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  1. so on that nice catch and almost TD by Stewart, did anyone else notice the egregious defensive holding on Powell, they nearly pulled his jersey off and no call at all. ******* refs kill me sometimes when there is such a blatant penalty.
  2. @Maxman We need a projectile vomit emoji
  3. I get violently ill to my stomach everytime I hear Forte's name
  4. There we go, was wondering if Edwards was in mid season shank form today or not. Never lets me down
  5. See thats the veteran leadership we needed under center, pressure from blindside, out of the tackle box, takes the sack instead of throwing it away...
  6. Can this team finish a ******* play
  7. McCown actually has an arm, so lets have him throw it 3 yards passed the los... Air this sh*t out, Bills have no corners anymore
  8. This ******* team still can't tackle
  9. 4 hour games?

    It was the sheer amount of penalties honestly. Don't think there was really any additional commercials compared to any other game.
  10. 1st Place on the line Sunday

    LETS GO JETS, I'm all in now on the season, its amazing what a Pats loss can do to a Jets fan!
  11. Chiefs vs Cheats

    I'm so happy I get to wake up tomorrow in New England and no longer hear any talk about a perfect season. Can't wait to hear the fans turn on each other and start calling for Belicheck and Bradys heads.
  12. Chiefs vs Cheats

    At least you will be pleasantly surprised on Sunday then!
  13. Chiefs vs Cheats

    Brady literally just went fetal position on the field with no one touching him LMAO
  14. Chiefs vs Cheats

    We are going to demolish the Bills on Sunday