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  1. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Robbie Anderson is a fantastic UDFA WR and a great WR4. He is cheap. Before Kerley and Kearse he was WR1. He obviously has maturity issues which odds are will never get better. Let's use him as a WR3-4-5 and hope he straightens out. Otherwise he is a good target, but not someone to build your offense around.
  2. Some thoughts

    The Jets are developing. They do not need to win games that against teams supposedly better than them that push them down the draft order. The reason the Jets can beat the Dolphins is because their QB play is so bad. Matt Moore is probably better than Cutler. The picture painted by this game is not a great MaccBowles story-Skrine, Mo, McCown and Wesley Johnson-all questionable investments. Game strategy by Bowles in this game not great either.
  3. Wesley Johnson

    Retaining Johnson at 2mm was a miscalculation on Mac’s part. Think about if the Jets drafted Watson, Maye, Elflein, John Johnson. The team is a better one than it is now.
  4. If I was a coach, I would always take the touchback and fair catch. The risk of injury and fumble is not worth the potential reward. Given the data above, why do you keep a kick return specialist?
  5. The breakdown video that Brett Kollman did of his play at LSU was awe-inspiring, and also basically called him the second-coming of Brian Dawkins. I don't know whether Brian Dawkins was covering Gronk either. He is a good teammate and a good football player. He speaks well, comes from a good family, and he does not appear to be the type that gets into trouble. He was a safe pick. It would appear that the pick for the Jets there was him, Lattimore, Hooker or Watson. It does appear that the Jets made the correct value pick there, but I think we need to make that assessment at the end of the year, and the end of next year. I wonder if MacBowles is attracted to a "type" rather than a highest value football player.
  6. Tankers will love this Mock

    From where the Jets will pick, the QBs and OTs will be gone, as will Barkley. I can see them take Malik Jefferson, Landry maybe who will also be gone, or the top rated CB.
  7. Tankers will love this Mock

    maybe that is Rosen's plan.....pretty smart one if it is. Remember last April when people were debating whether the Jets should take Trubisky at 6, and many posters thought it was not worth it? And Adams was projected at 2 or 3? The Bears traded up to 2 for Trubisky. Rosen can play QB. He will go top 1-3.
  8. I think the Board is on agreement on this. The Jets defense underachieves for all of the talent and coaching applied to it, but it is not the worst defense in the league.
  9. This is an average of the players. There are some really low rated players who are compensated by players that are playing well. Its best player was picked up on last day waivers, but Bowles is obviously coaching them up. The better measure of this defense their overall ranking, which ain't great either-top of the bottom third or so.
  10. Darron Lee is 23

    Unfortunately, this is an example of a Bad Mac Hypothesis. ' The pick in that draft was Artie Burns. But Mac had Cromartie and Revis, and the suspicion is that he would not have wanted to spend more on a CB. We know how those 2 ended up. One wonders if Hack influenced not picking Watson or Mahomes.
  11. Darron Lee is 23

    I guess he is around the same size as Kiko Alonso and Shazier, both of whom played or play in a 3-4. This was a lousy draft.
  12. jets viewership down the most

    But seriously, how many of you in NY know people who root for teams other than the Jets and the Giants? When I was growing up, it was almost no one. The Jets have done good job, with a variety of tools, to alienate their fan base. They need to start working to bring it back.
  13. I think this makes alot of sense. Turn on the Jets had a piece on players that the Jets should consider trading. I think Bowles and Macc proved they can put a decent team together and beat meh teams. They should trade who they can, save money and get future draft picks, and start building for next year.
  14. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    He will be available again.
  15. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    I saw him play in the preseason and thought he looked better than Hack usually did. He obviously has had some issues. I would think he was worth a PS spot.