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  1. I don't want him to break his leg but I don't want him to make any meaningful plays of have any success with the Rats either. Dreading seeing him in that uniform. Maybe he gets a really serious ingrown toenail and misses the season.
  2. Exactly. I think when they signed McClown they either weren't in full tank mood or didn't want to make it more obvious than they had to. When to people have to decide on season tickets? maybe that had some impact. Not it seems that they're not afraid to let it all hang out, even while denying it. Take away signing the loser vet QB and putting Harris on the curb like a broken fridge and I'm a happy guy. As long as Hack gets 10-12 starts this is a no lose: either he lights it up and there's no doubt he can be a top 10-12 QB or he doesn't and we win two games and are in position for a potential franchise QB. And even if he plays great, we're almost assured of having another top 6 pick, another chance to add a building block player. Maybe they'd even consider an offensive player this time.
  3. would you rather be paid $5 million and have a legit chance to start or $2 million and be sure to hold a clipboard?
  4. Well,he was never going to rack up over 200 tackles this year but he deserved better than an unceremonious June dumping. A fan since '81 and one of my favorite Jets of all time, no question.
  5. He doesn't look at video of his own player trying to attack a woman, you think he's reading JN to see if anyone hurts his fee-fees?
  6. How is that racist, even a little bit?
  7. Damn, thanks for your service Hitman.
  8. He dindu nuffin!
  9. But that's a no lose right? If Hack sucks we are in the running, maybe, for the top pick. If he plays well we have our long term QB answer, maybe.
  10. God damn, that quite literally made my skin crawl. I just don't think I could survive something like that.
  11. I know, right? Who the hell knows where we'll pick next year. This year we're at 6 and there will no doubt be very talented players available,players who could be among the top 5 players on the roster when they walk in the door. You get offered an obviously impressive trade offer, do it. If not, BPA at pick number 6 and don't whiff.
  12. Me too, for sure. I just don't see how you ever come back from that. I mean, I can't even imagine, it's just so profoundly tragic.
  13. And goes 4-0!
  14. You don;t think we'll have a top 5 pick next year?