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  1. these Are the jets... so to answer your question... no
  2. NYG Wheels Are Coming Off

    funny thing is the Giants will probably end up with a better record than the jets.
  3. I still think Our Own Chad Pennington would be perfect for this, still don't know why that hasn't happened yet.
  4. Sounds like he's talking to a squeeze he has... if he's married he's now 0-2.
  5. Not 1 LB in the top 25... interesting.
  6. "That" would be called "reporting" something today's reporters are not apt to do.
  7. Brett Hundley

    and that's why The Jets ARE... THE JETS
  8. the giants,not the jets suck

    As long as they keep playing McCown they won't... Start Petty already, at least see what the kid has.
  9. J... E.... T.... S.... SUCK!!! SUCK!!! SUCK!!!
  10. Maybe they're afraid of this ... pete carrol & his team of scumbags
  11. Big Game Tonight ...

    Two clutch plays and then scores on his own... I say he has the "IT" factor.
  12. kneeling during the National Anthem... bunch of clowns
  13. It wasn't a "demotion"... Hack was only the backup last week because of Petty's injury, now that Petty is cleared to play he is the backup (although he should be the starter) & Hack IS where he belongs... sitting.