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  1. Extend Macc and Bowles

    To the OPs point about how this should be one of the most appealing jobs out there--I think it's still somewhat true. But I think that the jets missed their opportunity to really gain huge widespread appeal when they failed to get their stadium in Manhattan. Without casting any blame, I think that this particular failure deprived the jets of becoming an NFL "it team".
  2. Careful man. Say anything remotely optimistic and you shall be castigated. Just ask the editor of the local newspaper in 2018.
  3. Actual Article from January 2018

    Miserable bunch.
  4. Actual Article from January 2018

    For real? The article said that the qbs combined in 14 games had 17 TD. Sheesh. Thinking caps fellas.
  5. Actual Article from January 2018 Yesterday the Jets' season came to a close and as many predicted they will not be sniffing the postseason. At 2-14 the Jets are tied for the worst record of the year and they hold the 1st pick in the 2018 NFL draft. More on that in a minute. In such an uncompetitive year, one would hope that there has been some progress towards success in the years to come. Let's take a look. The Jets might actually put out a good secondary next year. Rookies Adams and Maye impressed this year and will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Juston Burris solidified his role as CB2 and Morris Claiborne was effective at CB1, which suggests that the Jets will make him an offer to stay. Buster Skrine had an on and off year. The rookie CBs showed glimpses of their potential. The linebacker crew was led by current and former jet DeMario Davis, who took over duties of David Harris-- the long tenured veteran who was unceremoniously dumped in June. Darron Lee was solid in his second season, second on the team in tackles and showing his speed by making tackles on the outer portions of the field. The Jets still need the dominant pass rusher they haven't had since John Abraham, but the Jets combination of Jarvis Jenkins and Lorenzo Mauldin accounted for 11 sacks between them. Muhammad Wilkerson bounced back from his 2016 season with 8 sacks and a strong presence against the run. Sheldon Richardson had 6 sacks and was also effective. Leonard Williams continues to grow into his position as a leader. He was constantly pulling down ball carriers around the line of scrimmage and had 7 sacks of his own. The Jets have a tight end or two! Both ASJ and Jordan Leggett caught over 30 balls and were willing blockers. The O-Line is probably in decent shape--for the most part. Kevin Beachum was a disappointment at Left Tackle and the Jets would be wise to spend their free agency fortune on a solid player as they rebuild. Wesley Johnson looked comfortably at C and the guards Were fine. Brandon Shell looks to a fine solution at RT. At wide receiver, Quincy Enunwa earned an extension halfway through the season and is now under contract through 2022. He played well catching 59 balls for 872 yards. Robby Anderson was also effective with 44 catches for 677 yards. ArDarius Steward also had 38 catches. These three look to be a solid if unspectacular trio moving forward. Chad Hansen helped in limited reps, catching 17 balls. Finally, and most importantly, it looks like the Jets are still looking for their man at QB. After Josh McCown started the first two games, Christian Hackenberg took over. He was ok. In 11 games he managed to pass for 2,103 yards and 13 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. He completed 55% of his passes. Bryce Petty started three games that Hack missed due to injury. Though he showed off his rocket arm, his numbers were unimpressive, passing for 520 yards in three games with only 4 touchdowns to 4 interceptions. When the draft arrives this Spring the Jets will have their chance to FINALLY get their man. Thankfully the team around him will not be as dismal as was feared at the beginning of the year. The Jets will have plenty of capital, both in the draft and in cap space to continue building around him.
  6. 5th rounder or better im happy. Dude stinks
  7. Funny considering that we all see our WR group as a plus on our team.
  8. Good work ASJ. Please be good at football
  9. Derrick Jones CB; 6th Round (204 Overall)

    After reading weaknesses-Is that you Antonio?
  10. Mo Wilkerson #19th Highest Paid in the NFL

    I get the hate but he got the going rate... He should have been resigned earlier, however. And that would have cost less. or traded..
  11. A bunch more recent 1st round picks would have won or at least played in Super Bowls if not for Brady. I think the fact that he was been to what 7 Super Bowls or something makes the view completely skewed. If you take him out of the picture then guys like Peyton, Matt Ryan, Roethlisberger, Rivers, and many more would have been or won to more super bowls and completely change the way the data looks
  12. Jordan Jenkins, what's his upside?

    Upside is good role player. Won't be flashy but tackles well and can finish up qbs with sacks when the coverage is good
  13. He should be getting 13-18 carries
  14. West Coast Offense

    Dude did you miss the Robbie Anderson thing this year where he just runs by everyone? Chas Hansen looks like he is good at that too.
  15. TE Jordan Leggett

    This guy is good. I love it. Bravo.