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  1. It’s obvious that you have been lurking for a long time, you have all of the standard posts down pat. Congratulations!
  2. Actually Kizer was a second round pick and Myles Garrett was their other first rounder with Jabril Peppers.
  3. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Sunday's much-mockable meeting between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns brings together two forlorn franchises, both of whom are expected to be in contention for the top pick in the 2018 draft, for a game dubbed by five-year-olds as "The Toilet Bowl." (That the Jets are .500 won't taint this tilt's stink.) Both fan bases, and likely both front offices, see this season as something of a lost cause, as neither team is expected to make the postseason, and would rather see their teams "tank", for lack of a better word, to gain prime position to select the player/quarterback of their choosing. 2017 SEASON: WEEK 5 ▹ Rank: Trubisky will help Bears win immediately ▹ Top 25 rookies at Q1 ▹ Brandt: 10 leading MVP candidates ▹ David Carr ranks 15 best offensive players ▹ Power Rankings: Lions surge; Falcons fall ▹ Nine bandwagons to jump on now! But venerable Browns veteran Joe Thomas isn't so sure losing to ensure a coveted prospect is the best idea. "It's always fun for fans and the media to have that narrative because it gives you guys something to talk about," Thomas told Manish Mehta of the Daily News. "And for fans, I'm sure they enjoy the optimism of looking toward the future if they don't think that the present is bright. "But it seems like every year the player that you want to suck for ends up dropping and not being the top pick... or what you expected." Take it from Thomas, who in his time in Cleveland has seen the Browns pick inside the top 10 five times -- and that's not even counting the times the franchise traded out of top 10 (cough, Julio Jones, cough). With those five selections, Cleveland picked cornerback Joe Haden (No. 7) in 2010 and Myles Garrett (No. 1) in 2017. But the team also picked Trent Richardson (No. 3) in 2012, Barkevious Mingo (No. 6) in 2013 and Justin Gilbert (No. 8) in 2014. Two of those dudes are out of the league, and Mingo is on his third franchise in as many years. As far as top-10 quarterbacks go, for every Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford, there's a Jake Locker or Blaine Gabbert. Thomas is well aware of this history. "If you look historically at the draft at quarterbacks in the top 10," Thomas said, "about half of them flame out very quickly. So, there's no guarantee in the NFL that if you've got the No. 1 pick or you've got a top-five pick, that you're going to be able to draft a franchise quarterback. So, I'm not sure that the appropriate strategy is just to tank for a quarterback." Loser beware, Jets and Browns.
  4. Very good in depth post, thank you.
  5. With those stats if he were at USC he would be considered the top draft pick!
  6. If we do it like the Pats then we have to get lucky with a 6th round qb!
  7. If you are doing naked yoga how do you poop your pants???
  8. I find it comical that some people think that whether they root for a win or a loss has any impact on the final score! Just root for your team to win and at the end of the season the results will be sorted out. Go J E T S !
  9. Some would say that is a good quality in a wife!
  10. Andrew luck question

    He just turned 28 two weeks ago.
  11. 1952 here, you guys are making me feel old. Who am I kidding, I am old! On the bright side I did get to see the Jets win Super Bowl 3.
  12. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    You guys realize this is what was said about Hack changing systems and nobody wants to hear it, right?
  13. Russell Wilson thought that too!
  14. They also changed coaches and brought in a true offensive coach that had great success with Cousins in Washington. I don't see any changes here until we bring a n that type of coach.
  15. I think if used properly he can still be a good player. He played olb at Ohio State and we drafted him to be something he obviously isn't. I can see him going to a team that plays him properly and having a productive career.