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  1. McCown is currently the beat chance to win now due to the unknown, which is why he is starting for the coach on the hot seat. However he is not the future for the Jets. Lets say Petty or Hack for that matter, get some much needed reps as a young QB, whos to say that he doesnt improve with those reps. By the end of the year, whos to say that we see enough in either on of those quarterbacks that we couldnt build around them. Perhaps they coukd trade back getting more picks, or pick up that cant miss LT, or That special RB, or etc. The Jets are not winning enough games to be a factor this year, which makes starting a QB you know is not the future of the team foolish.
  2. Undisbutable evidence is pretty self-explanatory, need 100% evidence to the contrary.
  3. Which would have resulted in a first down, right?
  4. What seems to go unnoticed is the 5 seconds the officials stole on the false start at 2:10 seconds. They punt at 2:10 the Jets get the ball back with 2 minute warning still.
  5. There are occassions that the nfl comes out and apologizee for plays like todats td/to. They will come out and support the call because of the perceived bias for the Pats. Imo However, yes a form complaint is warranted.
  6. Did he seriously overthrow a wide open cadet, and i mean wide open.
  7. Someone trll that dumb **** qb its only 2nd down. throw it away
  8. Flag on the play, Jets converted a 4th down play over 10 yards!
  9. Refs racing to throw flags on that punt return.
  10. wtf, why would you take time off the clock...pass incomplete at 210
  11. Ground cant cause a fumble, the ref explained that he lost control, then regained the ball, and the lost control. well the last loss of control was from the ground you stupid ****!