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  1. Man Obrien looked off recivers really well.
  2. fast, young, hungry guys might make for a more fun season than you expect. The ball bounces some funny ways. They might not suck sufficiently for many of you.
  3. wow poor kid. I was looking forward to seeing what he could do.
  4. Enunwa is an awsome blocker, I read that Howard is also. Thats not why I like the pick but having recievers that can destroy tacklers is a "hidden" asset that helps you win games.
  5. BPA

    I'd rather pick up a ref in free agency if we can fit him in under the cap.
  6. But i didnt the original article did. Give me a game changer please. That comparison has to make you take another look even if you want an olb. Even if he is more Earl Campbell than Roger Vick it would do so much for our offense.
  7. Of course and loved him. But he was no Bo Jackson try runner.
  8. Fournette and offensive line help would really benefit a young quarterback. If this assessment is true, we've never had a back like this. And don't tell me of Hector or Riggins. Martin was a completely different, cutback, shifty runner. NFL Comparison: Bo Jackson
  9. Everyone talks of the need of an edge rusher. For the most part strong, fast outside linebackers are being considered. If we move to a 4-3 which better fits our personel, that preasure should come from outside linemen. Thats where our best talent currently is.
  10. who is willing to give up next year's 1 and perhaps more to secure him?
  11. It's hard to imagine him being on the active roster much. Hopefully he's great on specials.
  12. I agree KRL, good progress in areas that needed improvement..
  13. Non story and in fact it's wrong to a large degree. I heard the interview. That was a pretty clear and loud 'if' there. It's GM speak and what I "heard" was that Fitz will be signed eventually.
  14. He's not a shrimp. Given how things fell this was a great pick. I hoped lynch would be there so we see what Mac thought of him. If he was the pick I would have been syched becase I love his size and arm. Passing on him means Mac didn't forsee the leadership, maturity or ability he needed to make the Lynch the pick. I love that we will be able to shut down screens like we haven't seen. My friend thought he would be the Dolphins pick. Getting him at 20 was nice. Oh, he's young and bright with low bust potential. Lee's a 3 down player that will help a lot. I can easily see him leading the team in tackles and becoming a fan favorite. I was was kind of meh when I heard the pick and wanted a more splashy name or one we bantered around more. Now I relish learning what Mac saw in these guys.
  15. I feel that at least two of those throws were perfectly lead or dropped in. Rather, the receiver slowed slightly or turned awkwardly. I was anoyed a little that the anouncers putting it all on fitz being inacuracte. Imo, on fly patterns you should hit the receivers at full out flank speed. This way there is less chance for a breakup and greater chance for a td. I will look for video clips to illustrate.