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  1. Howard will be the Jets pick. Founette or Trubisky would be MY pick. As long as they go offense, I will be happy.
  2. Unless Mac drafts a QB in the first round, I think his fate is tied to Hackenberg. If Hack is the starter for the majority of the year and craps the bed, proves that he is garbage, and the team has another terrible year, Mac is gone. Bowles should have been canned after 2016, and if the GM is gone after 2017, he will be too.
  3. I don't care if we trade up, back, or sideways. All I want is for the Jets to draft a player on the offensive side of the ball in the first round.
  4. This is brutal and the worst pain imaginable for a parent. I don't know how I would be able to go on after this.
  5. Mark my words: even if the Jets have a fantastic draft, it will somehow all fall apart very quickly by some extraordinary act of God or terrible luck, or a combination of both, and the franchise will be doomed to many more years of irrelevance,and their fan base doomed to suffer in perpetuity.
  6. They SHOULD draft a QB, they WILL draft a RB, and I don't want them to draft ANY player on the defensive side of the ball. Time to start rebuilding our offense with some young and hungry talent.
  7. The Jets have plenty of needs and certainly the more picks they have, the more needs they can fill, but I would prefer them to actually make the RIGHT pick at #6 and in the rest of the draft as opposed to stocking up on picks. This is a crucial draft for the Jets as they rebuild, and I can't see them trading away a pick where they can grab a top 10 impact player, whoever that ends up being.
  8. McCown is a stiff and logically it would make more sense to keep the cheap backup over the expensive veteran, but the Jets gave him a lot of money that they aren't just going to eat now. We're stuck with McCown for this year, like it or not, and we're probably stuck with Petty too. For the love of God, can Hackenberg pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee emerge as a legit starter in 2017???? Is that too much to ask??? I'll answer my own question - probably.
  9. I might just set myself on fire if Mahomes was picked at #6. The Jets are obviously desperate for a QB, but this would be a bad reach. Plenty of other impact players would be on the board and tough to pass on for Mahomes.
  10. Petty would definitely be the odd man out if the Jets drafted a QB. Not sure how the Jets can give up on Hackenberg after red shirting him for a year and not giving him any opportunity to prove himself. Petty got to play, and he was not very good, and has also proven to be a little fragile. If the Jets draft a QB, Petty is gone IMO.
  11. Could be. Years of rooting for a team that can't get out of its own way a lot of the time and who is starving for a championship will turn even the most rational and level headed fan into a blithering idiot filled with delusional and jaded thoughts regarding the team. Guilty as charged.
  12. I agree. This smells like a smokescreen to me. it just seems that the Jets have been overly transparent about privately working out QB's this year which would be a silly strategy if you actually wanted to draft one of them. Why attract attention, unless you want the attention. Or, this could be a very calculated reverse psychology play. Not sure the Jets are that smart, though.
  13. For a team that hasn't had a franchise QB in forever, how can the organization be setting the bar so low for the most important position on the field??? A game manager??? Really??? The coach should be saying " I'm looking for a QB who can elevate everyone around him and lead us down the field when we need it and make plays." THAT is what every QB in the roster should be pushing themselves to be. Even though the team might be resigned to the fact that they don't have a QB like that, why not set the bar high??? This organization is lost.
  14. This is a terrible care-free attitude by Bowles and a shocking statement from a modern day coach. Could you imagine Belechick ever saying something like that??? This guy is a clown and we're going to have to suffer through another year of his lack of leadership. One of the main jobs of a modern day coach in any sport is to keep their players motivated! This guy doesn't get it.
  15. With the Jets luck, Tom Brady will literally discover the secret to eternal life and haunt the Jets forever.