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  1. Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing. CanadaSteve posted Smith wasn't a wasted pick and you accused Mogglez. You then showed both in your post. Do you even look before you post?
  2. I go with pray he's the real deal. Let's not forget he's only 22. He still has miles to go but at least there is a glimmer of hope.
  3. Ok, who allowed the 12 year old on the board?
  4. Definitely Carpenter, and in my opinion Marshall was a good move for the time he was here. He has signed a number of good undrafted free agents such as Anderson and Jalin Marshall, as well as Thomas the DL. I think time will show that his drafts will be solid at worst, and very good at best. As I stated before he has had his busts but all GMs do. I'm not one of the MAC cheerleaders but I also don't hate him and look for ways to trash him.
  5. The Revis signing was orchestrated by Woody as a way to get back at Kraft, getting Marshall worked for a couple of years but it was time to move on, in my opinion the Harris signing was a little high but reward for leadership and a good Jet career, Decker was signed by Idzik, the Folk contract was not bad, Gilchrist and Skrine were both bad signings. It seems like I am forgetting someone but I don't believe it's as bad as you are trying to make it. I realize Skrine is still here but is a bad signing as was Fitz for 12 million. Mac has made some good moves as well as some really bad moves which shouldn't be a huge surprise for someone in his first role as GM. I think he is growing in the job and we need to take a step back and see how this long awaited rebuild takes shape.
  6. The thread is about Peake and that is who I was referring to when I said 7th. I reread your post and noticed that you said Leggett in the fifth, I missed that, my bad.
  7. Happy to see Hack had a good practice. I don't get too excited about a good practice or a bad practice as he is going to have both. The key will be if the good practices start to outweigh the bad ones. Fingers crossed that they will. I would love to see him become the guy!
  8. That's what I had also.
  9. Actually I believe he was 7th round not 5th.
  10. Are you 100% sure you got them all?
  11. If any QB worth anything were to get drafted by the Jets I would like to think they would be confident enough to think they could be the guy that turns around the franchise and be a hero for life in the eyes of the fans. The endorsement possibilities for someone in that position would be out of this world.