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  1. Totally, it would be the smart move for him to stay home at this point. He should be calling his lawyer though and finding out who he should sue though for all the money he is going to lose if he is proven innocent.
  2. Well that looks like an admission of guilt if I ever saw one.
  3. Man they better expedite that rape kit before Thurs night. Holy sh*t what a major **** up this kid did to his future if he did this.
  4. welp looks like I need to go edit my top 6 predictions in the other thread lol
  5. Yeah its exactly the reason my mind immediately went to him. Tunsil was a boyscout too until the gas mask video lol
  6. The thing about this is, we don't have the whole story so we don't know if this is some gold digging woman with a purpose to make some money and targeted this kid. I'm not as high as others are on Hooker. I think the talent is there but the starting experience in college is lacking and the injuries are concerns for such a high pick imo
  7. I was immediately assuming it is Trubisky but it looks like the twitterverse is gathering smoke around Malik Hooker.
  8. Myles Garrett Jonathan Allen Solomon Thomas Malik Hooker Gareon Conley Jamal Adams
  9. Maybe in the 2nd now? Just wait in the next 48 hrs you know this story is going to break open and it will be Trubisky who was the assaulter.
  10. Could be Gareon Conley they have eyes for at 12. Trubisky still has ??'s I don't think Garrett does. Pretty simple you don't want to **** this up so you take Garrett #1 and then take the chance on Trubisky. If Trubisky doesn't work out at least they still have an elite pass rusher on the other side of the ball guaranteed.
  11. I voted disagree on both. I don't think picking a QB at 6 or not picking one at 6 is an admission either way. If they pick one at 6 that just means they see someone with MORE potential than Petty and Hack. If they don't pick a QB at 6 that doesn't mean their opinion on Hack is any different, he will be judged appropriately in TC/PS.
  12. I think I agree. Petty will be 26 at the start of this season, coming off surgery and has 2 yr left on his rookie deal. Would already be 27 on his next contract. I don't think he is the answer but I think Petty could become a competent backup. He obviously is still struggling to identify defensive schemes and he might also be directly responsible for his own injury due to communication and identification at the line of scrimmage. I'm also not a fan of how much air he puts under his deep passes.1 Hackenburg is 22 at the start of this season with 3 years left on his rookie deal. Even if he isn't the answer he is super young, will only be 25 at the start of his next contract and worth the extra time to see if he is at least a competent backup. I really wouldn't be surprised if the Jets take Trubisky or Watson at 6 and redshirt him a year like Hack last year and go with McCown vs Hack for this season and then see where things are next season.
  13. Looks like some reporters are getting a jump on the fluff pieces for the new season
  14. I went for a C+ since it is a solid pick, just not a pick that upgrades the team.