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  1. I think history will judge the Jets very unfavorably on the players they passed on in the third round. They were supposed to get lower round picks for Sheldon and Pryor rather than trading down, They likely held out for too much.
  2. Did we have the nfl's worst roster when he took over? I don't think so because he did make it a 10-6 team. The 2017 Jets would be lucky to be 6-10. Very lucky.
  3. Dear Woody- You know if you were offered a second round pick for Sheldon last Fall. If you were and Macc turned it down, please either fire Macc or hire him a boss. Scot McCoughlan is available. Thank you.
  4. Bowles can't run a defense without hitting safeties. This draft is a Bowles double down.
  5. I think draft picks that supported cutting fading veterans were favored, like safety and wr. We are stuck with the RBs, Pryor and SR. For Pryor and SR, unless someone wants to trade something for them, we take the comp picks.
  6. The first two picks were solid picks. 2 new very good starters. We could have gotten 2 more starters from the third round. We did not. The jury is still out, but my gut and statistics tell me that the Jets outsmarted themselves in round 3 and should have taken the solid roster upgrade off the board. Two of a center, rb, tight end or inside lb. NFL games are not played in the Spring or Summer, they are played in the Fall. We will see what this results in, but educated fans are usually pretty decent at judging the draft, particularly when you compare what the Jets to teams we know are smart. We are still waiting for our guys to show us they are smart. This is not looking good.
  7. A Gm should be be able to fix any team in three years. let's talk at Thanksgiving, but it ain't looking good, unless years 1 and 2 were Woody meddled mulligans, and the true rebuild has started now.
  8. We need to use the 4th round pick for someone who can contribute asap-te, c, rb, cb
  9. Hey Woody. Call Scot McCloughlan. Let him drink outside the office. Look at the Redskins' draft. They used his notes.
  10. I stand corrected. You are right. It took guts. There appears to be no coherent vision Players are graded on an absolute score, and Mac's goal appears to draft players with the highest overall score. How they fit together to play football is another story. Its tough for people on this board to criticize professionals who pick football players for a living, but this draft does appear messed up at this point. Just look at what some other teams have done. The call in the first round was to trade down. Yes, Adams was the right pick at 6 if you were using it, but that's the point. No other team would give chart value for the pick because they knew the safety was the right player there. The right call was to take the best deal and more players in the first three rounds. Maye is a good player, but were we better off with Moreau or Jones in round 2 and John Johnson is round 3. Did we really need the WR? What about a TE? Will we look smart passing on the EDGE and OT that the Patriots drafted? Didn't we want a good, cheap C for 4+ years Are we smarter than Reese passing on Davis Webb? So we did not want a replacement for Harris with our last pick in the 3rd round? Not unloading Mo and then SR at this point is now looking worthy of termination. I am no touching the nickel back from Michigan with the DV issues. There are more picks to make. Maybe they take a risk on Jake Butt. But if this year's draft picks don't make the roster and look promising, I will contribute $1000 to the flying banner. I could be proved wrong, but I have lost confidence in Macc and Bowles. But it ain't getting fixed until Woody and his brother hand the team completely to someone else.
  11. The Jets got fleeced again. Bucs took Beckwith from LSU, David Harris' potential successor.
  12. It is. They have outsmarted themselves. There is no vision, no guts.
  13. Tanny William stick it to us again and take Peterman.
  14. Mac is out. He is clueless.