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  1. The Jets have plenty of cap space. If they can pick someone up with upside and maybe a 2 year contract, who can run with power even, they should do it and just cut him. Just move on.
  2. I think the 2016 draft was the draft to make any GM look bad. Most picked bad players. There were a few good ones that were able to sift through the muck and pick the real football players despite what Mayock and Kiper said. Our GM in the first 2 rounds was not one of the good ones.
  3. They are showing off Sanchez for a trade....
  4. Remember when the Raiders ran like 40 times on a weak Jets defense? We should not see that this year, if Bowles does his job. Jets' games should be boring and low scoring. There is no reason that the Jets defense should give up early points. I would imagine in most instances that Jets' defense would tire as the offense continues to turn the ball over, and then it will start to give up points. Why this team was constructed so imbalanced is beyond me. The defense could underachieve if the CBs fail, although there should be better S support for them. I think given what this team is signing Claiborne for the deal he got was probably overspending, and it clearly was not worth signing Boue or Gilmore.
  5. Sarge-this is fantastic work. Thank you. Yes, I agree, this team could definitely see 3-4 players from other teams. QB-Petty makes the team. Maybe Hack is cut for someone else's QB. RB-we need a 4th or cut Forte. Roster Cut. TE-Vanderlann makes it for ASJ. Maybe he goes back on PS after ASJ suspension, but then less of a chance of losing him. WR-Harper makes it. Whitehead IR. OL-this is what gets Macc fired. Ijalana makes it. The rest who knows. DL-there is no way given this team's direction, and the players that they have, that McClendon should be on this team. The fact that he is still here is actually very inconsiderate of him. LB-Martin, Lemonier, Stanford and Bishop are making the team. Mauldin is not. Others, don't know. CB-Macdougal makes it. I wish Skrine did not. He does not fit in the scheme. S-After Maye and Adams, don't know.
  6. I gave Hack a B last week. I gave Hack a D this week. It was a pathetic QB performance, but I don't how you start him and also start 3 likely backup OL. He was oversupported in week 1 and undersupported in week 2. I would be interested if the Jets fess up as to who botched that first play. I want to see Hack play some real Pee Wee preseason football and see how he compares. He likely needs another year to look as good as Petty looks now.
  7. Mumblings of people who know Hack say he is laid back, mellow. I don't know whether that is a positive. I continue to think Flacco is one of the closet NFL comparisons to Hack, at least for potential. He really needs a supporting cast and good coaching so he can stand and deliver the football. Given the importance of defense on the Ravens too, they have suffered with all the money they paid to Flacco. That was a mistake in my opinion-that is the danger of not having a QB cap. Flacco sucked the money out of that team, and he was not a player with the mobility and moxie that was going to bring the team up around him. Macc's undoing will be how he handled Hack. He was drafted as a bargain/value play that could develop for 2 years while Fitz ran his time out. But Fitz would not sign that 3 year contract, and drafting Hack before doing that was malpractice. This was part of the Jets plan to be continuously competitive. The rebuild only started this year, with total rebuild after the draft. Why otherwise sign Beachum and Claiborne if you thought you were tanking? Two safeties? Bowles and Macc were trying to be better this year than they will be. So the Jets had a choice, they could treat Hack like Carr and give it a good go with him and provide the tools he needed, or based on what they saw, they could save money, put out what they could, and draft high next year. After diddledallying around it, the Jets basically decided that it was not worth missing out on a true potential FQB by giving Hack a true chance, so they will roll out the Bad News Jets and hope to draft high. But with Boldin's retirement today, the Bills are fast in the tank pursuit. Just remember that their staff is in year 1 of long term deals, where the Jets staff is basically in their last. My guess is that the Jets beat the Bills 2x and the Jaguars, with those 2 teams in the running for the top draft picks. People are raving about Petty's performance this week, and it was a good one against the backups or worse. It does deserve credit. But Petty also has another year under his belt. Look at McCown, Fitz, others who have played a long time. Look at Savage finally figuring it out. It can take awhile. It can and will take Hack awhile. He will be functional. Good? Great? I don't know. But he will be more functional. I think for a variety of reasons Hack should get a chance to play with the B team.
  8. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Play McCown a half, Petty q3 and Hack q4. Petty deserves more/better playing time reps. the other offensive starters should play Q3. That will show us Petty against a real defense. Then let Hack with the rest of the guys to see if he can look as good as Petty playing against the same type of guy.
  9. Game Observations (DET)

    Everyone is talking about how much better Petty looked against the 2nd and 3rd string. i think Hack needs a few of those to string together this preseason. starting him against a real defense last night was not doing him any favors. He is not ready to be the starter, but he should get a chance to show what he can do against the B team. Petty just looked decent doing that. Last year in Philly Hack looked terrible. I think Hack deserves a chance to get that opportunity. The Jets are paying real money to Carpenter, Johnson, Winters, Beachum and Ijalana to be a line that works. This is not a tank line, at least in terms of investment. The tank is in terms of talent.
  10. This was Mac's ultimate draft failure. He does not adjust his draft or FA grades for position impact. FWIW, this thread reads differently if some second round picks, also high picks, work out. Hill, Ducasse, Devin Smith, Hack.
  11. The Jets right now are a product of Woody, Macc and Bowles working together. They are equally responsible. I can't imagine that there are not serious changes in 4 months. I think Macc and Bowles are good guys. I don't know whether they had the vision and capacity to build an entire football team. I do know working with Woody was not helping them. The only thing that makes sense is if Woody told them they get through 2018 because he cut Harris and Decker. Hack has a long way to go. Both in and Petty will be in the league a long time. Hack was playing behind the three experiments on the line and a limited offensive plan. And he needs work. Hack was never starting game 1. McCown will start with Forte and a better line. They will look ok. Eventually Hack and Petty will both start. It won't look good but will be functional. I just don't know if Glat let's the Johnsons let Mac and Bowles spend the money and high picks. At a minimum they need a Coughlin running the show. They need that now.
  12. The jury is still out, but it would appear that the Bills and the Jets are both trying to sneakily tank while still building. The Jets strategy is to develop their defense but gut their offense, so the offense gets developed later. I can see the Jets messing this up, so the Jets can go from 4th to 3rd if they leapfrog the bills. I do have more confidence that the Bills have a more organized plan in place, and they could be better situated to execute the tank.
  13. I think the Jets save most of his cost if they trade Forte. i can see this offense starting out throwing to TEs and RBs as they look for Robby to get open deep.
  14. McCown's' last 32 games

    Pegula is a Jets copycatter. He took Ryan, and they went for meaningless wins. But I think he looked how the Jets have operated over the last 8 years and realized that he not only had to do it differently, but he had to beat the Jets to the punch of doing it differently. Given who their QB is, there was no sense in trying to be competitive until they got a real one. His dumping Darby and Watkins would have been like the Jets dumping Leo and Anderson-rising start, rookie contract. They have some new players and veterans playing it out. They are really tanking. It is a race to the bottom.
  15. McCown's' last 32 games

    I think Pegula is thinking to himself: The Bills had to play Brady for 16 years. When they had Kelly, they went to the Super Bowl like 4 times. We have franchise QBs coming out. Pegula is not going to let the Jets get a franchise QB that he has to play 2x a year for 10 years. So he is going to out tank the Jets. He hired a management team that is just getting started. They have a longer time line. The Jets team was bumbling with a win now strategy with no QB, got lucky-ish one year, crashed the next, and now their front office is on the hot seat. So while the Jets win more games than they should, the Bills and all their draft picks will truly tank, make like the Browns, but get a Franchise QB.