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  1. Thanks. I actually find that he is trending upward (he has only had 2 years as a full time starter) and both seasons he has been a 90+ rated QB that has thrown for an average 4500 yards over both seasons with a completion rate of around 68%. He also ranks 2nd in 2016 for what I consider the most important stat (yards per pass attempt) at 7.8. He was ranked 6th in 2015 with 7.3. And he basically has a little better then a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. I think he's actually already proving he is more "solid" then he is a hopeful unknown. His floor is already better then anything the Jets have put under center in almost the last decade. Washington also didn't provide Cousins a consistent run game this past year, leaving him carrying most of the success they have had. I honestly think the Redskins are crazy if they let him go. He is the only QB that I would build 10 yrs around as I think given the right coaching and team makeup he can honestly keep getting better and get us where we all want to be. I also think there is a 99% chance that the Redskins keep him but I'm holding out hope on that 1%. I watched a lot of Cousins this year b/c I had him as a fantasy QB for a large portion of my season in one of my leagues and outside of a few bad games, I was really impressed with him this past season. Dude throws a fantastic deep ball as well. extra credit: He also is a big dork, lover of Lord of the Rings and his trash talk game is pretty awesome. I'm starting my offseason bromance with Kirk Cousins. Its not even close if its Cousins vs Glennon in FA.
  2. I really dislike when people make statements like this with no depth. I'm not discounting your opinion, in some ways you are right, but its a discussion board and I figured I'd do the legwork and see if you were correct. The following information is a year old, it was from an article last February but I think it helps this discussion. Now it doesn't sound stupid since the success rate is 50%. But it could potentially be looked at as risky since you might be looking at a flip of a coin for a high value pick. In light of Jets recent draft history 50% success rate for a 2nd round pick could be looked at as a positive for our recent efforts with 2nd round picks or it could continue our trend of picking a 2nd round talent that either doesn't see the field due to injury or experience or bust factor. I personally would probably try to Gerald Everett in the 3rd if available, I like the comparisons to Brandon Marshall. But I don't think I would be upset with OPs top 3 picks.
  3. Just out of curiosity, why? He is by far the best QB on that list. Its not even close imo
  4. If Washington is crazy enough to let Cousins shake free, I'm all in on him. Long term even, I think given time and commitment he could get us to a super bowl.
  5. If you could provide a list (bullet point will be fine) of the things you care less about than this, that would be super!
  6. DeVos still can't figure out the point I was making!
  7. What else do you care less about? Sorry! Pet peeve of mine when I see people use the phrase wrong! could NOT care less personally
  8. He was a 1st rd draft pick who will get paid by someone. He has all the talent and we know in the NFL talent trumps everything else, he will get paid. We most likely would get the 3rd rd pick but that also depends on other cuts/additions.
  9. Would rather let Richardson walk for a comp 3rd rd pick then trade for Romo. And I love Romo, just not a good fit.
  10. Feels good man. 30 more mins. Keep the foot on the pedal and don't let up. Embarrass them
  11. I think Purdum is a UFA and turning 33. Probably not planning to re-sign him again.
  12. Jets signed a new Long Snapper Josh Latham - Long Snapper 1.7M over 3 years (AAV - 566,666)
  13. Looks like Fournette #6 overall
  14. I know nothing about these players, purely just built on BPA via Fanspeak rankings and don't watch College football lol 6: R1P6 QB MITCH TRUBISKY NORTH CAROLINA 39: R2P7 OT RYAN RAMCZYK WISCONSIN 70: R3P6 C ETHAN POCIC LSU 136: R4P31 EDGE DAESHON HALL TEXAS A&M 151: R5P6 TE ADAM SHAHEEN ASHLAND 192: R6P7 CB AARLON PENTON MISSOURI 227: R7P6 CB DWAYNE THOMAS LSU
  15. Probably because everyone chimed in already in the All Coaching Rumors Here Please thread. Seriously though, there was good discussion on Morton in that thread today.