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  1. I'm glad Bowles hired him. Greene commands respect because he was a great player in his own right who commanded double and triple teams every play.
  2. I think the issue is more with Bowles and Rodgers, seeing as how it happens repeatedly and no adjustment is made.
  3. We know how this plays out: Teams with competent QBs/coaches will just avoid the d-line altogether, throw quick 1-3 step drops and bubble screens, neutralizing the d-line. It's been this way for a while now.
  4. Maybe we should start a "fan fiction" forum. It'll be the only place the Jets will be winning this year.
  5. For those 6 or 7 games Jenkins was healthy in Rex's scheme, it was a beautiful thing to watch. Shame we didn't see more of it.
  6. It's not even a contest, 2000 Ravens D was better and it's only rivaled by the 1985 Bears, 2002 Bucs, and the 2013 Seahawks. 2009 Jets D was a great unit, but not legendary like the above ones. It lacked the supporting cast in the secondary alongside Revis to be truly great. The 2000 Ravens were very unique because they played mostly base defense, no exotic blitzes. Their front 4 was just so good that they occupied every blocker and disrupted, leaving the back 7 free to make plays.
  7. The Jets were a finesse offense that year, they just weren't built to go into Mile High with the crowd at full throat and run the ball down their throats. Never was gonna happen. It was the turnovers in the passing game that truly did them in, including a fumble or two by a receiver.
  8. there were countless offensive turnovers to blame that game as well
  9. to remind us of happier times.... 1998 - Jets @ Patriots MNF (Vinny hits Dedric Ward to put the nail in the coffin in Parcells return to Foxboro) 1998 Divisional Playoff - Jags @ Jets - The last time we hosted a divisional playoff game. A feel-good day. I remember it being that clear, sunny, and cold. (first video cuts off 10 min before the end) Last 10 minutes of above game...
  10. He'd be a fool to stay in school another year and risk injury
  11. Sanchez had the best o-line, running game, and defense in the NFL those 2 years. It was a special situation. I think O'Brien and Vinny could have gone pretty far with that kind of support as well.
  12. winner? I could have sworn they lost that game.
  13. Outside of Namath, it's a bunch of guys who had skill but couldn't really put it together. O'Brien, Vinny, and Sanchez probably the top 3 of this heap of crap. Pennington's career was unfortunately marred by injuries, after the mideseason 2004 shoulder injury he never really had NFL-caliber arm strength again. so I can't really put him on the list, but at his brief peak in 2002 he probably had the best chance of any to take us to the promised land. Even with half an arm he could be an average starting QB, but never had the durability to be elite.
  14. LMAO, was this thread started right before the Buffalo game? This is like Ben Bernanke praising the invincible American economy in 2006.
  15. Skrine isn't a bad player per se, but he gets asked to do unrealistic things on this crappy team. He's not really meant to start on the outside against the bigger WRs in the league. He can cover the smaller, shifty guys pretty well, though. He did a decent job against Odell Beckham in 2015.