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  1. on NFL network @ 7p.m. Tonight
  2. Greene may have been... but Nothing in that video confirmed that Greene was behind this... that video showed ZERO.
  3. A Collection of reviews

    I read that too... but I see Leggett more in the Dustin Keller mold.
  4. Nothing in that video confirmed that Greene was behind this pick, Bowles basically stated that the kid is a football player, a warrior who has a high motor with an old school mentality kinda like a Kevin Greene, their OLB coach.
  5. Call the pick

    Trade down
  6. NFL | Jamal Adams overvalued?

    I prefer Hooker over Adams as well... we already have a semi-Adams in Pryor.
  7. Garrett aside, who's your

  8. Rate my Draft

    I'm not big on howard as the 6th pick in the 1st rd & brad (deer in the headlights) kayaa in the 3rd is a no for me.
  9. No one is going to trade a 1st rd pick for either sheldon or wilk... so you'll have rethink that part of your proposal.