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  1. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    Must... resist... urge...
  2. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    Hey, I thought you were Scum early on and said so on page 16: I just, you know, never attempted to actually build a case on you. I doubt anyone even took me seriously. I wonder why...
  3. How many dropped INTs has he thrown?
  4. Smash's Positive/Negatives Week 3

    The 2017 Miami Dolphins: A Playoff Caliber Team
  5. Maccnificent

    I find this notion that Macc is a good GM paculiar. Quite paculiar, indeed.
  6. SHAME on Jet fans

    And who's fault is it that we feel we have to tank in the first place? And, yeah, not wanting an incompetent front office running the team is bitching. Okay.
  7. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Yeah, **** options. I don't like those anyway.

    You're right. There are no guarantees in football. There's no guarantee that we'll ever win the Superbowl again, so, like, why even hope for that?
  9. Game thoughts

    RG Winters was out with an abdominal injury.
  10. That's not an impressive feat. But, yes, ASJ has been a pleasant surprise. Am excited about his future with us.
  11. And my point is that he's an idiot if he doesn't declare for the draft simply because he doesn't want to play for New York.
  12. Maybe compared to Cutler in his prime, but this Cutler? He don't give a ****. He's just cashing a paycheck.
  13. So, you just threw down the bewbs card, eh? Well played, sir. Well played.
  14. Wasn't calling you not a real fan personally. Just pointing out that that label has been thrown around a lot recently, especially at people who simply want to see more from this team than a mediocre seasons with a handful of "happy" wins.
  15. My point was that they don't seem to know where they want the team. Nothing to do with the city itself.
  16. ^^This is an appropriate reaction. He acknowledged the positivity surrounding the young players, while agreeing that a top draft pick is still very important. Nowhere in there did he call the people who want a higher pick "losers" or "whiners" or "not real fans". Learn from this man, people.
  17. I hope that we are in the best position possible come next draft, because on that day, when the Jets are on the clock, the last thing I'll be thinking of is that time we beat a terrible Dolphins team headed by a QB who should've stayed retired.
  18. Game thoughts

    Just one correction there. Maye didn't have a single tackle.
  19. Game thoughts

    That truly was one of the brightest spots of the day. Great catch on a horrible throw.
  20. Yes. If we get the #1 pick and that player ends up another bust, the first thing that's gonna go through my mind is, "Boy... don't I feel the fool we didn't win a few more games back in 2017. THAT would make me feel better right about now!" And, yes. Because hoping that the best QB just falls into your lap is the picture perfect plan for success. #Realfans
  21. The Chargers? You mean the team that had rumors started that they are moving back to San Diego? I get that we've been pretty pathetic, but this is New York ******* City. If Darnold--or any QB--came here and made it, then he would be bigger than ANY QB west of the Mississippi! Coming here would certainly be a challenge, but the payoff for success would be monumental.