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  1. WR reminds me of Cotchery/Enunwa... could mean goodbye to Jalin Marshall. Really hope they get something of value for Pryor/S-Rich/Gilchrist but not expecting it. Man that Milliner/S-Rich/Geno draft really hurts when Winters is the only 2nd contract starter we got from it.
  2. You're not wrong... but aren't you tired of the Jets always being so reactionary? Pryor was supposed to be the guy who took the top off against Gronk... then it was D. Lee who could drop into coverage and help against TEs. I can take the BPA argument but I can't honestly say that Maye was BPA there (disclaimer: I know nothing). Maye might be great.. but doubling down on the same position after a tough year screams Mike Nugent in the 2nd for me.
  3. Ugh... Butt sitting there waiting for us if we stay. What did we get for trading down?
  4. You just know he goes to Pittsburgh at 105... goes on to have a Heath Miller-esque career.
  5. After the Stewart pick I'd like the second 3rd rounder to be one of the below: Jake Butt Jordan Leggett Desmond King (good value even though he's a CB) George Kittle Upset that we missed out on Elflein, Feeney, Willis, T. Williams with the trade down but grabbing one of the above would make me feel a little better.
  6. Agreed as well. Curious what people think about Solomon Thomas. I'm not worried about having him on the inside as long as he gets consistent pressure. We've been looking for consistent pressure since John Abraham and if this guy fell I'd be perfectly happy with him. STRENGTHS Angular build, well-built frame. His mother, father and uncle were all collegiate athletes. Lined up at multiple positions. Has ravenous approach to the game. Gets out of the blocks quickly and attacks with early, skilled hands. Stays hungry and wants to feast. Powerful for his size. Shows ability to win with power or quickness. Outstanding athleticism. Fluid in his play. Transitions from move to move. Unpredictable pass rush. Attacks both the edges and can crank up a bull rush. Uses swipes, rips and arm-over to unlock his rush. Hands and feet work in unison. Has lightning-quick spin move he can access to unhinge from block and find new life in his rush. Violent disengagements from blocks leave no doubt blocker is whipped. Relentless approach combined with athleticism makes block recoveries extremely difficult in run or pass. Refuses extended engagements to blockers and works himself free. Will sniff out gaps and make himself skinny into the backfield. Very good pursuit speed and range as playmaker. WEAKNESSES Considered a "tweener" by scouts, who believe he could struggle to keep enough weight on his frame to play along interior. Length is below average as five-technique. Plays with inconsistent pad level. Needs to get bigger and stronger through his lower body. Tends to play taller as play rolls along and can get washed out of plays by strong down blocks. Hands are quick but need more consistent pop behind them. Overall play strength can be improved. "Big and strong" across from him causes some issues. Gets engulfed at times. Snap-count guesser with seven offsides penalties in 2016. SOURCES TELL US "He's damn good. I don't think he gets drafted as early as you do because he's not big enough for inside and he's not as long as you like on the outside. You have to figure out where you will play him, but he won't stop. He's going to be really productive." -- Director of scouting for AFC team NFL COMPARISON Justin Smith
  7. Failing to trade down and taking Lattimore (CB with hamstring and durability issues when the CB class is deeeeeep). Milliner 2.0
  8. The point is not to #SuckForSam... it's to have the ammo to move up and be in position to draft one of the top QBs (Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Falk, Rudolph, Browning, Van Wienerschnitzel) whoever the hell it is.
  9. I can't see them grabbing a QB with so little a track record when we have 2 guys that we're already unsure of. I still think they trade down and load up picks if they can so we can grab a QB next year if Hack sh1ts the bed. I want to believe in Hack but the season Franklin just put together gives me a lot of pause to simply blame coaching, new system and all.
  10. Sign me up for this (minus the Watson selection though, if HOU trades up why would they take Mahomes over him?)... love the additional 2's and 3's and an extra 2018 pick in case we need to move up for a QB.
  11. 4th round would be tough to swallow for S-Rich... I know he's a pain in the a$$ but the perennial Pro-Bowl talent is there if he ever decides to mature. Hate selling so low on a guy like this... maybe Nunn can whip him into shape.
  12. I like it... I still wonder if Sheldon's league-wide value really is a 3rd rounder. In that case we'd be giving up # 6 and essentially two 3rds for the #12 and #33.
  13. Hell yes... 2nd round is going to be a solid pick this year. There is a ton of talent available at the top of Rd 2.
  14. Agreed. IMHO I think they're just doing their due diligence on these guys but ultimately they go BPA. They sent 4 guys to Paxton Lynch's pro day and passed on him: They sent 3 guys to watch Connor Cook too:
  15. I'd rather have Chase Daniel (on a short contract) than Jay Cutler.