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  1. Jets Waive Devin Smith

    The guy was a gamer at OSU and came up big in some of their most important games. Loved drafting a deep threat with a winning pedigree that had Desean Jackson comps. In the 2014 Big Ten Football Championship Game, he caught 4 passes for 137 yards and 3 touchdowns, helping the Buckeyes to a 59-0 victory over Wisconsin.[6][7] In the 2015 Sugar Bowl, in which Ohio State upset No. 1 Alabama 42–35, Smith had 2 receptions for 87 yards, including a 47-yard touchdown that put his team ahead for good early in the third quarter. Injuries are the culprit here, not bad drafting... this wasn't a Vlad Ducasse 2nd rounder. After that broken rib he looked like he was coming around until he tore the ACL. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2015/profiles/devin-smith?id=2552459
  2. First Round Picks

    I follow the draft very closely... I like Jackson the player (def top 5 CB available) just didn't think the value was there at pick 18. They could've taken OJ Howard and run him next to 32-year-old Delanie Walker and given Mariota a legit long-term weapon. On defense, they could have gone with Peppers, Davis, Charlton, or Foster! Conley and McKinley too, even though they had their warts. I get that they needed a CB, but that position was deeeep this year and I personally don't think Jackson will be a better pro than Howard-Foster-Davis (when you write it like that it looks like a circa-1890s justice of the Supreme Court)
  3. Marcus Maye

    Agreed... it's a fair argument to say that Marcus Williams's skill set actually complements Adams better. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/marcus-williams?id=2558068 BOTTOM LINE Ball-hawking free safety who has outstanding ball skills and has shown a propensity for causing turnovers. He can play from a high centerfield spot and utilizes his instincts to swoop down and challenge throws. He's able to get running backs down, but he’s not physical enough to be a combination safety. NFL teams love defensive backs with athletic traits, instincts and ball skills. If he works out well before the draft, he should move up team boards.
  4. First Round Picks

    Yeh besides the QBs (all were reaches IMO) the Titans reached on both their firsts (Davis and Jackson). Also, the Giants taking Engram was a head scratcher... esp with Ramczyck, Njoku, Foster, Dalvin Cook, and all the Guards on the board.
  5. Suck for Sam in 17

    Agreed. I honestly think next year is going to be a QB/OL/Offensive Weapon draft... or at least that's what I see when I close my eyes at night.
  6. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Not crazy about the last pick.. would have preferred Toth there.
  7. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Brooks Reed-lite?
  8. Decker is getting cut

    Decker, Enunwa, R. Anderson, Stewart, Hansen, Peake, D. Smith, J. Marshall (8) Leggett slots in after ASJ.
  9. Decker is getting cut

    Absolutely... I'm afraid the injury sapped his speed and he'll never be that dynamic player we thought he'd be. Would hate to give up on him or Peake. Jalin is a nice player but he was a UDFA and just got suspended plus he's had fumble issues.
  10. Decker is getting cut

    Fair point... hopefully he comes back healthy and they can get a 2018 pick for him (send him to Nashville, his wife would love that)..
  11. Decker is getting cut

    Idk, I think Jalin Marshall/Charon Peake are in more danger of being cut.
  12. Ha that may be true... upset they passed on Butt twice. Now he's a Bronco.
  13. With both trades in the 3rd we turned 2 picks into 5.
  14. Turned our two 3's into a 3rd (Stewart) a 4th (#35), a 5th (#16), and two 6ths (#13, #20). 2 picks into 5.
  15. WR reminds me of Cotchery/Enunwa... could mean goodbye to Jalin Marshall. Really hope they get something of value for Pryor/S-Rich/Gilchrist but not expecting it. Man that Milliner/S-Rich/Geno draft really hurts when Winters is the only 2nd contract starter we got from it.