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  1. probably a little bit of both
  2. what section are you in?
  3. sorry i don't speak Jive. what is it you are trying to say?
  4. I moved up to Row 1 club section seats. very excited to have a better view of our (hopefully) 2-14 season....
  5. this photo seems to imply that there is glass (or something) in front of the seats .
  6. does anyone have thoughts on this issue? do you have to lean forward the whole game? this is for club seats (mezz)
  7. Row one is the way to go!
  8. This guy is just a good person.
  9. Yes. They told me today.
  10. they were suppose to release all the seats from PSL holders not ponying up tomorrow but they extended the deadline by another week. i think there is going to be mass defections if this team goes 4-12 this year and gets the 5th pick.
  11. i just renewed my tickets and moved down to the second row. (first row was not available!) this was not a smart thing to do. honestly i am pretty sure that i should have saved my money and just bought a PSL in the secondary market next year in the location closer to the 50. save the $5k. how much do club seats on the sideline cost per game? that's what i want.
  12. as long as something gets him to stop the drinking it's all good. Someone probably sat him down and was like, you can work hard this year and get a second contract and live comfortably for the next few decades or be broke and out of football. hopefully it clicks.
  13. Just don't watch it. You don't watch like 200 channels you get now. Make it 201.