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  1. if he could find a role like cotchery I'd be satisfied with this pick
  2. who would have thought enunwa was going to be the sleeper pick of the draft
  3. what's it like being so much smarter than everybody else?
  4. he actually is a really good kid but you already know he sucks I'm sure
  5. LOL- mac is just trolling you all now. keep talking and he'll take another one in round 3
  6. disagree- if anything the value of safeties is generally trending up right now go look at the contracts these players are getting... tony jefferson is OK and he's getting offered $10.5 a year. elite playmaking safeties are rare and can be a cornerstone piece of a defense for 10+ years. what polamalu was for pittsburgh, dawkins/eagles etc.
  7. he's going to the perfect situation in houston- they don't need a QB to make them a playoff team but if this kid pans out he will make them an instant contender
  8. exactly- what would seattle have been if they drafted crabtree instead of earl thomas?
  9. reaching for inferior talent on offense because it makes you feel better is not a good way to improve the team
  10. He goes through all the forms of coverage assignments he had at LSU, pulling up examples. We see zone from a strong safety spot. Man coverage out of the same look. Help-coverage from free safety. Iso-coverage against a tight end split out wide. Man-to-man in the slot. “I love it,” he says. “For some reason, certain people want to knock me for my coverage. I gave up one ball over 20 yards”—he’s talking about the Louisville game—“and a lot of people knocked me for my coverage. So when I hear somebody say, ‘He’s a box safety, his coverage ability is not great,’ that just triggers me. It’s like, are you really doing your job to where you’re watching film? You can ask any coach here. That’s what separates me from the pack.”
  11. OL- robinson/lamp edge/LB- willis/cunningham CB- awuzie/king
  12. absolutely- willis would be the best pass rush prospect this team drafted since abraham
  13. I think the league is moving towards higher valuations for safeties and secondary in general- tony jefferson turned down $10M a year from cleveland this offseason
  14. but troy polamalu isn't preeeemium enough
  15. taking busts earl thomas > michael crabtree