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  1. 8/15 practice tweets

    The Beavis and Butthead Chronicles?
  2. I think the difference is that the Bucs and Giants are both in contention for a playoff spot this year where as we are in a rebuilding mode. If you can get younger and cheaper you may find a long term solution.
  3. They ran out of chocolate chip cookies, see ya!!!
  4. All teams do it, the difference this year is that the coaching staff is calling them out for it! Good for them!
  5. The one QB that we have with west coast experience did throw the long ball to Anderson so it is the n the playbook. I believe that last night was a brief introduction to Hack with the idea of getting him some early success. I think you will see him start to add that into his arsenal with each game. He has a very strong arm and has a history of being accurate on long throws. The knock on him has always been his short throw accuracy and last night showed he has made improvements in that area.
  6. I think any of the C+ to B grades are accurate. What I took from the game is that I think we can safely put the not being able to hit the ocean bs to bed. He looked poised and hit every one of his targets except for a couple of throw always deep that were tightly covered and the one ball that was tipped. Is he a finished product? Not even close. He has shown that he has a very strong arm that won't have any problem making all the throws. I was most impressed by his short accuracy which is what we've heard he couldn't do. Step 1 of many steps accomplished, on to step 2.
  7. Based on new information I now wish we had drafted him!
  8. Forum Upgrade Complete

    I used to be on that site but found there to be too much bs and not enough football!
  9. Beavis and Butthead come through again! Nice job!
  10. How Invested Are You?

    I still have the same excitement for the upcoming Jets season as always. I live and die (mostly die) with the team!
  11. Forum Upgrade Complete

    The changes look good and this is easily the best Jets board around. Thank you Max for all you do!
  12. Panthers Texans

    And if he were to throw for 2 TD and 60% you could use ** correct?
  13. Panthers Texans

    Does this apply to our qb's also or just ones that you like?
  14. Great Read on Mccown

    You are correct. After reading this article it is easy to see how he has lasted this long. Excellent mentor!
  15. As the second week of training camp creeps to a close, are we any closer to a quarterback decision in Denver, where Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch are locked in battle for the starting role? "I think today you actually saw some separation," NFL Network's James Palmer reported Friday. "In my opinion, watching all the seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills, Trevor Siemian really had a better day than Paxton Lynch." A raw performer as a rookie, Lynch gave way on Friday to Siemian, who showed better mastery of the attack after 14 mostly solid starts for the Broncos a year ago. "You saw after Lynch had a couple of struggling reps, Trevor Siemian comes in, runs the play action, throws a dime into the quarter of the end zone for a touchdown," Palmer said. "The next play, play action, would have been a touchdown, but [was] dropped by tight end Jeff Heuerman in the end zone. Siemian looking just more poised in the spot." After practice, first-year coach Vance Joseph complimented Siemian for having a "good day" and for consistently "changing plays at the line of scrimmage" to benefit the offense. It's just one practice, but Saturday will cook up more hard-boiled evidence when the Broncos engage in their intrasquad scrimmage.