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  1. You know at first I didn't care but then I was listening to the radio yesterday and they brought up the super bowl ring fiasco. Anyone remember this? Revis couldn't attend the ring event and sent his mom to pick up his ring and she was denied at the door. I can't understand how the hell he could go back there after they disrespected his mom like that.
  2. I actually didn't realize the offset language in Revis contract. If this is correct then if the Pats say pay him 2 million this year, I think its possible that the Jets then would only owe him 4 million. If this is correct then the Pats signing him for any amount of money will help the Jets create more cap relief. If this is true, I hope they do sign him and not for vet minimum. It would be nice for the Pats to inadvertently help the Jets.
  3. Agreed, just like the Pats did their 1st contract with him. It will be a voidable year 2. Revis would only do it to partially stick it to the Jets for giving up on him and also if his ego still matters he will have something to prove to the world.
  4. This is like Tebow all over again. If Revis don't have it in the tank, BB will cut him in the preseason. Of course BB is going to take a chance, why the hell not, its the Jets 6million dollars not the Pats. Pats will sign him for vet minimum.
  5. Don't forget the most important part of the combine, the private interviews. I think that provides the most value out of the combine "event" Combine is pretty much a job fair.
  6. I think it was Kizer this time last year. Trubisky and Watson were barely talked about. Maybe Watson was a little but I don't remember hearing Trubisky at all this time last year.
  7. I would hope so! But the timing of Albrights speculation comes on the heels of these tweets yesterday, could be a smokescreen or it could be smoke.
  8. Davis can't helicopter so default win to McCown!
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see Macc snag a 5th for him during the draft. Or he'll be used draft day as commodity to move up in the draft a couple spots in a day 2 or 3 trade up.
  10. I think its speculation, funny how his news comes on the heels of the announcement that Jets were one of a few teams having private workouts with Trubisky. I would love if Trubisky fell too us in the 2nd round. Didn't we take Mark Sanchez with the 6th overall pick too? Whats with the Jets and the 6th overall pick, they love getting that pick lol
  11. I honestly think Marshall has more upside. I would be shocked if Patton makes this WR squad without the need of injury help.
  12. This is just a camp body imo. Unless due to injury this guy won't make the opening day roster.
  13. You can follow my Jets Beat Writers List on Twitter. It might be slightly out of date since it hasn't been updated since last offseason but I will eventually add/remove once we start getting a better idea of coverage closer to the draft.