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  1. We got plenty picks one of those TE got to be there
  2. Chad Henson is good player many had him going in round 2.
  3. Glad Bucky is still in play . Jets could use a Weapon at TE
  4. Your right . My first choice is Bucky but he might not be there elite athleticism for the posistion.
  5. Lol grading a draft before the draft is even pfinished is think I thought grading one before the players ever touch the field was useless . This is a whole new level .
  6. Bucky Hodges would be a solid pickup imo . Haven't had a real receiver TE since Keller . If u could some how get Hodges and Butt that would be excellent
  7. Maye knack for the strip fumble is impressive.. kid definetly has some talent and some Range
  8. Lmaoo top 5 defense good luck with that . Our offense won't be sustaining drives . That defense gonna be worn down every game
  9. Josh Reynolds is gonna be steal for someone . That kid can play .
  10. lol I just hope when we fire these 2 next year we don't sign any more defensive minded Head Coaches., our offense can't take it anymore
  11. A 4.49 40 isn't fast enough ? He is a way more explosive player than Kerley ever was .
  12. Lol should of took Henderson and he was younger
  13. They won't and never do . But I love the optimism
  14. Goodwin played better when he got better QB at penn st lol
  15. 24 year old Aaron Maybin with character issues