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  1. Ran the test site over 6 hours, no audio ever unmuted. Looks like its working as intended now.
  2. So sad and tragic to hear. He is never celebrating his Birthday again either, what a terrible day all around for the Berman family and friends.
  3. Good point! And you can't say "I didn't hear you to him"
  4. And our OC is a former WR coach that has done tremendous work with WRs. I'm not worried about our WRs, I think they are gonna surprise a lot of ppl this season. (as long as we get at least average QB play)
  5. Oh in case it matters for you. Windows 7 Ultimate, Google Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)
  6. Just tested this and no audio but it also doesn't look like there are any video ads on the test page.
  7. He still working on oceans, jeeeez how much progress do you want in 12 months!!!
  8. I based his following seasons projections on that single game. I was convinced he was able to cover after that game. Man talk about a big tease, never resurfaced unfortunately
  9. First question I had after reading OP...
  10. I've been a huge Khiry fan and can't believe how snakebitten he was over the last 1.5 years. Really hoping he's got a bionic leg now and can keep it healthy and make this team!
  11. I've been thinking what if the Jets plan to show off Decker through TC/some of Preseason, showing he is 100% and then trade him to a competitor right before the season starts or early in the season for 1 or 2 2018 picks. Could be a good opportunity to grab some more picks if the timing works out, Decker is healthy and a competitor may be looking for that last piece or possibly fill an injury hole.
  12. That why they call them safeties!
  13. I've experienced this issue but it is usually A/V or system resources issue. If on a windows PC then when it happens try and have your task manager opened to the performance tab and see if you are spiking your CPU usage or possible disk drive I/O usage.
  14. Speaking of which, whats with the video player ads at the bottom showing NESN videos all the time? Ads are find but video ads consume bandwidth and cause congestion and slower site loading. I haven't had any issues with videos unmuting on this site but I also stop them altogether, I've experienced it on other sites though. Just my 2 pennies Thanks for looking into it!
  15. I don't agree he didn't build through the draft. I think he absolutely did. Sure we could have added a WR, TE or RB in the 1st 2 rounds but that wouldn't have helped this team this year unless we have a signal caller who can execute the offense. That much is not known as of yet. They had pretty much the worst secondary in the NFL last year. Now I still don't agree with back to back safeties but if they are both on the field together interchangeably as FS/SS then that upgraded 2 major needs on defense that will help keep us in the games. Normally you start the rebuild at the lines but we don't have to on defense, so secondary is the major rebuild project that started this draft. OL is not as bad as some like to think imo but was also an extremely weak class and not worth the reach. There was no guarantee on any OL this season. Next season is the offensive draft where we can go for QB and OL for sure. I still would have preferred they went Adams/Wilson in the 1st/2nd but I'm willing to let this play out and see how much improvement the secondary has this season. Offensively I still think we have a ton of talent,especially young talent. The WR position is looking great right now imo and I think that depth chart will sort itself out on this team and it will be apparent hopefully as this season unfolds. RBs we still have Powell and I think Morton will use him a lot more then previous OCs (I hope). The thing about a young team is its hard to say who is #1 or #2 or what not because they are all young and unproven, if they picked the right people then they are hungry and looking to step up and become leaders as well over time. (example: if Enunwa makes the same jump this year that he did last year, he will become a very dangerous weapon that teams will need to gameplan for) Our draft wasn't sexy or overwhelmingly amazing, but I gave it a solid B- and pretty much what you would expect from a team rebuilding and not only trying to fill the gaps on their team but also willing to identify the mistakes and weaknesses and replace them with the same priority as filling blank spaces.