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  1. I think he could be moved as part of a package. Maybe Jets #6 and Sheldon to the Browns for #12, #33 and a 4th or something. That would be equivalent of a mid 3rd.
  2. 1. Myles Garrett 2. Deshaun Watson 3. Soloman Thomas 4. Leonard Fournette 5. Marshon Lattimore 6. Mitchell Trubisky
  3. Very good news. F*** the woman beater.
  4. Lol. You should be real proud of yourself. You da man. Lol. Meathead
  5. He can defend himself, but he cant punch her. Two, very, very different things. He shouldnt have to think twice about not punching out a woman. If its not second nature, there is a problem. And no one is holding him to a higher standard. Neither of them should be drafted, and neither should have the opportunity to live off the money I spend on entertainment.
  6. Lol. I read what you both wrote, it has just been dismissed as gibberish from a couple of (probably violent themselves) enablers. Your opinion is worthless. What is really pathetic is defending scum such as Mixon.
  7. You must be super high on something. Lightweight.
  8. How was Joe Mixon outnumbered. How does any of this relate to Mixon decking a woman? Why do you keep derailing the conversation? And i wasnt dismissing the attack, i was dismissing it as being any sort of evidence that what Joe Mixon did was ok. And please explain to me, how did additional violent behavior, such as knocking a woman out when she lunges at you, assist the victim of this attack. The fact is, you got nothing. You just spew bullsh*t. By the way, congrats on living in a terrible neighborhood, Im sure you are proud. Im also sure you have done EVERYTHING in your power to improve the situation, right?
  9. Ive been to the area before. Anytime i visit a city, i visit the worst of areas. As a city planner, i find it very important to visit those areas. Yes, its violent, it doesnt mean additional violence will help you. Thats a ridiculous conclusion. And, I wouldnt conclude you are a millenial twat, your age is irrelevant.
  10. Lol, what a bunch of bullsh*t you spew. You too are an enabler. Ignorance is not an excuse. I dont think violence was the answer in either of these cases. Joe Mixon will now be labeled a violent woman beater for life, and fighting back did absolutely nothing for the coney island attack. In both situations, additional violence didnt help.
  11. He was 18, an adult, he should have known better. I totally disagree. It only takes one mistake to change a life. Think before you act if you want all future options regarding employmemt on the table. No doubt he should be allowed to live, but there is no right to choose whatever employer you want. Playing a sport is a privledge. People pay for you to entertain them. If he wanted to play in the nfl, he should have used his brain. He doesnt deserve any of my money.
  12. Big deal, so you posted an article regarding violence. It happens everyday. Still doesnt mean that more violence is the answer. Im sure if he fought back that it did a whole lotta good. Only a moron would see any semblance of similarity between this case and what we are discussing. Congrats.
  13. No, you are an enabler for violence altogether. You sound like a winner, lol.