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  1. 8/15 practice tweets

    With Burres getting lit up lately . I hope Mcdougle gets more reps. He always shown some ability just couldn't stay healthy
  2. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Then how bout Desean Jackson he seem do to just fine with his weight and he is lighter than Robbie . Speed kills and Robbie has plenty of it
  3. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Randy Moss had a small frame and is way better Reciever than Marshall . Not Saying Robbie is Moss
  4. Game Observations (TEN)

    Whole Dline was wreaking havoc out there I seen Mo and Sheldon flash last night .. Pocket collapse quite a few times
  5. Standford easily been the best looking Linebacker tonight
  6. How Invested Are You?

    I'm not emotionally invested like past years . But I'm interested to see if any Gems come out the huge group of young guys .. so I'll be watching every week
  7. Eh it don't matter .. Hack works out great if he fails that's fine too .. as long when the smoke from this season clear where in position to draft one of the 3 or 4 bluechip QB prospects ..
  8. Around the league: Preseason week 1

    The also didn't have multiple starters playing tonight from that defense ..
  9. Around the NFL (Preseason)

    Missing there top 3 pass rushers including Von , and TJ Ward
  10. Mike Glennon looks terrible . The Ravens defense looks terrific . They can't go into season starting Mallet tho if there serious about competing . Dalvin Cook showing some nice ability in the passing game .