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  1. there's a reason some people were projecting him to go as high as #2- he's a really good player
  2. Idk if being the son of a HS coach qualifies as a pedigree but nice write up otherwise
  3. hopefully claiborne/burris/adams/maye but the jets will probably play a lot of 3 safeties too with somebody in the buccannon role
  4. at least sheldon and winters came out of that draft- out of 8 picks in 2012 demario davis was the only player that played their whole rookie contract
  5. doesn't really matter what fans think- most other years the consensus draft grades have been positive and look what we have to show for it. there's definitely an inferiority complex with a lot of jets fans too but that's what years of consistent disappointment will do
  6. they tore down the house JW and at least you can see they are trying to build a solid foundation and identity now- I hope you have the stomach to sit tight for another year before they go after a big time QB
  7. Fixed
  8. whine all you want but pryor still blows
  9. pryor sucks and is gone- again WGAF
  10. WGAF about pryor
  11. they weren't whining that adams isn't preeemium enough?
  12. if he could find a role like cotchery I'd be satisfied with this pick
  13. who would have thought enunwa was going to be the sleeper pick of the draft
  14. what's it like being so much smarter than everybody else?
  15. he actually is a really good kid but you already know he sucks I'm sure