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  1. I would take a conditional 4th pick where if he goes over a 1,000 yards the pick becomes a 2nd or a 3rd
  2. TBH even at 6 we will be line for a QB. This a deep QB class if everything plays out like experts think..
  3. 73 million next year gonna be nice tho
  4. Guess they aren't as concerned as we are lol
  5. With Revis, harris ,brick And mangold gone that's a end of a Era
  6. Thanks for all the great years Hitman
  7. Lmaoo who cares . Way to much time and effort put in discussing a trade of backup players . Who both a have just good of a chance of being cut before September just as they do making the final roster..
  8. I wonder if one of the ILB got hurt ..
  9. Can't take what probably wasn't being offered ..
  10. Pryor wasn't worth a damn this just confirms it ..
  11. He also only has 1 year left on his deal., works for me .. still funny AF though
  12. Atleast Davis almost had 100 tackles last year for whatever that's worth
  13. Lol your right . But hey this was reasonable compared to his normal antics .. intresting I guess he really like Petty ..