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  1. The Jets spend 1/3 of what the Raiders and other teams spend on the QB position. And we still have a lousy roster.
  2. They were saying on Sirius NFL channel today that Hunt was irked that he did not sign Berry and Houston sooner, and they ended up costing too much money. The Steelers re-sign good players early. Who has Mac signed early? Enunwa is going to shock people.
  3. This situation is weird. GM's rebuild. Coaches win games. One theory is that Reid revolted re the trade, Mahoney and Maclin. My guess is that the Hunt's wanted to win a Super Bowl. They will always fill the stadium. Smith is not doing it. This move is Jet Like. I think the view on the board is that Dorsey does not replace Macc. He is his boss, replacing most of Woody. One thing I can say about the last 3 pair of 1st and 2nd round draft picks-they lack coherence, integration and vision.
  4. Why did the Bills sign TWO fullbacks? Do you ever get the impression that Pegula has a Jets obsession?
  5. I think there are alot of places for heteros in Chelsea, but I am thinking that the HLB with the 140 pound guy on champagne night was not one of them. I did see that Kerry Rhodes did marry a woman relatively recently....
  6. I think this could be post of the year. It really hits the issue right on the head. The Dolphins are a playoff bubble team constructed by Mike Tannenbaum. This is about right. That is really the issue for the job Mac has done. We need to ask this same question at the end of the year. If the answer is about the same, something needs to change.
  7. I think despite some good things Mac has done it appears that the job is too big for him. The Jets need more football brains. Bringing Dorsey on to oversee the operation would be a good move. KC has one of the league's best rosters. I wonder if it has anything to do with Mahomes?
  8. Nice outfit. The Highline Ballroom is known for its "Drag Brunch." I think things get interesting for Mauldin.
  9. I am from here, and know Chelsea well. Don't know what Chocolate Chelsea means, and I even googled it. That being said, I think I suspect.
  10. My bubble players who could not make the team despite predictions (and their substitutes) are: Howsare (Firkser) Harper (Marquess) Dozier (Braden or someone else-Dozier has been around too long to be so useless). McClendon (Pennel) Donahue (one of the others) The CBs are spot on-Jones does not make the 53. Something will be different in the backup safeties. It will not be Middleton and Miles. Injuries are the wildcard here.
  11. I think the dialogue here is interesting. On one hand people fault Mac for not drafting Cook or Mixon, but on the other hand he gets criticized for drafting Mauldin who may have gotten into some trouble. One way to avoid having your players get into trouble like this is to avoid drafting players who have gotten into trouble before. If Mac drafted Mixon and he slugged someone, he would be pilloried. There was no history of Mauldin getting into trouble before, to my knowledge. But something is not exactly right with this team. I would hope that they players are getting more guidance as to what to do, where to go, etc. A guy like Mauldin out drinking in Chelsea clubs is just asking for trouble. In a way I feel sorry for these guys, because their freedom is definitely constrained. But that somewhat is the life they have bought for themselves. We can do the analysis to see if the Jets' offseason problems exceed that of other teams, but it seems like more than usual. If Mauldin is lucky he will get suspended at the end of this year, if he is going to get suspended. My suspicion is that he does, although this is a very squirrelly case, and LM's story may be correct and perhaps the assailant was one of his pals (but LM is the one with the money). I think a player's development and durability is adversely affected if they play in preseason and then have to sit out in September/October. Regardless of what the truth ultimately turns out to be, this is not a good story, and it is not good for Mauldin. The Jets need to tighten their ship.
  12. My initial take-great job on this-my only hope is that we can all agree that, based on preseason performance, the best players make the team and this is not politicized. Leberfeld for one has accused Maccagnan has favoring his draft picks when picking the roster: Hopefully a serviceable RB can be stashed on the PS. We will need one. FB is a mystery. TE-where is Brian Parker? I don't see KD Cannon making the 53. He needs more physical and mental seasoning. The WRs were so deep-I was fearing the Jets would cut a good one. Now, not so much. I am rooting for Mike Pennel. The OL is the stuff against the wall approach. Connor Harris, all 5-10 of him, could make the team. I still have doubts about Donahue. Rooting for Lemonier-real athlete. CB could be a big problem again. I think one of the rookies is a S, and the other is best on the PS. I do think that Macdougal days have ended. Bubble players include: Pennel, Parker, Howsare, Morris. Someone is going to surface from the other WRs, like Robbie Anderson did.
  13. I see something like this happening. The defense will overachieve.
  14. Per JN/the OP, cutting Decker was not a Mac move. It was a Woody move, directly or indirectly. I don't know what he signed for in TN, but I think he could have been useful as someone for Hack and Petty to throw to. But you also can't ignore injury history. If someone getting older gets injured consecutive seasons, the odds of that not happening again (which I am sure someone in the NFL knows) is pretty low. Hack's 2 biggest problems is that he in a bad environment for 2 years, and he was overdrafted. If his one year of college football was his junior year, like Trubisky, he was likely a mid-1st round pick. His freshman year was not as good as Trubisky's, but he did play a pro style offense. But when you look at where other QBs were picked during the last few years, compensating for his collapse you could have seen him go in rounds 3-5. Like a Kaaya, Peterman. Torgersen from Penn, who played in a pro style offense throwing to Ivy Leaguers, signed with the Falcons as an UDFA and will likely make the 53. Hack is not physically superior to Torgersen. The NFL is full of QBs who were drafted late. Hack can have a long and successful NFL career. He just needs time to develop-the right amount of time for him, not the amount of time people think a second round pick needs-Hack is not a real second round pick. He is clearly better now than he was a year ago-another year will probably puts him as close as he could get, but even if the Jets draft Darnold having Hack to start off starting in 2017 or play backup is perfectly ok. On Corey Lemonier-he went to Auburn, like Greene. I would not rule out. Donahue strikes me as a Rex Ryan Terminator/Tajd Boyd pick. He does not appear to be an NFL athlete.
  15. Pennel and Simon are actually prototypical NTs. McClendon is not . The 3-4 defense is completely ineffective without a functional NT. That is why McClendon is still on the team. The Jets are worried about relying on the younger players. McClendon could end up a late cut if the other two look better. Not a great situation for him.