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  1. Mike Williams WR is the wise choice. We need to score some points. Aint gonna happen with Enunwa and Robbie Anderson.
  2. Brian CostelloVerified account‏@BrianCoz 3m3 minutes ago More Cutting Folk and Giacomini clears $7.5 million in cap space. #nyj
  3. Ian RapoportVerified account‏@RapSheet 13s13 seconds ago More The #Jets announced the release of K Nick Folk
  4. Romo a Jet??

    DeFillippo is the leading OC and he happens to be an Air Coryell guy. Hmmm... interesting same system ROMO is used to. Its happening folks.
  5. Cutler 2017!

    I'd love Cutler actually. Strong Arm. Good pocket awareness. Still in prime of career. Reminds me of when Tuna grabbed Testeverde. Sign me up. Cutler knows bMarsh and forte too.
  6. 2017 QB Market

    Bears will draft a QB in the top 3 picks and trade Cutler to the Jets for a late round pick. Jets will have Cutler and Hackenberg as t heir QB tandam next season. Petty, Fitzy, & Geno will be Gone.
  7. BUF Observations

    exactly. People dont understand Revis was in a cover 2
  8. BUF Observations

    TO EVERYONE SAYING REVIS NEEDS HELP AND TO PLAY MORE COVER 2 and/or ZONE.... The Jets were in a Cover 2 defense on the play where Goodwin scored that 85 yard TD. It was not a man to man defense.Cover 2 is a Zone. Thank you.
  9. Larry Fitzgerald in Postseason

    To me TO is better than Moss. TO was a complete receiver Moss was a one trick pony
  10. waited all I could wait. Spend 325 including fees fore section 108 row 12. Where the tailgate party at?
  11. I agree with KRL and think its obvious that FITZ is starting this week. Bowles said its a pain issue. Fitz will play. The teams season success depends on him playing. Geno cant do what fitz can do and its apparent. Fitz will wear a brace of some sort and get a cortisone type shot before the games each week. Why do you think they already announced that Fitz will not have surgery until AFTER THE SEASON?
  12. NE Observations

    What about the go ahead TD to marshall that he dropped.
  13. Fitz is having a really good season. He's a natural leader. bmarsh and deck love him. I expect Fitz to have his best game of the season this Sunday.
  14. What? Fitz is in another stratosphere compared to SUCHchez