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  1. jets viewership down the most

    You paint a nice picture but the dadta does not back up your statement. From 15 years ago there has been about one extra penalty called per game. https://www.sportingcharts.com/articles/nfl/how-many-penalties-in-an-nfl-game-on-average.aspx
  2. jets viewership down the most

    i have noticed this a lot more this season. did something change - it use to be very rarely we would see them on the same time.
  3. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/10/19/tv-ratings-show-most-nfl-teams-losing-local-support/ Most teams in the NFL are down by more than 5 percent. The Jets, playing in America’s biggest television market, are down a whopping 37 percent. i for one, have been DVR the games several times this year and watching them later (skipping the commericals and stuff).
  4. ASJ: Won't let "fumble" ruin my redemption year

    he's turned his life around. someone probably told him the truth. you keep drinking, your out of football and life ain't so good. you get in shape, give up drinking and have a nice season your looking at a big payday that can set you up for a long time. i wonder what contract he can sign if he keeps up his play this year.
  5. POLL: Number of Wins Remaining in 2017

    think the average is around 3 wins. put us at 6-10. terrible draft spot, probably have to go get a QB in free agency.
  6. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    while i have been rooting for the Jets to win (why not) i really wanted them to tank this season and get a top pick. now it looks like the Giants are going to have a better pick. I don't see them winning more than 4 games and i think we pull out 2 wins.
  7. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    think you lock down a potential FQB.
  8. guns n roses

    I saw some clips on twitter and it looked awesome. We are going to try to go Monday night. looks like it was worth it. I like concerts in the garden.
  9. The forum this year in a nutshell

    Ryan would have changed this franchise
  10. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    0-5 happened
  11. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    they are going to get a better draft pick - it will be horrible if we don't get our QB.
  12. guns n roses

    and what time are they suppose to go on stage?
  13. guns n roses

    how much is the ticket? let me check with my wife to see if she can watch the kids today.
  14. if they are all top 10 prospects (the QBs), i bet they all go in the top 5.
  15. Cool guy. But he didn't get his folks s luxury box?