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  1. I think he will be one of the guys to really step up this year
  2. I become a bigger fan of his with each passing year. He seems to get better and better. Not great at any one thing, but good at most aspects of the game. I agree, he should be getting 12-15 touches per game. I think his role will increase in the west coast offense we run. At least I hope it does.
  3. You are giving the rest of the world too much credit. Crappy cops like this exist everywhere, from small towns to big cities.
  4. Lol. At this rate we will probably franchise tag him next year.
  5. I believe 2018 is year of the qb. 6 of these guys go in the first round, 10 in the top 3 rounds. If Hackenberg doesnt look good, we should get one of the top few guys, which are all better prospects than the guys this year. Hell, Id think about taking two of them in the top 4 rounds. You can never take enough qbs. Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Falk, Rudolph, Jackson, Rypien, Stidham, Browning, Litton, Fitzgerald, Ferguson.
  6. I just disagree, you can say the same thing about s number of players, both good and bad. Including many of the guys on this list. I am sure the 6'1" measurement at the combine was nothing but a conspiracy, right? Pshh
  7. Personally, I thought he played fine for a rookie. I expect him to get better, and think he will, but I just don't get the constant criticism of the guy. The truth is, he is average size for a linebacker these days. Was Reddick Hassan too small? He supposedly weighs 5 pounds more. How about Jarrad Davis, 238 lbs. Reuban Foster is 6 foot, 229 lbs. Raekwon Macmillan, 240 lbs, Zach Cunningham is 235 lbs, at 6'3". Every linebacker in the first 3 rounds was the same size as Lee. Anyone who says he is too small just doesn't know what they are talking about.
  8. Id rather trade for McCarron but i think we are going with what we have.
  9. 181 is the first pick of the 6th round. the 6th round is going to be fun.
  10. Personally, i would have rather had butt than leggett, but im not sure the jets felt the same. They are very different players. Jets might be looking for a player to play the jimmy graham role in the offense. Thats not butt.
  11. How is that possible. Davis is a blocking tight end. Leggett cant block at all. They couldnt be more opposite, other than maybe similar size.
  12. I think Decker is gone.
  13. Hopefully we are able to pluck Butt and Bisnowaty in the 5th.
  14. Lol, people will complain no matter what.