back, its mine now and this team is mine. I just haven't seen this trait in either Petty or Hack so far, they just seem like a couple of kids waiting for their number to be called. So if they aren't willing to take ownership of the team than the Vet is going to start just like every other blueprint with young QBs. I personally don't see McCown playing through the first month anyway because he is going to get injured like he always does. So either Petty or Hack are going to get their number called, how they respond is whats going to matter. If Hack or Petty are announced starter prior to the season than I'll be happy in thinking they took that step needed to be picked starter.
  8. Can't blame you as a STH. Its easy for me to say what I said because I'm watching at home and also watching several other games at the same time. I still don't think there is a rift between the CS and FO imo. I think Bowles definitely lost a battle today but that's all it is imo. I can't knock any of this though because I have asked for it for the last couple years. The Jets are finally doing a full rebuild and it will be ugly for a bit or with some luck only a short season or 2. Hang in there, you guys are the lifeblood and I hope you see something of value by the end of preseason to help get you out of bed early on a Sunday to get to that stadium.
  9. Ditto but I expect to see the team rapidly evolve through the season, the new Leaders will step up and we'll see what the CS is made of for teaching situational football, not expecting anything spectacular I just want to see improvement in things like ball security over the course of the season. Its the nice thing with a bunch of talented young people. They all hungry and in a way naive is the word as they haven't been around and jaded by certain things about the league. They can mold these guys, outside of Petty for the most part Macc has really focused on super young rookies. I'm hoping to see a few surprises this year. Honestly things are getting more interesting for me personally, I like to see them progress and get better (some get worse too of course)
  10. This is my belief as well. The Jets have proven time and again they are the polar opposite of expectations.
  11. Damn that foreshadow!
  12. Man there is going to be a lot of crow to be served in some of these threads if Macc does turn this thing around from the basement to the penthouse in 2 years. Only thing that sucks about losing Decker is you know he will be a Pat by the end of the week. I'd honestly be shocked if Bill doesn't want him. Smart, great route running white receiver, he practically belongs in NE.
  13. Nah its all good, I just didn't get that impression from the first 3 pages and I was at work so didn't go any further. Thats why I was asking what posts inferred to you that they were drama queens flipping their sh*t because they all seemed pretty cool headed on those first 3 pages, even the ones that weren't happy, like the one I quoted. lol Edit: of course I posted the wrong quote originally, this was the one from the 3rd page I was referring to as the most dramatic
  14. I don't get the impression from Woody that he will fire Bowles. I think all 3 are involved and in the know on a full rebuild and a really bad season this year isn't going to get Bowles fired. Woody even said its more important right now to see development from the young guys. Now Woody can be impulsive and isn't always true to his word so we'll see but I have this feeling that both Bowles and Macc are going to get a full 5 years to see if they can move this forward.
  15. Dude I don't know what you are getting at. I even said I only went 3 pages deep. If you read the entire thread and have examples you are more than welcome to paste them here directly instead of me wading through 984 posts to find the KC beat writer or KC fans flipping their wigs. You posted the link so I figured you were familiar with the thread over there.