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  1. Just because a players are "young" doesn't mean that they're good. The Jets have unproven players up and down the roster, more so that most teams in the league. We'll see what they're made of this year.
  2. Jeez.....Harris is a slow and aging linebacker who was cut from a team that is doomed to be one of the worst teams in football in 2017. I'm confused as to where all this outrage is coming from? Where was everyone's outrage when TE's and RB's across the league were catching passes up the middle and killing us game after game over the last few years? This move actually comes a year or two too late as far as I'm concerned. Next man up!
  3. Exactly. As soon as Harris was released, I moved on. I root for the laundry. I don't wish him any success as long as he's on the Pats.
  4. I don't think the sample size of games was big enough to truly judge Petty, but on this team in 2017, it's more important that Hack be given the chance to play.
  5. Worst case scenario - Hack will somehow, someway, drag this corpse of a team to 5 wins and prove nothing in the process, thereby handcuffing the franchise once again regarding their QB situation going into 2018.
  6. I think the NBA lottery is garbage and it would be even worse if the NFL adopted this. Teams still tank, lottery or no lottery. It's not a preventive measure. All it does is from time to time punish a team that stunk by knocking them down a few picks and vice versa. Pass.
  7. Richard Todd was the best possible replacement for Joe Namath.
  8. I'm all in on Hack! He either becomes a franchise QB or delivers us a top 3 pick. I'm happy either way.
  9. Whoever ends up starting, they will find a way to win 5-6 games and take the Jets out of the QB sweepstakes in 2018. I'm telling you, the Jets are not allowed to find a franchise QB.
  10. Build through the draft and when the team is ready to be competitive, use free agency to fill in the gaps of need. Until then, save the money, develop players, and find a QB.
  11. My allegiance or caring about Decker ended the second he was released. I root for the laundry. Next man up!
  12. So sorry for your loss.
  13. I agree. If Kaepernick was still viewed as a starter, some team would have bit the bullet and signed him, baggage and all. Selective outrage.......unless the guy can help you win games.
  14. When you pass on 2 QB's who eventually get drafted in the top 12 (Watson and Mahomes) to take a safety when you desperately need a QB, you better believe that there will be comparisons.
  15. StubHub > this stupid idea