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  1. I'm on board for several reasons. First, he's now the underdog and everyone loves an underdog. Second, the whole "tanking" mentality is very risky and never seems to work. I'd rather be patient and develop our young QB's, than pray we get the #1 pick and then pray again that the #1 pick is for real.
  2. Don't knock Glennon. If we don't get a top 5 pick next year, he might be our best available option.
  3. I have a bad feeling this team is going to be a lot better than people think. In any event, rooting for young teams with nothing to lose is fun.
  4. I agree. In all liklihood what will happen is McCown will outplay Hack & Petty in preseason games (& practice) and get the start on opening day. Not happy about it, but seems likely.
  5. Hope you're right about Fournette. But not sure how "coveted" any of these QB's are, where a team would be willing to trade up for them. I have a feeling these QB's will hang around for awhile.
  6. Unless we're trying to win now, I don't want Fournette. We need to build this team the right way.
  7. I'm with you, but when did you become scarred? After drafting Johnny Mitchel, Kyle Brady or Anthony Becht? It was Kyle Brady for me.
  8. I'm all for drafting Trub at #6 and I like how he brings something different to the table than Hack. But still hoping Hack somehow figures it out and becomes our starter. Seems like he has a bigger upside than Trub with his size and arm strength.
  9. I wouldn't bet on it. We always seem to win meaningless games at the end of the year. Not to mention that we still have a talented D-line and some good young wr's. To have a top 5 pick, it's not enough to be bad. Need to be lucky too.
  10. I know people aren't crazy about taking a 1st round QB after taking a 2nd round QB last year. But you don't often get an opportunity to take the top QB in the draft class. Not sure we'll get this chance again next year.
  11. Was wondering where people think Trubisky would go in last year's draft? I'm assuming before Hack?
  12. Agreed. If we're truly in "re-build" mode, then why aren't more people talking about us drafting a LT? Not sure how many 1st round caliber Tackles are out there, but building the O-line is the proper way to go about it.
  13. Tanking is very risky (especially when you consider the Jets always find a way to win meaningless games at the end of the season).
  14. Correct. I can't understand how some don't want to draft Trub this year (thinking we'll get Darnold next year). Getting a top 3 draft pick aint easy. You need to be more than just "bad". Need to be lucky too.
  15. Agreed. Especially when that 37 year old can't stay healthy.