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  1. Best Thursday night game I can remember. Good to see Carr healthy.
  2. jets viewership down the most

    This year is essentially year 3 of the Jets' old vet trilogy. The first year was unexpectedly good so people continued to tune in last year, until it became horrific. This year many all fans realize the team isn't going anywhere there's no young qb (starting) to sell the fans on. Jets can't keep selling poop and expect the same returns. I'm happy fans have wised up.
  3. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    Maybe. But compared to real game action, non-game experience might as well be playing madden. And we all know Petty is already good at Madden.
  4. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    Frankly I think the post I quoted was perfect and I don't feel like writing a bunch of paragraphs. The simple answer is that you find out it Petty or Hack is any good. As to why Petty isn't playing -- coaches are self interested and narrow minded and don't always think very far down the road.
  5. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    Thank you for this. This x 1,000.
  6. Brett Hundley

    As nycdan suggests above, it's too bad we don't partake in the evaluation process here
  7. Brett Hundley

    Write him a letter after he pulls it off this weekend and maybe he will tweet you about it. I'm guessing he will have some reps with the ones, develop better chemistry with the receivers, brush up on the schemes. edited to add: I don't pretend to know that he's good and I really don't have a dog in the fight. Except to say that he has been a backup to this point and has not gotten his chance yet. Is he not allowed a chance before his judgment day? It is the easiest thing in the world to "call" that a given qb will suck -- almost all of them do -- so what kind of pleasure does it provide to claim that a guy sucks before he even plays?
  8. Brett Hundley

    We're in agreement. A year to evaluate sounds right to me too
  9. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    I'm not sure what this means. The foundation for wanting a "tank/rebuild" year is that your team lacks enough good players to go forward into future years with it's current roster as a contender. Maybe your cap space is allocated to old vets, maybe you have a bad QB. When "tanking/rebuilding", you drop some over priced vets, which the jets did do btw, and you play younger cheaper players so that they get experience and you can evaluate them for their long term worth. You go into the year knowing that you're not winning anything, but you also know that your team is developing in the process. Some people have a ridiculous though that pro-tank people actually expect the players to go out and kneel or punt the ball on second down or that the QB is going to be instructed to throw pop flies into the defense's secondary--It's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Tanking is achieved by the choice to play younger, less qualified and often less gifted players at crucial positions. See colts who started Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky, Kerry Collins in their tank year. Our team's equivalent would have been to start Hackenberg and to a lesser extent, Petty. That is what tank people wanted. Those guys would ether be good or bad or somewhere in between and would at least demonstrate through their play whether they have any semblance of a future in this league. Many if not all of the "tank people" would be happy if one of those guys was starting. At the very least, a potential QB would be getting some experience. Instead, when Josh McCown is trotted out there, the "tankers" who should really be called the "more forward thinking Jets fans who are thinking beyond the immediate future" are angered and dismayed and want the team to lose so that if the team will actually get a young good QB that the team will allow to play on Sundays. My question to the real fans was that if the Jets are at 3-11, 4-10, or 5-9 at best in week 15, (at which point their consciences might grant them the ability to finally start rooting for losses), would they agree that the year should have been played by Petty and Hack, since McCown was never going to be able to deliver a winning season anyway. Because "tank/rebuild" people have been hinging their argument on that notion since day 1. The real fans meanwhile have more appreciation for the fact that rooting for your team to win feels like the right thing to do. Fun fact. The 2014 Titans started out 2-4 on their way to 2-14 and Mariota.
  10. Meh. You're not wrong in saying that NFL QBs are more mobile now but you're stretching to make that a takeaway from tonight's game. Your statement seems like a veiled shot at Mariota. Although Mariota is among the best athletes at the qb position, he couldn't move tonight since he is injured. Tonight he made a statement that he can play from the pocket. To say that tonight he played Chip Kelly ball is a stretch.
  11. Brett Hundley

    Yup. Big news to some apparently
  12. Brett Hundley

    I'm saying that he didn't do that well. But if you really want to have an idea of how he could perform as a starter, then give him the opportunity to prepare like a starter before you claim that he is garbage or I believe the quote was "sh*t"
  13. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    Question for the real fans: If the Jets are about 4-10 (give or take a game) in week 15, would you then acknowledge that this season was a rebuild year and should have been in the hands of Petty/Hack? I can only speak for myself but that is the assumption that I was making from the beginning of the season and thus why I have been in the "tank" (more apt word would be rebuild) crowd from the get go.
  14. Brett Hundley

    Sure. Or give him the week to prepare?