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  1. Petty needs consistency with the 5-6 reps he gets a day. How exactly do you do that? A handful of terrific throws with those same 5-6 reps per day.
  2. Learn From History

    These QB's are far less prepared then before. Most dont even call a play in college anymore. They have one responsibility and one read. Obviously, there are exceptions. JMO
  3. In any event the narrative will be "Oh he played against players that will be flipping burgers in a month." Only a few will see what the quarterback is doing as far as footwork/presence/etc regardless of competition, wont over react to good or bad plays because there may be breakdown by the D or the O, and will see the intangibles brought to the table.
  4. How is this the scariest moment when our #1 up and coming was laying on the turf for several minutes and is now out for the season?
  5. Jets Camp 8-4

    Players didnt, wonder which player?
  6. Sweet a guy who made his name in the best defense in the league, one of the most ficious pass rushing teams, cant move with the best reciever on the field, oh and isnt even wanted by his own team...Thats an opinion im interested in.
  7. Cant imagine they put in some new plays during day 4...Of course im sure every player just immediately does sh*t right. especially QB...whats the need to even have pracrice.
  8. I have no idea what Macc's ability is to negotiate or his ability to gauge value. However, the draft chart is a guide for arm chair GM's who have no clue what goes on in a given war room. If you have 9 guys that are graded out similar, as in the first trade, or 18 guys that grade out similarly, as in the second trade, does it really matter that some generic chart says it's bad value. Wouldn't it be better to swap those picks and pick up another opportunity to find a diamond in the rough if you feel your getting the same value in a player?
  9. That was pretty awesome, right up to the fine me later comment.
  10. Hackenberg comps

    How many 21 year olds played well their first year? Any position let alone the most important mental position.
  11. What was the context, because it may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard, especially from a "leader".
  12. Why wouldn't he? he has no fear of being hit like a normal quarterback of this generation, let alone the quarterbacks before they were babied.
  13. The Jets keep everything pretty close to the vest, thank God this guy has an unnamed source worthy of this tweet.