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  1. I don't get the pick. As has been said a bunch of times, he looks great when he is by the line of scrimmage. Aggressive. Sure tackler. Wraps up. "Leader." I believe he will be a good player for us and maybe a fan favorite. So what though. At best we get someone who is a little better at doing stuff than someone that we could generally take in the late 3rd or 4rounds. Woohoo. Meanwhile you have potential td machines in Williams and Howard just sitting there. Not to mention Christian mccaffrey who is a lock to get 1500+ all purpose yards every season. not to mention actual cornerbacks who might stop the passes down the field. not to mention a potential trade down opportunity to secure picks for a qb next year. But the experts say... 🙄
  2. Why does he look slow
  3. I really like this signing. Cheap with big upside, coming from a sh*tty situation at qb caught about 70 balls in the past two years. Assuming it's for peanuts. Nice move.
  4. My changes are above
  5. Not the sexiest but I think this represents serious talent influx.
  6. I wouldn't be angry if Mark was the vet. F it. But I'm not trading for him either
  7. whats the purpose in selecting a guard so high?
  8. Decker is being released?
  9. So true. Those three guys can definitely go in the negative. i can live with mos contract for now, will see what happens moving forward. Could end up being terrible or good. First year obviously a bad sign.
  10. This list is not complete but I think it has most of McCagnan's major moves. I can't hate on it. I know some people will think I'm being too kind for devin smith and hackenberg, but we'll find out for sure either way. I think Macs moves this year will be the deciding factor one way or another on Mac's effectiveness. Positive: -Leonard Williams -Brandon Shell -James Harrison -FitzPatrick (part 1) -Robby Anderson -Charone Peake -Jordan Jenkins -Deon Simon -Brandon Marshall Not sure yet: -Devin Smith -Lorenzo Mauldin -Darron Lee -ASJ -Bryce Petty -Christian Hackenberg -Juston Burris Negative: -FitzPatrick(part 2) -Clady -Forte -Revis
  11. McCagnan might suck. But it's not like he just decided to have a crap qb. No legit FA QB and he was dealt a crap qb in geno and he signed a vet who then looked surprisingly good. The following year the same player sucked. Whatcha gonna do. In the meantime he has taken a couple of swings in the draft. Petty still unknown but not very inspiring. Hackenberg is the same but magnified due to second round status. Bowles is a lost cause to me. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. BPA

    If there's no franchise qbs in this draft I hope the jets can snag an impact ref at 6.