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  1. God damn, that quite literally made my skin crawl. I just don't think I could survive something like that.
  2. I know, right? Who the hell knows where we'll pick next year. This year we're at 6 and there will no doubt be very talented players available,players who could be among the top 5 players on the roster when they walk in the door. You get offered an obviously impressive trade offer, do it. If not, BPA at pick number 6 and don't whiff.
  3. Me too, for sure. I just don't see how you ever come back from that. I mean, I can't even imagine, it's just so profoundly tragic.
  4. And goes 4-0!
  5. You don;t think we'll have a top 5 pick next year?
  6. Oh, I wasn't being sarcastic, I was agreeing!
  7. Right, one tackle after a two yard gain puts him way ahead of the Ghost. My four year old said she wanted to sleep with her Jets pillow last night, I said "are you sure....."
  8. 12 million per doesn't seem like much to pay an elite level pass rusher. What's that you say? 17.5 sacks in FIVE years? Ohhhhh.......
  9. I would love to play Petty and/or Hack all year and find out what we have. It's obvious that it would be immeasurably better long term to be 2-14 than 7-9 next year but it's hard to get my mind around wishing for that before the Combine even starts! I have two little ones also, I would love to have really good Jets teams to root for together before they go to college in 15 years!
  10. He's a **** is what he is.
  11. Damn, not even the biggest AB fan. Just came to this thread for this thread....left bummed out. Thanks JN!
  12. he dindu nuffin
  13. He's Bowles boy and Woody doesn't want to fire a black guy.
  14. I like some of what I've seen also. Good arm, decent speed, tough. I don;t think the book is written on him yet at all. I think he was a little better in this game that he last.if that keeps up who knows what his ceiling is?
  15. Yup, was dickless. As the play developed I wanted to throw something. You have nothing to lose, call playaction, roll Petty out. What do you have to lose? Ugghh, ****in team.